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This page is about a Friends Chat. Organisation of the chat is organised by the owner and ranks of the chat itself. For information about the chat features in RuneScape please go to the Controls section of the Game Guide.


Hello! This article has been created to as a guideline for users who use Mod MMG's friends chat in-game, these rules and guidelines have been created to keep the chat atmosphere friendly and overall an enjoyable place to be in. Please also see the related Forum Thread from which this article was created


  1. Offensive language will not be tolerated, as it is a respectful chat we will uphold our standards. There is no need for anyone to use profanity within the chat - there never was. Just because you can, doesn't mean it's "Okay". Common sense applies in most situations.
  2. If a user has been kicked, don't question that reason as that only causes disruption. Trust that no-one is kicked without reason. There's always more to it than meets they eye.
  3. No Spamming – Consists of saying random things which don’t contribute to the topic at hand, etc. No immitating the automated kick message. Ranks can't help it - but you can.
  4. No Flaming – If a user’s saying things you don’t like, bring it to the attention of one of the clan chat ranks and/or add that user to your ignore list.
  5. Please don't use Quick Chat as it simply encourages spam and "Showing Off" -- This includes pretending to use Quick Chat to attract negative attention.
  6. Abide by all of the rules set by Jagex. You can find them via the knowledge base. Please familiarise yourself with these.
  7. No discussion of controversial topics (i.e. religion, politics, nationalities etc.) Discussions of topics which above are examples only ever end in trouble; please refrain from trying to start them.
  8. Please don't draw ASCII art -- it takes up multiple lines of text and will also encourage other users to join in. If you wish to do ASCII art please head over to the “Draw #ere” thread in the games forum (QFC: 55-56-552-58043340).
  9. No jokes about other users or countries.
  10. Discussion of botting is not allowed; no matter the context
  11. No trolling – that means no trying to discuss a topic or user with the main intentions of causing trouble and or purposely disagreeing with a user to just upset them.
  12. No advertising – That is, no advertising of websites (Videos, included) or other clan chats.
  13. No discussion of bugs, faults or anything of that nature in the clan chat in which users can abuse it, rather, if you’ve discovered a bug please head over to the forum section where it can be reported or use the bug report form which can be found under the “Help” section of the main RuneScape page.


  1. If a topic’s getting out of hand, you, the clan chat user try and discontinue it. Calm things down, tell people it’s going in the wrong direction and that they ought to change topic. If you’re unsure; private message a clan chat rank.
  2. If you see a name in the clan chat list which breaks the rules, private message a clan chat rank and tell them where the name is, they will deal with it in a manner they see fit.
  3. Clan chat ranks cannot and will not assist you in getting your accounts unbanned and/or unmuted.
  4. If you're feeling frustrated or angry, its best you find other methods to vent, either via discussion with a friend or the rants forum. Ranting in the clan chat will not solve your problems, but only make them worse. You will be kicked if you're causing trouble. By all means return when you’re in a better mood or need cheering up.
  5. Arguing with the clan chat ranks will not get you anywhere, be it about the rules or otherwise. It may result in a kick as it will only cause upset for other users and parties involved.
  6. Do not request for a user to be kicked, if you feel they’re acting inappropriately and a clan chat rank hasn’t already taken notice please alert them of the situation
  7. Please remember the clan chat ranks are there to have fun, too, but also to keep it a relaxing and friendly environment. Refrain from being nasty, and respect their requests.
  8. Clan chat ranks reserve the right to kick at their own discretion if they feel it will avoid an altercation or flaming.
  9. If you’ve been kicked, rejoining on another account to harass the ranks will only result in more trouble for you. Remember, clan chat ranks are human too, they don’t forget things easily.
  10. If you’re a repeat offender, and have to be kicked multiple times, do expect to be banned from the clan chat. This is non-appealable.
  11. Asking to become a clan chat rank will not gain you that status, however; being respectful and helpful and having a general positive attitude towards the community will do your reputation good and may result in being rewarded.
  12. Remember! If you see a sentence which contains inappropriate language or is there to attract negative attention – ignore it! Don’t reply to it and depending on the severity alert a clan chat rank so they can deal with it in an appropriate manner without drawing attention to the situation.
  13. As the vast majority of RuneScape users speak fluent English, we would appreciate if English is the language you would use in the clan chat. That is, so everyone can understand what’s being said and no-one’s feeling left out.
  14. Please do not try and type a sentence with all capital letters; it will only discourage users from reading what you are trying to say and also upset the flow of chat.
  15. If you’ve asked a question in the clan chat, please be patient. You are not being ignored if we’ve not replied to you right away, the clan chat moves very fast so it takes time for people to catch up and read from the beginning.
  16. Normal players may be able to answer any questions you have, generally it won’t require you to only direct your question at Player Moderators; the crown doesn’t insure their knowledge is solid, they can be wrong too. There’s a vast amount of people who frequent the chat who specialise in certain skills and aspects of the game, they are just as helpful.
  17. There are certain topics, which have been mentioned above that we would rather you didn't bring up (Including 2012). But there are also certain things we would rather you didn't say. E.g. "I lost the game lolz", this only ends up in spam and negative comments directed toward whoever said it.


Q.Are all ranks Player Moderators?
A.Not all ranks are Player/Forum Moderators, not all Forum/Player Moderators are ranks.

Q.Why ws the clan chat called "I"?
A.The reason the clan chat was called “I” is because it gives more room for text per-line. However it's since been changed to his initials :)

Q.Does Mod MMG ever visit the clan chat?
A.Yes, when he gets the time he visits the clan chat.

Q.Why can’t we discuss politics/religion/etc?
A. The reason we discourage such discussions is that many people have strong views on such topics, and being human they generally will try and defend what they believe in, or who they follow. Which can often end in major disagreements, and considering the overall size of the clan chat any discussion of the aforementioned can end up in many unhappy clan chat users.

For more information and to post questions, see the: Forum Thread

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