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Clan vexillum

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Clan vexillum
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Members No
Quest item No
Tradeable No
Equipable Yes
Stacks No
High alchemy Cannot be alchemised.
Low alchemy Cannot be alchemised.
Destroy Destroy
Store price Unknown [Edit]
Protect on Death Unknown [Edit]
Examine A vexillum declaring a clan.
Weight 1.0 kg

The Clan vexillum, similar to the Clan cloak is a wieldable flag staff that shows off your clan colours and logo and can be placed on the ground to help advertise one's clan, any placed vexillum will display all current clan information when looked at by players such as Clan Motto, A link to the Clan Page and the current amount of members in the clan and the option to Add the vex Planter to your friends list, making the process of obtaining more information about the clan that little bit easier. The Clan vexillum may also be used as a quick teleport to the Clan Citadel.

Image:clansetup motif.jpg

Different Vexillums

When a Clan's Citadel reaches Tier 7, any Admin+ can talk to the Quartermaster and ask him to upgrade their clans Vexillum.

Doing so will result in the Vexillum not being static, but projecting a "waterfall effect" of fireworks shooting out from the top of the Vexillum, falling to the ground. This only happens when the Vexillum is planted in the ground, not when it is wielded.

The only material change to a Tier 7 Vexillum is the 2 extra drapes which hang on each side.

Clan Vexillum tier 7.png
A Vexillum of a clan that has a Tier 7 Citadel.

Editing the Clan Vexillum

To be able to edit the Clan Vexillum, you must hold the rank of Admin +.

The options for the Vexillum are Accessed via the settings tab within the Clan Chat interface.


Image:clansetup settings2.jpg

To edit the basic info such as Clan Homeworld (if applicable), Time Zone, flag and general settings, see the above image and click each section to edit it.

Editing the Motto

It's extremely simple to Edit your clans motto for it to display on your Vex.

  1. Open the Clan Chat Tab
  2. Click the Cog Icon (Settings)
  3. Open the "Clan Settings"
  4. Click "open Motto Editor"


Edit Clan Keywords

  1. Open the Clan Chat Tab
  2. Click the Cog Icon (Settings)
  3. Open the "Clan Settings"
  4. Click "Open Keyword Editor"


Once you've selected your Keywords that best suit your clan, You can Save it. These will then appear as Tags within the box displayed to another player (See first image)

Editing your "Official Clan Thread"

The Official Clan thread section of the Vex allows players to Click the little link and be directed to a Forum Post within the Clan Page Forums.


Using your Clan Vex


Teleport To Clan Camp

Aswell as a handy tool to let the world know about your clan, There's a little feature that allows you to Teleport Directly to the Clan Camp! (Or for those penny pinchers, a free tele to Falador!)


  1. Equip the Vex
  2. Right click it
  3. click Teleport

Placing your Vex

To Plant your vex, Simply follow the same Instructions for Teleporting, But use the "Place" instead, This will plant your Vex into the ground 1 box infront of your Character.

The Vex will stay Standing until you either;

  • Log Out
  • Log to Lobby
  • Remove it Yourself
  • After around 2 hours (Will Verify) Auto picks up

Clan Vex Tricks & Tips

Plant vex in a Bank!

To Place your Vex in a bank Follow these Steps

  1. Stand Outside your chosen Bank
  2. Walk to the Entrance (Just outside the doors, Facing in)
  3. Right click - Place Vex.


Popular Locations

Here is a list of popular locations that are ideal for placing your Vex.

  • Grand Exchange Entrance
  • In/Around Varrock West Bank
  • Catherby Beach/Bank
  • Seers Village


Combat Details
Use: Unknown [Edit]
Slot: Unknown [Edit]
Item level: Unknown [Edit]
Item class: Unknown [Edit]
Armour type: Unknown [Edit]
Damage: Unknown [Edit]
Accuracy: Unknown [Edit]
Ammunition: Unknown [Edit]
Attack speed: Unknown [Edit]
Armour rating:
constitution icon.png prayer icon.png attack icon.png ranged icon.png magic icon.png
[Edit] [Edit] [Edit] [Edit] [Edit]
Unknown hit bonus [Edit]