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Editorial Conflict Debate

The person deleting your "copied info" is Danziah. Before spamming him, I'll advise you to instead, find out why he deleted the info. My best guess is that you copied the information from another website and Danziah found out. It is against the rules to plagiarize. Do not roll back and risk being reported. - Template:Community - Signatures - Aeryzias/Discussion 18-Jan-2012 01:25 GMT

As per JWP:O3ER please don't have an edit war on this. If copyright is believed to have been breached then the options are to either update and edit the content till everyone is satisfied that it is not a breach of copyright or, should that fail, send in a copyright claim as per the T&Cs. Blanking content wholesale is not constructive as does not Presume Good Intentions. BTW this goes to An Oni as well as Danziah, keep the edit lines friendly and have your discussion on the discussion page. Mod Ajd 18-Jan-2012 11:29 GMT

Hello; Yes me, danziah, deleted the copied info. And yes it was totally copied from wikia. But that was like a few weeks ago. Now i see that the info isn't copied anymore and that the info that is standing on the page right now is just written by him and not copied except one sentence but that isn't very important i think.

danziah chathead.pngDanziahwhite partyhat.gif
(Clan/Profile/Contributions) - 18-Jan-2012 13:38 GMT


  • Even if it's not copyrighted, having identical content to the other place looks bad.
  • It's a complete nightmare to work out exactly who added the content to the other wiki, so whether this is true or not (and I'm willing to believe you) is not possible to check for every article that appears to be copied
  • Let's assume good faith and work towards a better set of articles

With all that said, here's a potential improvement for this article:

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Members iconZaryte bow
zaryte bow.gif
Tradeable Yes
Lendable Unknown [Edit]
Equipable Yes
Stacks No
Quest item No
High alchemy 540,000 coins
Low alchemy 360,000 coins
Destroy Drop
Store price Not sold
GE Price 20171 coins
GE History
Today GE:20171
30 day GE:20171
90 day GE:20171
180 day GE:20171
Buy Limit Unknown [Edit]
Protect on Death Unknown [Edit]
Examine A powerful bow imbued with the fury of Zaros.
Weight 1.8 kg
The Zaryte bow

The Zaryte bow is a Ranged weapon that is only available either by trading with other players or as a drop from Nex, the leader of Zaros' army in the God Wars Dungeon and the most powerful boss monster to date. Like all standard bows it is a two-handed weapon, filling both the weapon and shield slot. It also requires level 80 Ranged, and degrades over time, but it does not need ammunition, much like the crystal bow. It has the same reach as the Crystal bow and Hand cannon, and the same firing rate as standard crossbows.

Unlike Chaotic equipment, which degrades from hits taken from enemies as well as attacks that you make yourself, the Zaryte bow only degrades from shots fired from it by you. The 10 hour combat timer breaks down to counting 1 game step (0.6 seconds) per shot, out of that timer, resulting in the bow being able to fire a total of 60,000 shots on a full charge, 600 per 1%.

Similarly to Barrows equipment, it can be repaired both by NPCs, such as Bob (from Bob's Brilliant Axes), with the repair cost proportional to the damage taken, at a rate of 20K for each 1% of damage it has sustained (for a total cost of 2 million coins when fully degraded). When repaired by a player, this cost is reduced based on the player's Smithing level with the cost halved when the player has 99 Smithing.

Like most degradable equipment the statistics of the bow remain the same whether it is fully repaired or partially degraded.



Common uses for the Zaryte bow include safe combat mini-games such as the TzHaar Fight Caves as well as Slayer. In addition, given that drops typically recover the fairly low cost of use it can also be used for more general Ranged training. It is also used at high level creatures such as the Tormented demons, as well as at bosses such as Nex, Kree'arra, and the Dagannoth Kings.

Comparable Items

dark bow.gif

When examined against the Dark bow, the Zaryte bow is considerably more effective, having both a much higher firing rate as well as an increased maximum hit. Despite the additional costs (both for purchase and upkeep), as well as higher requirements, it's fairly obvious that the Zaryte bow is a better weapon.

chaotic crossbow.gif

The Chaotic crossbow provides a useful alternative to the Zaryte bow. Like all crossbows the Chaotic crossbow is a one-handed weapon, allowing it to be dual-wielded with a Dragonfire shield or other Shield slot item.

However, the Zaryte bow possesses several properties which make it a useful weapon. Firstly it counts as a god item for all 4 factions, which makes it a potent choice against Spiritual mages and other God Wars Dungeon enemies. In addition, it's lack of ammo and slower degrading costs, make it a good choice. Finally the Chaotic crossbow must be obtained by achieving 80 Dungeoneering and gaining the required tokens, compared to the Zaryte bow which can be simply bought on the Grand Exchange if the player does not wish to fight Nex.

While the choice of token repair may appear a cheaper option, the cost benefit analysis of earning the 200K tokens is in practice similar or slower than earning the required coins for many players. In addition, the ability to reduce the repair costs via the Smithing skill for the Zaryte bow helps to lower the costs.

Monster Drop Table

Image Monster Lvl(s) Location(s) Quantity Drop rate
nex.gif Nex 1001 Ancient Prison 1 drop-table-rare.gif

God Wars Dungeon items - Show/Hide

King Runite1talkcontribs 18-Jan-2012 13:59 GMT


@king weedpod

That looks a good idea to me. The improvement too. Let's just improve articles and like you already said; it's very difficult to see who write/wrote articles on wiki's. @An Oni I have respect for you if you wrote that article and i believe you, but the information i deleted was a few weeks ago. The information that is standing on the page now isn't copied, so you don't have to scream like a girl and call me an idiot. I hope you have fun editing articles like me and i hope this 'thing' is solved now.

danziah chathead.pngDanziahwhite partyhat.gif
(Clan/Profile/Contributions) - 18-Jan-2012 16:20 GMT

Thanks Danziah. I think I'll wait for a few more comments from Aeryzias and hopefully An Oni, before replacing it. Let's move on :D - King Runite1talkcontribs 18-Jan-2012 16:05 GMT
It's not my page. I don't care what you do with it as long as is abides by Jagex Wiki Policies. - Template:Community - Signatures - Aeryzias/Discussion 18-Jan-2012 22:06 GMT

From An Oni: Sorry, I don't know how to do those fancy signatures and block posts. That version looks good to me, just try not to delete it this time, kay?

Thanks for the tweaks. Hopefully we'll be okay now! For the indentation you just put one or more : before your message. Signatures are just templates - feel free to leave me a message here if you want me to help you make your own :) I'll wait a bit - see if Aeryzias gets on before replacing it.. King Runite1talkcontribs 18-Jan-2012 21:34 GMT
Thanks. Perhaps my first words with Aeryzias may have been a little harsh - but the accusations of plagiarism sounded quite belligerent. I was expecting a fight. >-> Still used to forum kids' stubbornness I think; was honestly not expecting for a constructive resolution to come out so soon. :o ~Oni
Merging into current article per all King Runite1talkcontribs 19-Jan-2012 00:00 GMT
I'm glad to hear everything is resolved. - Template:Community - Signatures - Aeryzias/Discussion 19-Jan-2012 00:33 GMT
This message has been removed due to a SOPA-related copyright claim.

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