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Established sept 2009
Clan Chat Glad2bhelp
Rs Clan Recruitment Forum Glad2bhelp Community v2
Clan Home Forum Glad2bhelp Community
Requirements None.
Active Clan Members 240
Home World 79 optional
Tier 7 Maxed Citadel 3 Avatarsl
Timezone GMT International
We are a group of helpful friendly people who help each other.
Clans Main Recruitment forums Glad2bhelp Community v2
You are welcome to join us anytime as a Guest or ask in clan chat to get invited to clan.
No man is an island unto himself.
We all need the help & stability of a good Clan environment.
The main purpose for this Clan is to have an INTERNATIONAL 24/7 chat.
Where you can find other players to RELAX with and get HELP to do
A full range of Game Activities Skilling ~ pvm ~ If you must train on other
players we ask you not to kill clan mates ~ Stars evil trees Penguins

Table of Contents

Application Templates

All Free to play must keep a level in hiscores or be Removed From Clan
To Gain Any Rank in this Clan All Recruits MUST
Fill out a Clan Application form template How to Join clan
And if you are a member Get a Forums photo from the Photo booth If you go F2p you will need new Photo to gain members rank back.
Administration Rank Applications Template Admin 12 application Questions
To gain any Rank Above Admin you need to have some understanding of What the words Mean. What do you do for the Clan How do YOU HELP THE CLAN.
How do you help this clan. what can you do to make this clan better.What makes you better than Every 1 else your Rank.
How long Have you been in this Clan.This clan is over 5 years old so don't expect to be a clan elder unless you are a loyal ACTIVE clan member.
Paste Edit Clan Application Template into Forum
1~Runescape Name: ~ Ninmci
2~Preferred Name: ~ nin (is my nick /street name)
3~Combat level: ~ 200 - memb
4~TOTAL XP ~ 337,911,508
5~Best Non Combat Level:~.99 mining (44,000.000)
6~Quest Points ~ 259
7~F2P or P2P *P2P
8~Years or Time played:609 days 1 hours~9 years on
9~Have Read Rules of Runescape and Clan Rules:yes
10~How did you find this chat & who Enrolled you ~
made it i Enrolled me
11~what time zone or Country are you in~UK
12~All accounts in this clan must be listed in
~ same post this is my Main Ninmci
13~ Why do you want to join this clan
14/Extra Comments/Profile optional Im in Phonix
Gang and Will help with quests
paste edit > Administration Template< into forum
1/ MY NAME are Ninmci Ninmcii~Citrullus ~
2/Im British and live in uk
3/ Time Zone= Bst / Gmt
4/ What languages do you speak? = English
5/ Todays date is 1.12.13
6/ How long have you been playing RuneScape
= 9 years / Ninmci =602 days 7 hour s
7/Have you read jagex Rules = yes
8/Have you read our Clan's Rules = yes
9/ Do you have 2 fealty stars on your cape = yes
10/ how many people in clan did you recruit = 100
11/ My Total xp is * 222,727,559
12/ All admin must have bank pin and Authenticatore

Clan Rules

Clan Rules
RulesofRuneScape The Clan Rules and Ethos are the same as jagex Rules of Runescape and i have added a few more.
1 No Swearing Swearing at people is Offencive Inappropriate language or behaviour and can cause Drama in the clan chat so as to stop confusion as to what swearing is we put a blanket ban on all forms of swearing including anagrams.
2 Respect Everyone in this Game. That means everyone. This is a Global game players from all Nations Races Gender Religion and Age Rich or poor Intellectual or Airhead.
3 No Flaming Dont make things in chat worse than they are take conflict out of cc.
4 No Begging No giving to Beggars as this only encourages to beg more
5 No Scamming Dont Give anything and expect to get it back if you cant afford to lose it Don't give it. Don't go into wildy if you cant afford to lose items you carry.Dont go into Red Portal. No Staked Duels
6 Encouraging others to break the rules This means if you ask anyone to break a game rule or a clan rule you will be removed from clan.
7 No Asking for Rank In Pm Or in clan chat If you meet Requirements For Rank Tell me and everyone else in the clan what reason you have to be a higher rank than you are. What have you done for Clan Why are you better than everyone Else. What can you do for clan with a higher rank that you cant do with rank you are.
8 No Trolling in cc Only those doing the trolling find it funny And it often has a tendency to be CYBER BULLYING
10 Advertising other websites No advertising inappropriate youtube sites/ Please note i have added clan website and facebook to the New Clan Directory If it ever gets Published.
11 No Talking About Drugs this includes prescription drugs that are illegal in other states. Alcohol is a drug if you are drunk you shouldn't drive because drunk driving kills.If you are drunk you shouldn't be in clan chat because you can be offensive to others Please come out of chat until sober
Politics or Religion its a multi national game take it into pm.
Suicide is a topic that Many PEOPLE are uncomfortable with . This topic should be Reported To Jagex As A Real Life Threat and jagex will respond to the Threat. Please try to take it out of clan chat if people continue to discuss topic in cc they will be removed
12 If you Never Talk Say hello and goodbye when in chat. If you always have chats turned off you don't need to be in a community so you will be removed.


recruit.png Recruit To become a recruit, you must first get recruited, please fill out our survey on the recruitment forum.Must get a forums Photo from Photo booth or say hello in clan recruitment forum -Free to play must give your total xp level in the clan hello login forum Glad2bhelp Community
corporal.png Corporal Has registered their account By saying hello in the forum clan recruitment forum and has 1.000.000 a forums photograph / loyalty insignia
sergeant.png Sergeant Is given to a member of the Clan with a Total xp lvl of 2.000.000+
lieutenant.png Lieutenant Is given to a Rs MEMBER with a total xp level of 10.000.000+ New clan members with over 10.000.000+ will be ranked bronze untill clan They have 2 fealty Stars on clan cape.
captain.png Captain Is given to a member of the clan with a a total xp level of 15.000.000+
general.png General Has a total xp level of 20.000.000 + must of been in clan for 4 weeks
admin.png Admin Must of invited 1 clan member Must also have a total xp level of 25.000.000 + & 3 fealty stars Administration must accept and fill in the administration applications form in page 2 of the Recruitment Forums Qf code: 290-291-97-63461638
organizer.png Organizer Must have over 25.000.000 xp total level Must have full fealty 3 *** stars on cape.
coordinator.png Coordinator Must have over 1 year in clan Must of invited 5 clan members 30.000.000 xp total level -Richy - Mrtrubshaw - King KenX - Buffylicious -
overseer icon.png Overseer itEnter Rift - Pure Devvon - Robinsmyname - Hida Masaki - Sirelfblood - PrincessBecc -
deputyowner.png Deputy-Owner DolchiosTrooperThorn
owner.png Owner Ninmci

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T7 Maxed Citadel

Citadel Tier 7 Maxed = No capping Citadel basics only
Each week we run a skills race
Like most Community clans we often shout out Dnds Giving notice to everyone in cc when they happen
Distractions and Divisions Mining = Stars - Trahearn Circus = Range - Mage - Agility - Firemaking wood cutting = Evil Trees Fish Flingers = Fishing Dungeoneering= Sinkholes Penguins = xp in any skill or cash Summoning = Familiarisation /Pixnmix

Clan Photos or Album s

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