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Citadel Skill Plots


The skill plots are fundamental to the running of your Citadel. By working at these skill plots, your clan will gain the resources required to not only upgrade and customise your Citadel, but to pay for its upkeep.

There are no requirements to working at a skill plot. You do not need any gold or items to create or work at it, nor do you need any specific skill levels. Everyone can contribute! You will find, however, that the rate of XP you receive by training at a skill plot is lower than you would receive on the surface. Contribute greatly to the resource pool of your clan, however, and you may find that you unlock a clan ring, which gives you a x1.5 multiplier to your choice of skill task on the surface of RuneScape.

Each plot on your Citadel requires a different skill. Note you may only build one of each skilling plot. Some skill plots rely on resources that are produced from other skill plots; the smithing skill plot, for instance, requires material generated at the mining skill plot.

Skill plots can be locked from use via the skill tab (if you have the permissions to do so). A Skill plot can have the following lock statuses:

  • Unlocked
  • Pending lock
  • Pending unlock
  • Locked

While a skill plot is pending unlock or locked it cannot be used.

There are two types of lock: manual and lock on target. Manual locks are set when a clan member with the appropriate permissions choses to lock the skillplot. Lock on target will automatically lock a skillplot when the appropriate resources have been gathered. You can only have one lock type active at a time.

You gain access to new skilling plots as you upgrade your Citadel, and you will always start a Citadel with access only to the woodcutting skill plot. The order you will receive your plots is as follows:

Citadel Tier Unlocked Skillplot
1 Woodcutting plot
2 Mining plot (stone)
3 Firemaking plot and Smithing plot. Mining plot upgrade (ore)
4 Mining plot upgrade (precious ore)
5 Crafting plot and Summoning plot
6 Cooking plot

Woodcutting - Timber Production

citadel woodcutting skill plot.jpg
The Woodcutting skill plot

You can contribute towards the clan's timber resource by chopping the roots of the enchanted Hornbeam Tree (carpinus armadylis). Clicking on any root will chop that root off and automatically add the timber to your clan's resource pool. The roots will grow back after a while.

By increasing the tier of your woodcutting skilling plot, you may find that more roots grow from the tree. You do not need a hatchet to cut from the woodcutting skill plot.

Wearing the lumberjack set will increase your woodcutting xp here.

Click here to see the XP given at each level.

Mining - Stone, Ore and Precious Ore Production

citadel mining skill plot.jpg
The Mining skill plot

You can contribute towards the clan's stone, ore and precious ore resources by mining at this skill plot.

Stone, ore and precious ore veins are coloured differently: grey, silver and gold respectively. Mining a vein will automatically contribute resources to your clan.

By increasing the tier of your skilling plot, you may find that more veins are added to your mining skill plot. You do not need a pickaxe to mine from the mining skill plot.

Wearing parts of the golden mining set does benefit mining xp in this plot.

Click here to see the XP given at each level.

Firemaking - Charcoal Production

citadel firemaking skill plot.jpg
The Firemaking skill plot

You can contribute towards the Clan's charcoal resource by working at the firemaking skill plot. The production of charcoal does not actually consume any timber resources.

There is a process to generating charcoal: you need to open a crate of timber to then place the timber inside the kiln, then, once the kiln is full, the hatches on it will open and charcoal will be produced.

By increasing the tier of your firemaking plot, you may find that more kilns are added to your skill plot. All kilns will need to be filled before you can produce charcoal.

Flame gloves and the ring of fire do affect the XP gained in this plot.

Click here to see the XP given at each level.

Smithing - Metal Bar and Precious Metal Bar Production

citadel smithing skill plot.jpg
The Smithing skillplot

You can contribute to your clan's metal bar and precious metal bar resource pool by performing three tasks:

  • Filling the furnace with ore - To do this, click on a resource crate to add ore to the furnace. When your resource crates are empty, the furnace will pour molten metal into a mould.
  • Click on the mould to transfer the bars from the mould to a trough for cooling. When the trough is full and the mould is empty, a hatch will open.
  • Finally, you can transfer the cooled bars from the trough to the hatch. When the trough is empty, the hatch will close and the resource crate will re-fill.

Note that you will need both ore and charcoal to smith bars. You can generate ore by working at the mining skill plot. You can generate charcoal by working at the firemaking skill plot.

By increasing the tier of your skilling plot, you may find that more furnaces are added. You will only get the ability to smith precious metal bars at tier 4 of your Citadel.

Click here to see the XP given at each level.

Crafting - Cloth Production

citadel crafting skill plot.jpg
The Crafting skill plot

You can collect cloth for your clan's resource pool by interacting with the loom. The loom will have a batch of cotton upon it that you can turn into cloth. You must use all of the cotton on each loom before the cloth automatically replenishes.

