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Champions' Challenge

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Dangerous Area
This is a 'Dangerous' area of RuneScape. If you die in this location, you will lose your items

champions guild1.jpg
The Champions' Challenge Arena

Various races around RuneScape have chosen their bravest and strongest champions to fight for them in an arena beneath the Champions' Guild.

Around the edges of the arena are sat mystery figures, the 'Champions of Champions'. A mighty Champion of Champions may deem to challenge you after you have fought a number of the lower champions.

The lower champions aren't worthy enough to have a seat in the arena, but will challenge you when you have made yourself known as an enemy of their race. While fighting your way through the different monsters of RuneScape, you may find that one drops a message from a champion, challenging you to a duel.

These drops are totally random, so finding a champion's message after a battle will be rare. This makes it very difficult to defeat all of the lower champions.

Once you have been challenged, take your scroll to the arena to await your duel. When you have fought and defeated one of the lower champions, you will not be able to receive another scroll from the same race.

Defeating all 15 Champions is a requirement to trim the Completionist Cape.

The Champions' Guild is located Southeast of Varrock, with the Champions' Challenge arena located under the Champions' Guild. To access the arena you have to go down through the trapdoor under the stairs once inside the guild.

A Combat bracelet will teleport you directly to the guild.


champions trapdoor.png
The trapdoor inside the Champions' Guild leading to the Champion's Challenge arena
  • You must have 33 Quest Points in order to enter the Champions' Guild.
  • 60 Slayer is required to obtain all of the Challenge Scrolls.
  • A high combat level would be an advantage.
  • A Dwarf multicannon with plenty of ammo would be an advantage to obtain the scrolls

Recommended Items

Acquiring the various scrolls can be easier if using specific items. Each monsters category will have a list of recommended items as they vary from monster to monster.

Every champion you face will have conditions for that battle and may require additional items, specifically for the Slayer monsters.

For example, when fighting the Lesser Demon Champion, you cannot bring weapons or armour to aid you in the battle.

Note: If you die in the Champions' Challenge arena, you will die as normal, losing your items and returning to your chosen respawn point in Lumbridge, Falador, Soul Wars or Camelot. Your gravestone will appear in the main Champions' Guild area, and your Challenge Scroll will be in your grave.

Obtaining a Challenge Scroll

Main article: Champion scroll

champions scroll.jpg
A champion's scroll

Obtaining a Challenge Scroll to fight a Champion can be a very tedious task, as the scrolls are dropped with excess rarity. Although a number of different monsters drop them, the drop rate is an unalterable 1:5000. This means that wearing a Ring of Wealth does not increase the chances of obtaining a scroll. It is not uncommon for players to kill more than 5000 of a particular monster before seeing the drop, as it isn't guaranteed at 5000 kills.

When a scroll is dropped, a message will be displayed in the chat box, and a jingle will sound to alert players of the drop.

The Challenges

Once you enter the arena, you'll meet the doorman Larxus, your point of contact for all champion fights. He has an informal challenge from the Leprechaun Champion if you want to get a taste of what fighting a champion is like - no scroll required! Incidentally, no items will be allowed either.

Monster Scroll Level Lifepoints Attack Style Weakness Experience Restriction
challenge leprechaun.gif

No Scroll 32 500 Melee Melee 200 Constitution
200 Slayer
No items.

Larxus will also happily accept your champions' challenges, so use your champion scroll on him if you wish to fight. He will inform you that the champion of that race has challenged you, and is ready for the duel. He will then tell you the conditions for this battle, giving you one last chance to back out. If you accept, you have to go through a trapdoor behind the champion statue to enter the arena. Now go through the door and begin your fight!

As you defeat more and more champions' scrolls, you may get challenged by one of the elusive Champion of Champions.

