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The combat level is a general indicator of Combat ability. It depends on the combat skills of a player or NPC. Generally, the higher the combat level, the more skilled the player or NPC is in combat.

When you hover your mouse cursor over an NPC or player, that person's (or NPC's) combat level will be displayed.

Your own combat level is calculated from your combat statistics: Attack, Strength, Magic, Ranged, Defence, Summoning and Prayer.

( max (Attack+Strength,2*Magic,2*Ranged) * 13 / 10 +Defence+Constitution+ ( Prayer /2 )+ ( Summoning /2 ) ) /4

An NPC's combat level tends to be calculated by adding the highest of its combat stats together.

Viewing the Combat Level

Your own combat level can be seen on the summary tab of the hero interface (in Legacy mode this is visible on the combat styles interface).

Target information
Target information

Your enemy's combat level can be seen on the target information interface, which also acts as your view of an enemy's combat status. You can hover over an enemy to view this, or it will appear when you select a target.

Attackable monsters will have this interface appear over them when targeted or when hovered over. It will include details such as their name, life point total, level and weakness. This interface will update in real time so, as you do damage to the monster and its life point total decreases, so will the bar behind the life point total.

Some NPCs are attackable but do not have a displayed combat level, such as Koschei the Deathless.

Level Differences

Combat levels of your opponent are coloured depending on how their combat level compares to yours. If their combat level is green, then their level is significantly lower than yours. If it is roughly the same then their combat level is yellow/green, and if it is yellow then you are both the same level. An orange or red combat level suggests that your opponent is more powerful than you and you should be wary when attacking them.

If your combat level is lower than or equal to that of your opponent, you can attack them with a left click. Otherwise you must right-click 'Attack' them. Certain foes such as mithril dragons and tormented demons are always attackable with a left click, regardless of your combat level.

Combat levels are the only visible indicator of a player's levels, but a player with high combat levels does not necessarily have high levels in other skills. Similarly, many players create Skill pures with the intention to stay combat level 4, with the aim to train non-combat skills exclusively.

Some creatures and players may be more dangerous than their combat level suggests. For example revenants are generally more powerful than most creatures for their combat level, and many players train their account in a way to make it into a pure. Many pures leave their Defence level at a certain level, so they typically deal a lot of damage for their combat level, but are extremely easy to damage in combat.

Aggression and Tolerance

Some monsters are aggressive, meaning they will attack you if you get too close too them. However, some monsters will ignore you if your combat level is more than double theirs. After a certain amount of time spent in an area, monsters can also cease to attack you, in an effect known as tolerance. However, some foes such as those found whilst Dungeoneering will always be aggressive regardless of your combat level, and others such as dark beasts will never become tolerant.

Combat Level Requirements

Combat level is a requirement for some members' activities and quests:

  • Level 120 is a requirement for Dream Mentor.
  • Level 130 is a requirement for Smoking Kills.
  • Level 50 is required to play Pest Control, with 100 and 150 being needed for the intermediate and veteran landers, respectively.
  • Level 160 is one of the requirements for the Dominion Tower.
  • Combat levels are required to receive tasks from almost all Slayer masters.

Historical Calculations

The way combat levels are calculated has changed twice over the years, once with the introduction of the Evolution of Combat, and again with the introduction of Legacy combat.

The original combat level calculation gave you a maximum level of 138 but heavily favoured Melee combatants.

(Defence+Constitution + (Prayer/2) + (Summoning/2) + 1.3 * max (Attack+Strength,1.5*Magic,1.5*Ranged) ) /4

The second combat level calculation increased the maximum level you could be to 200, and made the levels far more balanced regardless of your combat style. This was introduced to the game with the Evolution of Combat.

max (Attack,Strength,Magic,Ranged) + Defence+2

A winning Player Power vote reinstated the combat level to 138 with the introduction of Legacy combat in June 2014, but it was felt that the exact calculation needed a tweak. Now the combat level calculation is more reflective of a player's combat capabilities regardless of whether they are using Melee, Magic or Ranged. This is the current calculation used in game.

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