By increasing the tier of your skilling plot, you may find that more looms are added to your skill plot.

Click here to see the XP given at each level.

Summoning - Minion Production

citadel summoning skill plot.jpg
The Summoning skillplot

Minions, gained from the summoning skill plot, are unlike any other resource you can gather for your Citadel, since they can be used as any resource type that your clan requires.

You can contribute to your clan's 'minion' resource by using the summoning obelisks. When a small obelisk can be interacted with, it will glow. Click on a glowing obelisk to start the summoning process. You will need to interact with several of the small obelisks to generate enough summoning energy to summon a minion at the large obelisk, automatically adding it to your resource pool.

Note that you will only be able to earn up to a tenth of your resource cap here. Your resource cap is a limit to how many resources one person can produce for the clan, to encourage all clanmates to contribute equally to upkeep.

Click here to see the XP given at each level.

Cooking - Ration Production

citadel cooking skill plot.jpg
The Cooking skillplot

Using this skill plot, you can contribute towards the clan's ration resource pool. To do so, you perform one of three cooking tasks. The tasks are independent - there is no requirement for one task to be completed in order to do a different one, making this skill plot very different from the smithing plot. The tasks are:

  • Preparing raw fish for cooking
  • Grilling fish on the barbeque
  • Making a vegetable stew (recommended)

By increasing the tier of your skilling plot, you may find that more cooking stations are added to your skill plot .

The barbeque is one of the most effective methods for training cooking. With max fealty and 99 cooking, a player would obtain a little over 1600 XP per 15 seconds (one click of the mouse). Stew is recommended only because it doesn't have a white fish on white surface (preparing raw fish method), or grilled (darkened fish) on a dark surface (grill). In other words, making stew requires less attention than the other choices, but there is no XP difference between them.

Click here to see the XP given at each level.


The storehouse affects two things: your resource cap, and how many surplus resources can be carried over from one week to the next. As your storehouse goes up a tier, the resource cap and the number of resources carried over each week also increases.

Individual Resource Caps

citadel resources cap.jpg
Resource cap interface

Each individual has a resource cap. This is to limit the amount of work any one individual can do for their clan, so that the load is spread across all clanmates. You can see the number of resources you have contributed in a given week on your side interface (pictured on the right), alongside your resource cap.

Across the bottom of the same interface, you will see the skilling plots that your citadel has access to. Clicking on these will show you how many resources your clan has gathered from that plot and how much you have contributed to that number. The interface also shows the tier of the skilling plot that you have selected.

Your resource cap applies to the total number of resources, rather than any specific resource. So, you could use up your whole cap on one resource (e.g. making charcoal). You are limited to the amount of minions you generate at a skilling plot, however; you can only spend one-tenth of your resource cap on minions.

The effect that the storehouse tier has on resource caps can be seen below:

  • Resource cap of 1000 at a tier 1 storehouse
  • Resource cap of 1200 at a tier 2 storehouse
  • Resource cap of 1400 at a tier 3 storehouse
  • Resource cap of 1700 at a tier 4 storehouse
  • Resource cap of 2000 at a tier 5 storehouse
  • Resource cap of 2350 at a tier 6 storehouse
  • Resource cap of 2700 at a tier 7 storehouse

Resource Spoiling

Every resource that isn't spent in one build tick will spoil, and will be removed from the resource pool. This is to stop large clans being able to shoot through the lower tiers by stockpiling up massive amounts of resource and then sitting back and doing nothing. It brings clans back each week - it also encourages clans to spend their resource pool and not just sit on it. Resources spent on an upgrade which is not completed, however, do not spoil.

The amount that can be carried across each week is dependent on the tier of the clan's storehouse:

Storehouse Percentage Cap per resource
Tier 1 5% 1000
Tier 2 10% 1200
Tier 3 15% 1500
Tier 4 20% 1800
Tier 5 25% 2100
Tier 6 30% 2500
Tier 7 50% 3000

The percentage and cap per resource applies to the following finished resources: timber, stone, cloth and rations. Minions, charcoal, ore and precious ore do not get carried across from one build tick to another. Bars and precious bars are subject to a cap that is 3x smaller of any other finished resource, and the percentage that is kept is also 3x smaller. So, a tier 7 storehouse will only be able to carry across a maximum of 1000 bars.

Note that these caps are per resource; so, at tier 7, you could carry across a maximum of 3000 timber, 3000 stone, 1000 bars, 1000 precious bars, 3000 cloth and 3000 rations. All minions, charcoal, ore and precious ore would spoil.

You can view the number of resources that will be taken across from one week to the next on your storehouse interface, accessed via your side interface.

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