Monster Scroll Level Lifepoints Attack Style Weakness Experience Restriction
champion imp.gif

scroll imp.gif 14 400 Range
Melee 160 Constitution
160 Slayer
No special attacks.
champion goblin.gif

scroll goblin.gif 24 320 Magic Magic 128 Constitution
128 Slayer
Only Magic attacks.
skeleton champion.png

scroll Skeleton.gif 40 580 Range Range 232 Constitution
232 Slayer
Only Ranged attacks.
champion zombie.gif

scroll zombie.gif 51 600 Melee Melee 240 Constitution
240 Slayer
No Magic attacks.
champion giant.gif

scroll giant.gif 56 700 Melee Melee 280 Constitution
280 Slayer
Only melee attacks.
challenge hobgoblins1.gif

scroll hobgoblin.gif 56 580 Range Range 232 Constitution
232 Slayer
No melee attacks.
champion banshee.png

scroll banshee.gif 73 700 Magic Range 1050 Constitution
1050 Slayer
No prayers or melee attacks. Earmuffs required.
champion ghoul.gif

scroll ghoul.gif 85 1000 Melee
None 400 Constitution
400 Slayer
Only weapons, no items.
champion aberrant spectre.png

Aberrant Spectre
scroll abberant spectre.gif 102 1000 Magic Range
6000 Constitution
6000 Slayer
Must use a two-handed weapon. Nosepeg required.
earth warrior champion.png

Earth Warrior
scroll earth warrior.gif 102 1080 Melee None 432 Constitution
432 Slayer
No Prayers.
champion jogre1.gif

scroll jogre.gif 107 1200 Melee None 480 Constitution
480 Slayer
No Ranged attacks.
champion mummy.gif

scroll mummy.gif 120 1100 Melee
Magic 473 Constitution
473 Slayer
No offhand items.
champion lesser demon.gif

Lesser Demon
scroll lesser demon.gif 162 1480 Melee
Magic 592 Constitution
592 Slayer
No weapons or armour.

The Champions of Champions

Once you have defeated a certain number of champions' scrolls, you will be challenged to fight one of the Champions of Champions. Prove your worth and defeat them in open combat!

Monster Scroll Level Lifepoints Attack Style Weakness Experience Restriction

Leon d'Cour
No Scroll, 10 Champions defeated. 141 1230 Melee Melee 492 Constitution
492 Slayer
No items in inventory.

No Scroll, 14 Champions defeated. 100 1300 Magic Magic 520 Constitution
520 Slayer
No shields, only magic can be used.


A player with a Banner Carrier Imp displaying 15 Champions defeated

When you defeat a champion, you will receive experience in both the Slayer and Constitution skills. The amount of experience you receive will depend on the Constitution level of that champion.

You will also be pointed in the direction of Larxus, who has 'calling beads' for anyone who defeats a champion. When used, these beads will summon a banner carrier imp, a loyal follower who displays your Champions' Challenge accomplishments. There are banners for every champion or Champion of Champions, so you can boast about any that you have defeated, or you can simply show off the number of champions you have felled. To change your banner, talk to the imp or right-click and select 'Change-banner'.

calling beads.gif

Note: Defeating the Leprechaun Champion will not earn you the Calling Beads, you must find a Champions' Scroll and defeat the champion.

For each Champion you defeat, a wall banner will appear on the outer wall of the arena. As you defeat more champions, more banners will appear.

Upon defeating all 15, Larxus rewards you with four Scrolls of Knowledge each giving 10,000 experience in any combat skill, and 50,000 coins.

champ banners1.gif
Banners for defeating Champions displayed in the Champions' Guild

After defeating a Champion, the corresponding banner image will be available on your Banner Carrier Imp.

Banner Banner Banner Banner
banner abberant spectre.gif

Aberrant Spectre
banner bansee.gif

banner earth warrior.gif

Earth Warrior
banner ghoul.gif

banner giant.gif

banner gnome.gif

banner goblin.gif

banner hobgoblin.gif

banner human.gif

banner imp.gif

jogre banner.gif

banner lesser demon.gif

Lesser Demon
banner mummy.gif

banner skeleton.gif

banner zombie.gif

banner number.gif

Number of


A number of players have shown interest in hunting for the Champions' Challenge scrolls and have come together to form a strong community that offers advice and support for each other. The community was founded in 2005 by Xuradel, who ran the forum topic until version 3 maxed out in October 2011, with version 4 being created by Sen. The Champions' Challenge forum topic is a valuable resource of information, and also where players can post their own profile with information regarding the scrolls they have obtained, the number of monsters killed to obtain them, dates they were challenged, and anything else the players choose to include.

The Champions' Challenge community also come together ingame to chat with eachother in the friends chat "championchat", where they are able to keep each other company while hunting for scrolls, and also offer advice to those still seeking certain scrolls.

Volume 4 of the Champions' Challenge on the forums can be found by clicking here, or by searching "Champions Challenge".

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