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Citadel Battlefield

This area is 'Safe' meaning if you die here, you will not lose any items.
However, if you are poisoned outside of the event/area you can still die.

A clan's battlefield may be accessed by speaking to the Battlemaster in the Clan Citadel. He will offer you three options:

  • Edit battlefield
    • If you have a sufficient rank in your clan, you will be taken to the battlefield and given access to the battlefield editor, allowing you to create and edit combat and minigame scenarios.
  • Initiate battle
    • If you have a sufficient rank in your clan, you are taken to the battlefield to set the rules of the battle. If a battle is already in progress, you are taken to that battle instead.
  • Enter battlefield
    • Anyone in the Citadel - whether or not they are a member of your clan - may enter the battlefield. If a battle is already in progress, you will become a participant. If not, you may wait there until an authorised player decides to start a battle.

Playing on the Battlefield

Before a scenario begins, a setup interface is displayed and the player who initiated this scenario may use the interface to choose the scenario's rules.

Once the rules have been confirmed, the battlefield will be generated. Note that, depending on the size and complexity of the battlefield's design, this may take several seconds.

When the battlefield is ready, you will be sent to the playing field. You may perform any action you wish but you will not score points until the timer that marks the scenario's start has fully counted down.

Points are credited either to yourself or your team depending on the rules of the scenario.

A scenario will end as soon as the finishing conditions, set by the player who initiated the battle on the setup interface, have been met.

Rule List
Name Description
Battlefield layout If your clan has more than one battlefield layout, you can select which one you would like to use for your battle with this dropdown box.
Combat style Controls whether the battlefield is a single-way or multiway combat area.
Enable PVP Controls whether or not the battlefield is a PVP area.
Reward for killing players Specify what a player will receive for killing a neutral player, or players on the opposite team.
Team vs team You can choose to have no teams, make team choice optional, or enforce a team choice.
Battle ends when a team scores... Sets the number of points that a team must score to cause the battle to end.
Battle ends when a player scores... Sets the number of points that a player must score to cause the battle to end.
Battle ends after... How the battle should be finished.
When time is up, winner is... Sets how the game will choose a winner once the time limit has been reached.
Forbid melee Stops melee skills being used.
Forbid ranging. Stops the Ranged skill being used.
Allow magic spells In addition to the usual toggle, a battle may be restricted to the standard spellbook, or to binding spells.
Forbid summoning Stops the Summoning skill being used.
Forbid food Stops food from being used.
Forbid drinks Stops drinks from being used.
Forbid prayer Stops the Prayer skill being used.
Players with flags or balls may be tackled... Allows you to stop players tackling others.
Lighting Sets the battlefield to be during the day or at night.

Editing the Battlefield

edit battlefield.jpg
The editing interface

Those with Citadel - Extra Features permissions from the clan owner can edit their clan's battlefield. To do this, simply speak to the battlemaster and ask to edit the battlefield.

You will be moved to a version of your battlefield where you can edit any items that have been placed. You will be able to delete anything that has already been placed, or add new elements to the battlefield.

You can place up to 200 elements on your battlefield in any combination you like. Elements may be selected from the menu, then placed by clicking on a square on the grid. Some elements may be placed multiple times by dragging the mouse over the grid, such as water and walls.

Most elements have options to alter how they are set.

The editing interface can be dismissed temporarily at any time by clicking the X-button, so that you can look around and view your changes. To return to the interface, simply click the 'Editor' button in the top-left corner of your game screen.

Those with the correct permissions, up to a maximum of 5, may enter the editing section, even if another player is already making changes.

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