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Clan Wars

This article is about the minigame. For the music track, see Clan Wars (Music).
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Dangerous Area
This is a 'Dangerous' area of RuneScape. If you die in this location, you will lose your items

worldmap globe.gif The official worlds to play Clan Wars are 74 (P2P) & 80 (F2P). worldmap globe.gif

Find a group to take part in this activity by posting on the forums Minigames and D&Ds.

clan wars in progress1b.jpg
Clan Wars

Have you ever wanted to march into glorious battle with the entirety of your clan chat channel? To struggle for domination and the right to gloat, at least until next time? To fight back-to-back with your friends against superior numbers and prevail?

Clan Wars is the answer to your desires, giving your clan the chance to prove its superiority over others in epic battles.


gamers grotto location.jpg
Entrance to the Gamers' Grotto

The Clan Wars arena is located in the eastern chamber of the Gamers' Grotto, which can be found just outside of Falador's north wall. The fastest way to get there is to use a games necklace to teleport directly to the Gamers' Grotto, but you can quickly walk there from Falador or Edgeville. There is a bank chest in the Clan Wars chamber, so you can prepare for battle once you arrive.


If you wish to initiate a clan war or accept a clan war challenge, you must be ranked as a captain or higher in your clan chat channel.

If you are not a member of a clan, or simply want to take part in a grand battle, you can enter one of the free-for-all arenas and enjoy an endless battle.

Recommended Items

cool warrior.gif

Probably the most useful piece of equipment will be a wilderness cape so you will know your friends from your enemies with ease. You should try to make sure everyone in your clan has the same cape to make identification simpler. Conveniently enough, one of the Wilderness cape sellers, Larry, has come to enjoy the comfort of the Clan Wars challenge hall, so it's a simple matter to purchase one from him.

Since you are representing the pride and power of your clan, and to give yourself and your clan the best chance of winning, it is useful to field the best arms and armour that you can.

You should try to pick out a role for yourself, where you can perform useful functions for your clan. What works best for you and your clan is something you'll find out as you fight in more clan wars.

Some useful items may be runes for spells which freeze or bind your opponent, such as Ice Barrage and Entangle, which may stop Rangers from running away from you. If food is enabled, make sure you bring food to survive for longer.

Recommended Gear- Melee

If you cannot afford or use any of these weapons, simply downgrade them. Don't feel this is a requirement to Clan Wars, and use whatever you want. This is simply a guideline.

  • Helm: Torva Full Helm > Helm of Netiznot/ Fighter Hat > Barrows Helmets > Dragon Full Helm > Dragon Medium Helm
  • Amulet: Amulet of Fury > Amulet of Glory > Amulet of Power > Amulet of Strength
  • Torso: Torva Platebody > Bandos Chestplate > Fighter Torso > Barrows Helmets > Dragon Platebody > Dragon Chainbody > Granite Body
  • Gloves: Goliath Gloves > Barrows Gloves > Other Recipe for Disaster Gloves
  • Shield: Dragon Defender/ Elysian or Divine Spirit Shield > Chaotic Kiteshield > Dragonfire Shield > Rune Kiteshield
  • Ring: Berserker Ring (i)/ Ring of Vigour (If bringing Korasi's Sword) > Berserker Ring > Warrior Ring (i) > Warrior Ring
  • Weapon: Chaotic Rapier/ Maul > Abyssal Whip Vine > Abyssal Whip > Dragon Scimitar
  • Special Weapon: Dragon Claws/ Korasi's Sword > Armadyl Godsword > Dragon Dagger (p++)
  • Legs: Torva Platelegs > Bandos Tassets > Dragon Platelegs/Plateskirt
  • Boots: Steadfast Boots > Dragon Boots > Rock Climbing Boots

Recommended Gear- Magic

Storm of Armadyl is an extremely expensive spell to use, so is not recomended in most situations. Downgrade any items if needed, for example Infinty/ Ahrim's to Mystic.

  • Helm: Virtus Mask > Ahrim's Hood > Infinity Hat
  • Amulet: Arcane Stream Necklace > Amulet of Fury > Amulet of Glory > Amulet of Magic
  • Torso: Virtus Robe Top > Ganodermic Poncho > Ahrim's Robe Top
  • Gloves: Spellcaster Gloves > Barrows Gloves > Other Recipe for Disaster Gloves
  • Shield: Arcane Spirit Shield > Farseer Kiteshield > Mages Book
  • Ring: Seer's Ring (i) > Seer's Ring
  • Weapon: Armadyl Battlestaff/ Polypore Staff > Staff of Light > Master Wand > Ancient Staff
  • Spell Used: Storm of Armadyl > Ice Barrage > Fire Surge
  • Legs: Virtus Robe Bottom > Ganodermic Leggings > Ahrim's Robeskirt
  • Boots: Ragefire Boots > Infinity Boots

Recommended Gear- Ranged

Once again, this is only a guideline.

