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This page contains a specific evaluation on how to efficiently complete a certain section of the game or perform a certain task. As RuneScape is a complex game which allows for lots of different play styles and techniques it does not necessarily mean that other ways of playing through the content are wrong or invalid, merely an alternative interpretation. Feel free to contribute to another guide detailing a different play style.

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Slayer Goal The aim of this guide is to give the best exp/hr in Slayer, Range, Melee, LP, Prayer, Herb, Charms and Effigies. With this task list you should slightly gain slayer points, in which you should skip Iron Dragon and Mithril Dragon tasks. You are to cannon and melee every task with the exception of mithril dragons (only melee).

Block List Abby Demon > Desert strykewyrm > Fire giant > Gargolye > Jungle strykewyrm. Dont unlock Aquanites, Dont unlock Ice strykewyrm.

Alternatives Nechryael > Living Rocks > Vyrewatch > Spirital Mage.

Cancel List Mutated Jadinkos, Dust devils, Terror dogs, Warped tortoises, Waterfiends, Tzhaar (Jad), Blue dragons, Skeletal wyverns, Spiritual mages, Vyrewatch, Nechryael, Living Rocks.

Best tasks Bloodveld - Meiyerditch Dungeon, Kalphite - Kalphite Lair (Do No Evil Area), Black Demon - Taverley Dungeon, Hellhound - Taverley Dungeon (Dung Area), Black Dragon - Evil Chicken's Lair, Greater Demon - Forinthry Dungeon/Kuradels, Aberrant Spectre - Pollnivneach Slayer Dungeon, Dark Beast - Mourner Tunnels, Steel Dragon - Fortress of Ghorrock, Suqah - Lunar Isle (North-East), Dagganoth - Lighthouse basement, Mithril Dragon - Ancient Cavern, Iron Dragon - Fortress of Ghorrock.

Gear Head - Slayer Helm>Black Mask, Amulet - Fury>Glory, Chest - Bandos ChestPlate>Torso, Legs - Bandos Tasset>Dragon, Gloves - Barrows Gloves>Dragon Gloves, Boots - Steadfast>Dragon, Shield - Dragon Defender>Chaotic Kite shield>Dragon Fire Shield, Weapon - Chaotic Rapier>Chaotic Longsword>Abyssal Whip, Ring - Berserker ring>Ring of Vigour>Ring of wealth, Cape - Completionist>Maxed>Fire Cape>Ardy Cape, Aura - Any you may have to help in combat, Spec weapon - Dragon Claws>Korasi>Dragon Dagger.

Inventory BoneCrusher, Holy Wrench, Herbicide, Cannonballs, Home Teleport, Slayer Ring, Potions (Melee Boosting, Prayer, Spec Restore, Anti Fire, Anti Poison), Charms.

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