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Cave crawler

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Cave crawler
Cave crawler
A spiky crawling critter.
Not very tasty-looking.
Location: Fremennik Slayer Dungeon
Lumbridge Swamp Dungeon
Pollnivneach Slayer Dungeon
Dorgesh-Kaan South Dungeon
Non-aggressive monster icon
Poisonous icon
Can be stunned icon
Can be leeched from icon
Can be shoved icon
Can be poisoned icon
? [Edit] ? [Edit]
Attack Strength Magic Ranged Defence
1 1 1 56 56
Level: 53, 74, 78
Attack style: Crush Crush icon
Max hit: Unknown [Edit]
Life points: 1900, 2650, 2800
Weakness: Slash Slash icon
Combat XP Constitution XP
95.5, 192, 222 31.5, 63.5, 73
Attack speed:
Fastest - 2.4 seconds
Always: None
Notable: White berries, Bronze boots
Other: Unknown [Edit]
Slayer master: Mazchna or Achtryn
Slayer level: 10
Slayer XP: 25, 50, 58

Slayer task

Fremennik Slayer Dungeon is the best area for this task as there are multiple of them close to one another. They are the first slayer monster you come across as you enter the dungeon therefore making it less time consuming to start working on your cave crawler task. The Lumbridge Swamp Dungeon is a decent area but it is necessary to have an oil lamp. Otherwise you will take damage from insects in the darkness and will waste food before you even begin attacking cave crawlers (not to mention how much harder they are to find in the dark). The cave crawlers in the Lumbridge Swamp Dungeon are also level 23. The Pollnivneach Slayer Dungeon is not recommended for a cave crawler task due to the fact that they are level 138. These cave crawlers also cancel out anti-poison potions, even super anti-poison potions. This will cause you to drink your potions rapidly. The only way this area should be recommended is if a player has the aura that causes poison to heal rather than deal damage.

TIP: Before going out to start working on your cave crawler task it is recommended that players invest in super anti-poison potions. These potions give you immunity to poison for a good period of time.


A good weapon for cave crawlers is an abyssal whip, It is fast and hits high. If you happen to be training strength than a dragon scimitar will work just as well but will hit less damage than a whip. Of course, if you have the requirements for chaotic weaponry then that is obviously the best choice. If you do not have the requirements for any of these weapons (quest, attack level, dungeoneering level) then a dragon dagger/longsword are good choices as well. Even rune weaponry can take care of these monsters fairly quick but having the best weapon you can wield is generally a no-brainer.


Whether it be rune armour, granite armour, dragon armour, barrows armour, bandos armour, etc. these monsters are only level 23. As long as you have a good defence level you can even wear bronze and not have to worry all to much about taking damage from them.


These monsters drop herbs frequently. Any normal herbs from guam leaves to dwarf weeds. They drop charms at a decent rate but mainly gold charms. The crawlers in the Pollnivneach Dungeon, however, drop mostly green charms. Vials of water is another item and if you hold onto them you may be able to gather up eyes of newts, snape grass for attack potions and prayer restore potions. Cave crawlers also drop seeds but they are not worth much at all even when stacked throughout picking them up during your task, save the inventory space for a more valuable drop.

TIP: Although cleaning herbs gives little experience, take the time to pick them up and clean them. Little experience is better than no experience and most herbs are worth more clean anyway so you can potentially gain 3-10k more per trip.

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