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clan avatar intro.jpg
A clan avatar

If your Citadel has the right sort of environment, you will be able to keep clan avatars. These avatars not only collect resources for your clan, but provide buffs to clan members who are within range of the avatar.

Your clan's avatar will be a supporting party member, able to help your clan out in dangerous activities with its buffs but be warned: while your avatar cannot attack, it can be attacked in PvP situations.


Only clan members with the title Avatar Warden will be able to interact with and summon a clan avatar. This title can only be applied to ranks of admin or above.

Those with permissions (Owner/Deputy owners by default) can:

All clan members can pay for 1 week's access to the buffs (see Activating a Buff below).


clan avatar habitat.jpg
Building a habitat

Before you can get an avatar for your clan, you'll need to make somewhere for them to live.

Select the Customisation builder tab and click the red dot for the habitat (near the Town Square). From here, choose "Avatar Habitat" from the customisation options.

You'll need the following resources to build your habitat:

Tier Resources Avatars
Timber Precious Bars Rations
Basic 3000 0 0 1
Medium 30000 30000 0 2
Grand 30000 30000 30000 3

( Medium Requires Citadel Tier 4 ) ( Grand Requires Citadel Tier 7 )

It should be noted that a habitat does not degrade. It will, however, become dilapidated with your Citadel.


Your clan logo and colours will be used on your clan avatar automatically, but you can also place different heads and legs.

clan avatar setup.jpg
Clan Avatar Customisation

Customisation is free of charge and can be done whenever the avatar is present within its habitat. To customise an avatar simply Interact with it and choose Customise this avatar. The interface will allow you to select which parts you want your clan avatar to have.

Note that you must have a head piece, a body piece and a bottom half, and that customisations are purely cosmetic. Buffs will provide non-cosmetic benefits.

clan avatar none.gif None clan avatar nature.gif Nature clan avatar lava.gif Lava
clan avatar water.gif Water clan avatar magic.gif Magic

If multiple avatars are present, each can be customised individually and be summoned with a different buff.


Choosing Available Buffs

clan avatar buff slots.jpg
Clan Avatar Buff Slots

As Citadel tier increases, the avatar unlocks another buff slot to a maximum of three. At every tier of your habitat (Basic, Medium or Grand) you will have another avatar, to a maximum of three.

Buff slots may only be filled by the person with a permission to do so. To fill a buff slot, interact with a clan avatar and choose "Fill buff slots for this avatar".

You will then be able to drag the buffs you want to make available on to an open slot. If you want to remove a buff, press the "x" button below a slot. Note however that removing a buff from a slot will require the habitat to be removed and rebuilt so choose your buffs wisely.

If you have more than one avatar you can make different buffs available on each one. Combine this with customising your clan avatar's appearance and you can have up to 3 very individual clan avatars for different occasions.

Buff Effect
clan avatar heal over time.gif Heal Over Time Heals a small number of life points over time.
clan avatar familiar faces.gif Familiar Faces Doubles the amount of time for which a familiar can be summoned, up to double their usual amount.
clan avatar auto ort collector.gif Auto Ort The avatar will attempt to automatically place Anagogic orts in your inventory when they would otherwise be dropped from skilling or killing monsters.
clan avatar skill plot bonus.gif Skill Plot Bonus Gain 10% more resources per minute from skill plots in the citadel. Since the amount of XP you receive per minute does not change, the total XP received after reaching your cap will be 10% less!
clan avatar small xp boost.gif Skilling Bonus A 3% XP boost for clan mates on the same world as the avatar, and a 6% XP boost to those in range of the avatar. Citadel ring stacks with base exp
clan avatar resurrect.gif Random Resurrection Limited to one resurrect each day per player and with no more than X resurrects from each avatar a day where X equals:
  • X = 1 if the Citadel tier = 1-2
  • X =2 if the Citadel tier = 3-4
  • X = 3 if the Citadel tier = 5-6
  • X = 4 if the Citadel tier = 7
clan avatar protect.gif Protector A percentage of damage that would have been taken in combat is instead redirected to the avatar. This combat must have taken place within range of the avatar.

Selecting a Buff

clan avatar buff select.jpg
Avatar Buff Select

Clan avatars can have three buffs that clan members will have access to. These buffs will have been chosen by an Avatar Warden (see Choosing Available Buffs).

Only one buff can be active, but the clan avatar may be resummoned at any time from their habitat with a different active buff. Clan members can also choose to not have a buff activated.

The choice of buff will be shown when summoning an avatar and buffs can only be activated through orts.

Activating a Buff

anagogic ort.gif

A clan member must feed a flat fee of 300 Anagogic orts to the creature or deposit them in the habitat in the Citadel to pay for 1 week’s access to avatar buffs.

right-click clan avatar.jpg

These will randomly drop for clan members who are skilling using the skilling plots in the Citadel. They are also available randomly on the surface world, through monster drops and skilling.

Anagogic orts only drop on members worlds and are not tradeable. Also, they are used to heal a clan avatar. To do this, right-click the avatar and choose "Heal (30 Orts)".

To activate an effect manually, clan members can simply right-click the clan avatar and select Buffs.

Clan members may only have one active buff at a time and must be in range of the avatar after having requested it.

Summoning an Avatar

Only an Avatar Warden may summon the clan avatar from its habitat. The clan avatar will have an expiry time of 6 hours, after which it will return to its habitat. If you can't find your avatar, wait for 6 hours.

Note that only one avatar may be present on one world at a time. If another Avatar Warden was to login to that world, their clan avatar will not spawn until the first one is dismissed or has expired.

Avatar Area Restrictions

The Avatar Warden should keep in mind that the avatar follows the same area restrictions as other familiars. In addition to this, clan avatars are not allowed in the following areas:

  • Saw Mill
  • Runespan
  • Falador Party Room
  • H.A.M Hideout
  • Dorgesh-Kaan Agility Course
  • Ape Atoll
  • The Pit
  • Fish Flingers
  • Big Chinchompa
  • Pyramid Plunder
  • Tears of Guthix
  • Circus
  • Troll Invasion
  • God Statues
  • Temple Trekking / Burgh de Rott Ramble
  • TokHaar Fight Kiln
  • Dominion Tower
  • Soul Wars
  • Void Knights' Outpost
  • Player-Owned Port (POP) Mini-Game Randoms (Surula's Last Orders or Felix's A Simple Favour)
  • Player-Owned House (POH) In Build Mode

It should also be noted that the Avatar Buff: Skilling Bonus, may work in a few of these areas (such as agility courses and Runespan) however to physically bring the avatar to those locations is restricted.

As with any familiar, the clan avatar will be usable/visible when near the walls within the Grand Exchange but will seem to vanish (yet it is still active) when you go further into the Grand Exchange. Avatar buffs will remain active for clan members while the Avatar Warden is within the Grand Exchange.

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