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This page is about a clan. Membership of the clan is organised by the clan itself and the history of the clan is as recorded by its members. For information about the clan features in RuneScape, please go to the Clans section of the Game Guide.

Hi im Nin Welcome to The Glad2bhelp Community Clan Wiki

Please can all New clan members use this link ~Glad2bhelp Community

To our Clan Recruitment Forum and fill out ~ The Clan Application Template

With your own Details Then say hi 1s a month to keep thread active ~

Our Citadel is Maxed at Tier 7 So Nothing Mandatory



Clan Home Forum links Links

Clan Founder wiki
Established sept 2009
Clan Chat Glad2bhelp
Rs Clan Recruitment Forum Glad2bhelp Community
Clan Home Forum Glad2bhelp Community
Requirements None
Active Clan Members 210
Home World 79 optional
Tier 7 Maxed Citadel 3 Avatarsl
Timezone GMT International
Add a signature 3x~ = Glad2bhelp


We are a group of helpful friendly people who help each other.

Clans Main Recruitment forums Glad2bhelp Community

All are welcome to join us anytime as a guest or ask in clan chat to get invited to clan.

No man is an island unto himself.

We all need the help & stability of a good Clan environment.

The main purpose for this Clan is to have an INTERNATIONAL 24/7 chat.

Where you can find other players to RELAX with and get HELP to do

A full range of Game Activities Skilling ~ pvm ~ If you must train on other

players we ask you not to kill clan mates ~ distraction and divisions Star evil trees Penguins ~




^ Recruits Have 1 week to get a forums Face from photo both or say hello in forums

^^ Corporal Has registered their account By saying hello in this forum Glad2bhelp Community and has 1.000.000 a forums photograph / loyalty insignia

Free to play must give your total xp level in the clan hello login forum Glad2bhelp Community

^^^ Sargent ~ Is given to a member of the Clan with a Total xp lvl of 2.000.000+

Bronze * Lieutenant ~ Is given to a Rs MEMBER with a total xp level of 10.000.000+

New clan members with over 10.000.000+ will be ranked bronze untill clan probation is finished


*~SILVER ~* Captain ~ Is given to a member of the clan with a a total xp level of 15.000.000+

*~GOLD ~* General ~ a total xp level of 20.000.000+ must of been in clan for 4 week * 1 weeks probation and 3 weeks fealty stars

~ Administration ~

~ADMINISTRATORS~ Bronze Shuriken stars

Must of invited 1 clan member

Must also have a total xp level of 25.000.000+ & 3 fealty stars

We have 3 Avatars Administrator s can summon avatar s


Only ADMINISTRATION and higher can summon Avatar s.

Administration must accept and fill in the administration applications form in page 2 of the Recruitment Forums Qf code: 290-291-97-63461638

Clan Elders

Organizer.pngOrganizers Silver Shuriken

~ Must have over 25.000.000 xp total level Must have full fealty 3 *** stars on cape.

coordinator.pngCoordinators Gold Shuriken

~ Must have over 30.000.000 xp total level


owner.png~DEPUTY owners~

owner.png~OWNER Glad2bhelp~

G2bSkill Races


G2bSkill Races

Each week we have a skillsrace

Clan Rules

Clan Rules

For this Clan to be in a peaceful environment we have a no swearing no flaming rule

Everyone using chat must be polite mature & sensible all Jagex Rules Apply Rules of RuneScape

To find out more about our clan Rules Please look at our main RuneScape Recruitment forums

~ Qf code: 290-291-97-63461638 page 3

This is a game for everyone s enjoyment Yes we like people to work the citadel & go to events but,

Nothing is Mandatory Manyana is a much Nicer word learn to relax chill

Sombimag png.png But all members must have an adventures log Photo & or a loyalty sealloyaltyseal png.png

A Photo can be taken of your avatar in the Photo booth at Fally west mine just north west of clan Citadel Portal (needs wiki link to photo booth)

Photo booth west fally mine.png

Saying Hello

All free to play must say hello in Our Rs clan forums each month to prove Activity

This clan Has been Established since September 2009

if you have more than 1 account in or using clan please list them when saying hi


MY NAME IS /are ~Cit rull us ~ NINMCII ~ Gad2bhelp

Preferred Name: Nin

Im British and live in uk

Todays date is *21.3.13

My Total xp is * 3,740,861


I must Remove inactive players monthly to Keep clan active if you need reinvite just ask , get photo say hello in forums. np

This is a Community Clan

If you never talk say hello or goodbye always have chats turned off you don't need to be in a community so you will be removed

Account Security

Account Security Rules

GET A BANK PINN AND RuneScape Authenticator Look in Account support and help centers

Technical Help | Account Help | Billing Help | Safety Centre


How to make a player PAGE

Quick find code: 135-136-783-65420402 |Please read and use the help guides on these links

Dont add information that Needs Constant updating like Player avatars

iamaplayer Anyone can make A Player Information Page Just by clicking Visit Community Hub at the top of this Page.

Then go to ~ Community - Player Pages

There are several ways to start a new page. These can vary based on the type of page started as well as the namespace.

