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This article is about the NPC. For the list of monsters assigned by Chaeldar, see Slayer Masters.
Members iconChaeldar
Released 26th January 2005
Race Fairy
Quests Lost City, The World Wakes
Location Zanaris
Examine A highly experienced slayer.

Chaeldar is the fifth highest level Slayer Master and requires combat level of at least 75 to get assignments from her.

Chaeldar gives mid level assignments and will reward you with 10 Slayer points for each assignment. Chaeldar will also assign 50 points for every 10th task and 100 points for every 50th task after you have completed the Smoking Kills quest. Further to this, Chaeldar will provide 4 co-op points for completed co-cop assignments.

Like many fairies, Chaeldar is a Guthixian. She is one of the Guardians of Guthix who appear to assist the player during the events of The World Wakes, and will talk about the events of the quest afterwards.

Chaeldar can be found in the throne room of Zanaris.

You can reach Chaeldar by equipping the Dramen or lunar staff and entering a hut in the Lumbridge Swamp.

For the monsters that Chaeldar gives as assignments, see the Slayer masters page. For the Slayer challenge that Chaeldar can issue, see the Slayer challenges page.

As with all Slayer masters, Chaeldar has a shop and will sell slayer equipment to you.

slayer equipment.jpg
Slayer Equipment

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