  • Helm: Pernix Cowl > Armadyl Helmet > Robin Hood Hat > Blessed Dragonhide Coifs
  • Amulet: Amulet of Fury > Amulet of Ranged > Amulet of Glory
  • Torso: Pernix Body > Armadyl Chestplate > Black Dragonhide Body
  • Gloves: Swift Gloves > Mercenary Gloves > Barrows Gloves
  • Shield (If using crossbow): Eagle Eye Kiteshield/ Spectral Spirit Shield > Zamorak Book
  • Ring: Archer's Ring (i) > Archer's Ring
  • Weapon: Chaotic Crossbow > Zaryte Bow > Rune Crossbow > Magic Longbow (sighted)
  • Special Weapon: Dark Bow > Magic Shortbow
  • Legs: Pernix Chaps > Armadyl Chainskirt > Black Dragonhide Chaps
  • Boots: Glaiven Boots > Ranger Boots

Going to War

To begin a clan war

clan wars preparation1a.jpg
A player prepares to enter the battle

If you are inside the challenge hall and have a clan rank of at least Captain in an active clan chat channel, you will have a new "Challenge" option when right-clicking on a member of another clan. You are able to select "Challenge" in order to declare your intention of starting a clan war, in the same way as challenging when duelling. If the person you challenge is also a Captain (or higher) in an active clan chat channel, they will have the option to accept.

To accept the clan war

If you are a general or owner in an active friend's chat channel and a dastardly foe of suitable rank challenges you to a clan war, you will receive a message stating this in your chat window.

At this point, you can click on the challenge in your chat or right-click on the other player and select 'Challenge' to accept, or simply ignore it and wait for another challenge.

setup interface.jpg
Options for setting up a clan war

To establish the rules for a clan war, the interface you can see to the right will pop up. You can adjust any of these to agree upon the specific rules for the war you are about to begin. The options are as follows:


  • Knock-out
The arena will be closed as soon as the battle begins. Additional players may not enter, and existing players may not return to the battle if they leave or die. The battle ends when one clan has defeated all the enemy players.
  • Kill-count
The arena is open, so additional players may enter at any time during the battle. The battle ends when one team's kill-count reaches the value you decide upon. The target value has a number of options, ranging from 25 to 10,000.
  • Most kills at end
The arena is open, so additional players may enter at any time during the battle. The battle ends when the time limit is reached, at which time the team with the higher kill-count is declared victorious.


  • Ignore 5
If you prefer not to spend time hunting down the last handful of opponents, who may have an awful lot of run energy and a fear of death, you can set the war to end when one clan has only 5 members left.
  • Kill 'em all
For a truly dominating victory, you will have to kill every last member of the opposing clan or wait for them to leave the arena.

Time limit

  • You can choose to have a time limit between 5 minutes and 8 hours, or no time limit at all. A clan war will always end if a clan is reduced to no members if Kill 'em all is selected as the victory condition, or when one has 5 or fewer members if Ignore 5 has been chosen. If the time limit is reached, the winner will be determined as follows:
If the battle is a knock-out match, the clan with the most survivors will be declared victorious.
If the battle allows run-ins, the clan with the highest kill-count will be declared victorious.

On death...

  • keep your items
If this option is turned on, you will retain all of your items when you die.
  • lose your items
If this option is turned on, you will drop all of your items if you die, holding onto your most expensive item if you have the Protect Item prayer active. Beware! There are no gravestones in Clan Wars challenges. Furthermore, you will not be able to retrieve your dropped stuff, so don't take anything that you're not prepared to lose. In such matches, you may be able to collect some of your defeated foes' items - food, potions, runes and other ammunition - assuming you can use them in the current battle (so you can't pick up food if its use has been disabled, for instance).

Combat rules

  • Melee
  • Magic - can be set on (all spells allowed), standard spellbook only, Bind/Snare/Entangle only, or off
  • Ranged
  • Prayer
  • Summoning
  • Food
  • Potions


  • You can select the arena in which you will fight. Some arenas may have advantages for certain combat styles, so it's good idea to check which one you will be fighting in.

Upon accepting a challenge, both yourself and the challenger will be teleported into the arena, on the side assigned to your clan.

Preparation phase

To take part in a clan war If you're in an active clan chat channel, when one of your clan officers initiates a clan war on the same world as you, you will receive a message in your clan chat telling you that a war has been declared.

