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Charm Sprite Blasting

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charm sprite blasting.jpg
You can't see them, but they're here

A gnome hunter by the name of Yaktwee Swinmari Cianta has discovered that the Taverley druids' constant venturing into the Spirit Realm has had an effect on Gielinor. Creatures (or 'critters' as Yaktwee calls 'em) native to the Spirit Realm have 'invaded' an area just south of the Tree Gnome Stronghold, and are 'attacking' the local neverberry bushes.

At first, nobody knew what was going on other than the neverberry bushes were dying, which was down to these critters being invisible. It took a long while for Yaktwee, with the aid of Summoning know-it-all Pikkupstix, to pool their knowledge of hunting and summoning together and figure out a way of making these critters visible and, better still, capturing them!

Catching Charm Sprites

charm sprite hunting area.jpg
Charm Sprite Location

Before you start, you'll need to buy a spirte lure sprite lure and a Yaktwee stick yaktwee stick from Yaktwee, he will also teach you how to hunt with them, though the process is quite simple. First, you'll need to keep an eye out for any rustling neverberry bushes so you know some of these charm sprites are nearby. The shaking green bushes are being fed upon, and the brown ones have nearly been eaten. Click on the bush to throw your sprite lure and click the lure to zap it with your Yaktwee stick - this will make any nearby charm sprites visible. All that's left now is to click on a charm sprite to capture it.

Even when you make charm sprites visible, they're still difficult to hit with a blast from a Yaktwee stick. They're fast, small and very jittery, so you'll have to line up your shot quickly before they're out of range and become invisible again.

Like familiars, the charm sprites are a physical projection of the energy contained within the charms used to create summoning pouches. Capturing one with a blast from the Yaktwee stick simply transmutes them back into that energy in the form of a charm slice.

If you capture enough charm sprites to get five charm slices of the same colour (gold, green, crimson or blue), then you can 'combine' those fragments to gain a charm of that colour to use in your Summoning training. You may be lucky enough to get a mystical charm slice which can count as any colour charm slice.

charm slice gold.gif charm slice green.gif charm slice crimson.gif charm slice blue.gif charm slice mystical.gif

So, to recap: with a sprite lure and Yaktwee stick in hand, click on a rustling neverberry bush, then click on your sprite lure, then click on the charm sprites that appear before they get away. Once you have at least five charm slices of the same colour, 'combine' them to receive a whole charm.


Once you blast a charm sprite, it might transmute into a charm slice that flies back at you and straight into your inventory (you don't have to pick anything up). Anyone hunting charm sprites will also find there are a few types, some rarer than others, with the rarer ones granting both more Hunter XP and a greater chance of transmuting into a charm slice (and charm slices of a better type).

Charm Sprite Level XP
72 Hunter 130
72 Hunter 200
72 Hunter 400

After catching 1000 charm sprites, Yaktwee will reward you with by enhancing your yaktwee stick granting you an enhanced yaktwee stick. This stick increases your chance to trap creatures using the Hunter skill (though it will not stack with other bonuses to trapping creatures). It also grants 5% bonus Hunter XP (that does stack with other increases to Hunter XP gain) and an increased chance to uncover one of the rarer charm sprites.

Please note that the damage and life bonus values will be divided by 10 (and rounded down) when using the Legacy combat system.

details title.png statistics title.png bonuses title.png
item title.png level title.png class title.png armour title.png accuracy title.png damage title.png prayer icon.png constitution icon.png strength icon.png magic icon.png ranged icon.png
Yaktwee stick Members icon 1 Melee 0 110 12 0 0 0 0 0
Yaktwee stick inventory icon
Enhanced yaktwee stick Members icon 1 Melee 0 110 12 0 0 0 0 0
Enhanced yaktwee stick inventory icon

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