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challenges intro.jpg
Carrying out a Smithing Challenge

Challenges offer quick, skilling related tasks that you can complete given your levels and quest progression. These can be completed but not handed in for a reward, however they will still appear in your list of Challenges to serve as a reminder of what you can do. More will become visible as you level up in the various skills. Check back often to see what you can do!


Adventures icon

The challenges interface is part of the Adventures management interface, accessed by pressing 'F3' on your keyboard, or by pressing the adventures icon on the ribbon. This interface allows you to view all Challenges and, should you wish, filter them by skill or type.

It cannot be removed from the Adventures interface and therefore cannot be moved or otherwise manipulated.

You can also access the Active Task interface from here.

Challenges can be filtered by:

  • Recommended - one challenge from each skill category with the highest requirements
  • Daily - Up to 5 challenges are listed here and these give rewards for completion
  • Skill - Challenges by skill (Melee, Magic and Ranged come under Combat).
Agility Members icon Combat Construction Members icon Cooking Crafting
Divination Members icon Dungeoneering Farming Members icon Firemaking Fishing
Fletching Members icon Herblore Members icon Hunter Members icon Mining Prayer
Runecrafting Slayer Members icon Smithing Summoning Members icon Thieving Members icon
Woodcutting Minigames

Note that when in Legacy mode the interface functions exactly the same. The only difference is that it will have a slightly different appearance, and can be accessed via the options menu, rather than the ribbon.

Daily Challenges

As well as normal Challenges, there are also Daily Challenges. You get one challenge a day - randomly selected from the main Challenge list - up to a total of five (two for free-to-play) - and these challenges are in a range of skills. Daily Challenges will be highlighted with a gold star on a red background on the Challenges tab.

If you complete a Daily Challenge, you will not receive a replacement until the next day. The same occurs if you complete all of your Daily Challenges - you can still only get one new Daily Challenge per day.

It should be noted that if there is a Daily Challenge in slot 5 (slot 2 for free-to-play), it will be pushed out of the Daily Challenge list when it expires. This means you will lose it as a reward, even if it was currently in progress, or even complete and awaiting hand in.

It is possible to reroll challenges that you do not wish to do. Simply click 'Reroll' and pick from the two new challenges offered to you. This will cost 25 vis wax and can only be used once per challenge.

You can double the requirements and therefore the rewards for some challenges. You can do this by clicking the 'Extend' button on the challenge. This will cost 50 vis wax. For example, if your challenge is to plant 1 torstol seeds, you can press 'Extend' to increase this to 2 seeds, your reward will be doubled accordingly.

Some Daily Challenges require you to hand in items. For this type of Challenge, when you have completed the required number of actions (e.g. you have smithed 2 bronze platebodies for the "Smith 10 bars worth of bronze equipment" Challenge) you should hand these in to the Challenge Mistress Fara. The items are taken from you (whether they are in your inventory or bank) and you are then given a reward. You can hand in noted items if you find this easier.

Lucky Challenges

lucky challenge popup.jpg
Lucky Challenge Popup

Occasionally, you may notice you've been given a lucky challenge. These are a special type of daily challenge awarded to you when performing specific actions and skilling activities. The lucky challenges will provide recommendations for similar or related content to the actions you were performing.

Lucky challenges expire after 24 hours and must be handed in to Fara. As with daily challenges, if you do not hand in the challenge before the 24 hours expire, you will not get a reward (some challenges do not have rewards).

You can turn off lucky challenges, via the popup, or via the game settings interface.

Rhino Awareness

rhino awareness.jpg
Rhino Awareness

From July 7th 2014 until July 21st a special challenge will appear at the top of your daily challenge list. This challenge will test your knowledge of rhinos.

There are 14 questions for you to answer but you can answer one question per day. If you get a question wrong, you won't be able to try again for one minute.

If you don't know a lot about rhinos, Trang and Mauritzio in Burthorpe can help you. Speak to them and they'll tell you all about these beautiful creatures.


Daily Challenge Rewards

challenge mystery bag.gif
challenge xp lamp.gif

For completing a Daily Challenge, you will receive a key token, XP (an XP lamp is given for combat daily challenges) in the appropriate skill and a Challenge Mystery Bag. A Challenge Mystery Bag contains a selection of materials in a random skill (i.e. you won't necessarily receive crafting related items for completing a crafting challenge) if the Challenge required you to hand in items. You may also receive coins in the bag.

Lucky Challenge Rewards

The reward for completing a lucky challenge is an amount of xp in the relevant skill. It is important to note that some lucky challenges do not have rewards.

Rhino Awareness Rewards

Reward Questions
White royal rhino 3
Black royal rhino 7

Your reward for answering the Rhino Awareness questions depends on how many you answered correctly.

You will also receive a rhino XP lamp for answering a question correctly. This can be obtained by visiting Challenge Mistress Fara before the day ends. As with other challenge rewards, if you do not speak to her before a new challenge is given, the lamp will be lost.


  • Before February 2014, daily challenges were only available to members.

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