You will then have two minutes to arm yourself and enter the purple portal in the Clan Wars challenge hall in order to take part in the war.

caller icon.gif

You may find it useful to set a 'caller' while you prepare. You can do this by chatting to Calladin, so you can name a member of your clan (or your opponents' clan, if you want to spy!) whose chat will appear prominently on your screen. Once battle has commenced, you'll be able to change your caller by right-clicking the small speech bubble on the left of the game window.

Before the battle begins, the Clan Wars arena is divided into two separate areas by a huge wall from east to west. This wall keeps the clans apart until preparation is finished; you can use your Clan Chat channels to plan your team strategies and tactics and get into positions ready for the outbreak of the war phase.

Note that there is no minimum number of players required to fight in a clan war, and everyone in your clan chat channel can join in. Your battle could be just between you and a private nemesis, or between two armies!

It is possible for a clan to be taking part in multiple and simultaneous clan wars on different worlds.

War phase

clan wars wall1.jpg
The war phase

Once the timer has reached zero, the magical wall dividing the arena will gradually sink into the earth allowing the clan war to begin.

Depending on the settings chosen, players entering after the battle has begun may be placed in the viewing area to watch the fight or allowed to join the battle.

If you are not in a clan when you enter the portal, you will be asked if you wish to view a specific battle, or simply any battle. If you know of a clan war in progress, you can type in the name of one of your friends who is currently in a clan war. If you are simply interested in war for its own sake, you can be shown a random battle currently in progress. You will then be teleported into the viewing area and allowed to view the war.

At this point, it is a fight to the death for each clan, the idea being to eliminate all of the opposing clan's fighters before all of your clan's soldiers are slain. Superior equipment, tactics and good teamwork may allow a smaller clan to overcome a larger, less organised one, so it's not just numbers that count.

You can keep track of how many foes your clan must defeat and how long the battle might run for by looking at the interface in the top-right corner of your screen.

Post-war phase

When one clan is finally defeated, the surviving clan is declared the victor and all players will be returned to the challenge hall.


The glory of victory in a clan war is its own reward! That being the case, there is a plaque on the wall (behind the clan portal) to commemorate the winners of the prestigious Jagex Clan Cup. Identical plaques also reside in Lumbridge (just outside the castle's main gate) and in Edgeville (behind the Soul Wars portal).

The Free-for-all Arenas

free for all1.jpg
A warrior prepares

If you are not a member of a friend's chat channel, or simply want a bit of solo chaos, then the free-for-all arenas may be the challenge you're looking for. The arenas can be accessed through the white or red portals in the north of the challenge hall.

The white portal will take you to an arena of endless battle, in which you will not lose any items if you die. The red portal will take you to a different arena, but you will lose your items if you die. There are no gravestones in the dangerous arena, so it is probably safer to only take items you are not especially attached to.

In the dangerous free-for-all arena, you will be able to collect anything your defeated foes' drop...

Both free-for-all arenas have a 'non-combat zone' at the southern end of the arena, so you will be able to prepare yourself when you arrive.

Rated Clan Wars

clanevents rcw.jpg
Rated Clan Wars

For those clans who just have to prove their combat prowess, Rated Clan Wars could well be a good way to do so. For a clan to participate in a Rated Clan Wars battle, each clanmate must first collect an RCW badge from the Sergeant-at-Arms in the Clan Camp (or, alternatively, one of the clan's admins can distribute badges to the rest of the clan). Then the clan's leader will need to issue a challenge to the leader of another clan. Once a challenge is accepted, all clanmates from both sides who are in the Clan Camp and holding an RCW badge will be teleported to the Rated Clan Wars arena. The rules of the rated game are fixed so all clans are always fighting on the same terms, which makes for a fairer comparison of each clan's warring abilities in the clan hiscores.

The rules are as follows:

  • Each side can bring anywhere between 10-500 clanmates.
  • Matches last between 10-120 minutes, based on how many clanmates are in the battle.
  • Players respawn on death during this period and total kills are tracked for each clan.
  • No weapon or combat types are prohibited.
  • You cannot leave the fight and come back in.
  • Matches are always safe.
  • If the match is held on a free world, all free-to-play rules apply.

The post-match scoring is slightly obfuscated so that it cannot easily be exploited by players who aren't in keeping with the spirit of competition, and seek only to manipulate their standing in the hiscores. But, to give you an idea, your score will be your clan's proportion of the total kills multiplied by the number of enemy participants, and then multiplied by the enemy clan's performance rating. Each clan's performance rating is the part that's hidden, and it can increase or decrease depending upon your clan's performance. Generally, you will receive better scores by playing larger matches, playing more frequently, scoring better than the enemy in matches, and playing against clans that have a higher performance rating.

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