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Challenge Mystery Bag

Members iconChallenge Mystery Bag
Challenge Mystery Bag inventory icon
Tradeable No
Equipable No
Stacks No
Quest item No
High alchemy Cannot be alchemised
Low alchemy Cannot be alchemised
Destroy Drop
Store price Not sold
Protect on Death Yes
Examine A bag of mysterious things given to you for completing a Challenge.
Weight 5.0 kg

The Challenge Mystery Bag is given as a reward for completing a daily challenge.

The bag could potentially include the following:

Skill Potential Items
bones.gif bigbones.gif babydragon.gif dragonbones.gif ourgbones.gif frostdragonbones.gif
pure ess.gif rune essence.gif
plank.gif oak plank.gif teak plank.gif mahogany plank.gif
guam2.gif marrentill2.gif tarromin2.gif harralander2.gif ranarr2.gif toadflax2.gif grimy spirit weed.gif irit2.gif
avantoe2.gif kwuarm2.gif snapdragon2.gif cadantine2.gif lantadyme2.gif dwarfweed2.gif torstol2.gif fellstalk.gif
flax.gif softleather.gif soft clay.gif hardleather.gif molten glass.gif silver bar.gif gold bar.gif uncut sapphire.gif
uncut emerald.gif uncut ruby.gif uncut diamond.gif uncut dragonstone.gif uncut onyx.gif greendhide.gif bluedhide.gif redhide.gif
feather.gif arrow shaft.gif bronze arrowheads.gif iron arrowheads.gif steel arrowheads.gif mithril arrowheads.gif adamant arrowheads.gif rune arrowheads.gif
normal logs.gif oak logs.gif willow logs.gif maple logs.gif yew logs.gif magic logs2.gif
copper ore 1.gif tin ore 1.gif iron ore 1.gif silver ore 1.gif coal 1.gif gold ore 1.gif mithril ore 1.gif adamantite ore 1.gif
runite ore 1.gif
ugthanki meat.gif raw bird meat.gif raw beast meat.gif bread dough.gif pizza base.gif plain pizza.gif pie shell.gif cheese.gif
tomato.gif redberries.gif sardine1.gif crayfish raw.gif mackerel1.gif trout1.gif cod1.gif salmon1.gif
lobster1.gif bass1.gif swordfish1.gif raw monkfish1.gif shark1.gif cavefish.gif rocktail.gif
bronze claws.gif object1.gif iron plate.gif steel plate.gif goldring.gif earth talisman.gif fire talisman.gif water talisman.gif
waterorb.gif willow logs.gif graahk fur.gif larupia fur.gif kyatt fur.gif polar kebbit fur.gif snakehide.gif dagannoth hide.gif
yak hide.gif tortoise shell.gif marigolds.gif blue flowers.gif bronze bar.gif iron bar.gif steel bar.gif mithril bar.gif
adamantite bar.gif rune bar.gif iron ore 1.gif granite tiny 1.gif tinderbox.gif wolfbones.gif ugthanki meat.gif raw bird meat.gif
raw chicken.gif ugthanki meat.gif spider carcass1.gif thin snail.gif swamp toad.gif shark1.gif banana.gif pot of flour.gif
compost.gif guam2.gif potato cactus.gif spchinchompa.gif vampire dust.gif honeycomb.gif bucket sand.gif jug water.gif
fishbowl empty1.gif rubyharvest.gif proboscis.gif willow branch.gif goat horn dust.gif carved turnip.gif cockatrice egg.gif phoenix quill.gif
swamp lizard.gif unicorn horn.gif

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