1 Using red links

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Normally there is no reason to create a page without first creating a red link to it

Use the wiki Editing sandbox Until your Happy

All this page i made by looking how people had made other pages looking at tenplates and making them what i wanted.

To Make a red link look at (edit section ) you see my Name in UPPER | CASE

if you type this line as you see it but type your name use upper and lower text as your name is in game

I Am A PlayeR|I Am A PlayeR

Please only link your account to this page if you Are Administration and remember to remove it if you leave Clan


| > Skilling < |- |Citadel Tier 7 | > Citadel basics < |- |With over 20 DnDs im sure you can find 1 you love or Hate

Community  clans often  shout out  Dnds 
Giving notice to everyone  in cc when they happen

| > Distractions and Divisions < Mining = Stars |- | | Circus = Range - Mage - Agility - Firemaking |- | | wood cutting = Evil Trees |- | |Fish Flingers = Fishing |- | |Dungeoneering= Sinkholes |- | |Penguins = xp in any skill or cash |- | | Summoning = Familiarisation /Pixnmix


Clan Activities Photos or Album s

Clan Photo Screenies

When posting Photographs Please Remember to Edit Them Saying Who What Why

If you are posting in a Large Album add image to top of list

For Easy Viewing its best not to use Album s as they dont scroll

Secret  Party

secret party.pngGlad2bhelp

Uploading Images

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please don't remove red image texts</font>


Clan Citadel

Tier 7 And FROST DRAGON flying around.

Whilst i moan about citadel nothing in this clan is Mandatory No point making you work when nothing to do.

Glad in beta cit.png.gif

Looks like this new guy on the block wants to dominate things Glad2bhelp



3 Glad2bhelp clan Avatars.png

Clan avatars are not triplets they each have an identity

1 citadel is rooted to citadel so is a tree

2 is combat and fire

3 is more passive and fluid

so please dress them differently

clan avatar water.gif
clan avatar lava.gif
clan avatar nature.gif

Clan Activities ! events

We Need You to add your photo s ~ If you put 3~~ you put your signature on your picture s ' Glad2bhelp

Mining star at coal trucks ' Glad2bhelp

coal trucks star.gif

chilling with relatives .png

Nothing s BETTER than chilling with relatives Glad2bhelp

Clan unity2.png Glad2bhelp


Ninz Favourites

Why not make your own album

Walk in the Air


bloodntears bloodnintears.gif

Where did you go

werugo.gif beameup.gif

I like This Screenie because at long last people can do more than get dizzy in ge stars can be fun.png

Seems Worlds gone starcrazy everyone dropping record players


I hate wc but like this photo because it was in citadel had to wait a week just to get the wc plot update mywc99c.gif bestdrops1.gif


some old website images

Clan 99s !

How far back should i go or just keep to uptodate

Rifts 99 hp 15.6.13

Rift 99 hp.png

Rift 99 hp cape Rift 99 hp cape.png


We can't all be the best but tell us when you are olympics.png

Nins a bad quester


Bossing Pvm

We Need your Bossing Screeies

Zamy sees the light and turns Green

Zamagoingreen.gif Glad2bhelp 23-Jun-2013 14:11 BST

Chilling with Relatives is always FunGlad2bhelp


chilling with relatives .png


Distractions and Diversions Can Take up a major part of your game time looking the for xp rewards You can find dnd for any skill in Runescape

Some you can do every day some 1s a month

some you do solo some with friends or make new friends as you make groups .


Saw this omw to Kalaphites so i poly it a couple of times got Rune plate


for some strange reason i got ambushed after everyone had gone after a star Glad2bhelp 26-Jun-2013 22:44 BST gobnin.gifGlad2bhelp

chinin.gifGlad2bhelp 26-Jun-2013 23:27 BST

A Shillo Star ( click for full image) nin  Has dust for blood  


Penguins ( love to hide)


Fancy a cupa bear


Evil Trees

Evill trees1.gif

Ask fisherman for tips


Get Scaffolding levels right to get Construction ,Prayer,or slayer xp Glad2bhelp


Don't ask me how because i never win


Think i need to give this guy my hat he seems to of lost his head. face seems familiarGlad2bhelp


Ask Barnabus Hurma For Collection bagGlad2bhelp 03-Jul-2013 10:51 BST ninthbag.gif



Troll invasion Glad2bhelp


Im Crynin because tears always trolls me and turns GreenGlad2bhelp 23-Jun-2013 20:41 BST


Hankies You got to pick a pocket or2Glad2bhelp 23-Jun-2013 20:57 BST


Pixnmix The summoning dnd in misc

A Good clan network is vital to doing some dnds because without interclan participation you will never see them Glad2bhelp


More lol im dead hate this dnd Glad2bhelp


Clan unity HELPs with DnD informationGlad2bhelp

clan unity3.png



Rs3 & Nisa

Better for stars ??Glad2bhelp


"Clan UNITY"

Clan Unity in w 79 is What binds us Together its love not war

ClaNin unity.png Clan unity2.png

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