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Name Clan Leaders
QFC 86-87
Requirements see requirements
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The Clan Leader Forum is a forum only accessible by eligible clan leaders. Its name is commonly abbreviated to 'CLF'. Clans with access to the CLF are granted two representatives, usually the Owner and one Deputy Owner. The applicant chooses who the representatives are, and the representatives can be changed at any time by request of the current representatives or clan owner.


Access to the Clan Leader Forum is granted based on Jagex's discretion, although there are a set of 'recommendations' for clans wishing to gain access listed on the Clan Leader Forum Access v2 thread. These are listed below.

  • Active for six months or more.
  • Over fifty members.

In addition, potential applicants must fill out the following application and post it on the thread:

Full Clan Name:
Official Clan Name: (the name you're called in-game, may different from actual name)
Clan Representatives (who will have forum access, max 2):
Clan Creation Date:
Number of Members:
Memberlist: (Official Clan Page link or if Runehead, type 'Runehead')
Forum QFC: (if you use an offsite forum, type 'offsite')

Frequently Asked Questions

  • When is my application going to get reviewed?
We try to review the applications at the end of each week but due to other work constraints this isn't always possible.

  • I've just created/reborn a clan, should I post an application?
We're looking for experienced clans to take part in the Clan Leaders forum and as such, due to your clan being in it's infancy, we would expect you to apply in 6 months if you're continuing to go strong.

  • How many representatives can we have from our clan?
We only allow 2 representatives per clan to ensure that there is a fair balance amongst all clans and that they have an equal voice. If your clan has more than 2 leaders or people you would like to represent, please pick 2 and put those in your application.

  • I'm the leader of a group for a particular D&D or our clan doesn't live in the clan forums, can I still apply?
While the Clan Leader forum isn't for Combat or Skilling clans only, we will have to review the situation and benefit that you and your group would bring to the forum. These groups are a great community initiative should be support in other ways.

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