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member badge tiny.pngCliff
troll cliff.gif
Unknown Examine [Edit]
Troll Invasion
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[Edit] [Edit] [Edit] [Edit]
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Unknown [Edit] Unknown [Edit] Unknown [Edit] Unknown [Edit] Unknown [Edit]
Combat level: 199
Attack style: Melee, Ranged, and Magic
Max hit: Unknown [Edit]
Hit points: Unknown [Edit]
Combat XP: Unknown [Edit]
Constitution XP: Unknown [Edit]
Weakness: Unknown [Edit]
Attack speed:
Unknown [Edit]
Always drops: Big Bones
Notable drops: Unknown [Edit]
Other drops: Unknown [Edit]

Cliff is the final boss of the Troll Invasion activity, and one of the largest trolls known to exist. Cliff is named for eating the Forinthry Cliffs that once overlooked the Wilderness and employs his massive size as a deadly melee weapon. Aside from his crushing melee blows, he will sometimes use magic and a ranged attack that closes in on your position to deal damage. If Cliff tries to throw rocks, simply move away to avoid being hurt. if you wish to survive you must use protection prayers

troll intro.jpg
Hazardous Cliff!