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If at any point you can't understand this guide or if you have any further laptop related questions feel free to talk to someone on our dedicated discussion at : Quick find code: 25-26-96-63861647 .

Attention Windows 8 Users, if you're finding difficulty in applying tips from this wiki, please follow these instructions.

Welcome to the Laptop Performance Optimisation Page!

Introductory picture - A generic, unbranded laptop. :)

Hi. Congratulations on your purchase of a laptop computer and welcome, if you're looking for performance optimisation tips for laptops this is the right place to look!

Some of you guys/girls may know most laptops these days are built with dynamic power saving options/features that help lower power usage+ maximise battery performance this is why HP, Dell, Lenovo and other vendors always get Energy Star or EPEAT certifications. HP laptops are like 90% EPEAT silver+ certified I believe, the last time I checked.

Now we'll tell you exactly how to allow applications not only Runescape, to harness your laptop's computing power to its best while maximising your laptop's lifespan in the long run.

Our tips here are built upon the contextual knowledge of actual laptop enthusiasts that have several years of work and usage experiences with laptops. We're extremely proud of the generosity of these enthusiasts in sharing their "know hows", "tips/protips", ingenious "workarounds" & lastly game tips shared by Runescape players and some Jagex support staff.

Article Objective

This guide aims to tell exactly how to prepare the system for performance. Since these systems are likely to use the lower powered settings as a default option.

  1. Inadvertently, it will improve the game-play on RS, other games & applications, while maximising your laptop's lifespan.
  2. While some tips of this guide may be tuned for HP laptops (Tip 2.1 and 2.11 only), most of the settings here are generic tweaks supported by most PC manufacturers .
  3. The naming convention of similar mentioned software features of other brands might be differ to small extents.
  4. Not all sections are exactly applicable to all systems. This is hardware dependent and different hardware manufacturers require different tweaks. (i.e. To apply tips for an Nvidia graphics card, expand the relevant Nvidia section, NOT the AMD section.)
  5. The discussion for this article is available on the RSOF (Quick find code: 25-26-96-63861647)


This Wiki is produced strictly for educational and referential purposes only - no commercial use or reproduction of the contents below are allowed. Contents can be shared within the Runescape game or Runescape Official Forums or the Runescape Tech Support Community Forums. For mentioned software(s) in the Wiki, you are to abide by the respective Software Developer's terms of use stipulated in their software usage agreements while using their software - software developers reserve their software licensing and distribution rights.

You are encouraged to read the guide fully before acting on your computer to prevent missing of steps of which some may be critical to the tweak of certain settings. Recovery procedures to restore computers back to functional states are mentioned and applies to specific sections of this guide where at rare occasions, the recovery feature might come in useful due to the fact that certain tweaks discussed creates a low possibility that the computer may turn to a temporarily non-functional state due to unintended compatibility issues by the software provider.

We are not responsible for any loss of data/ damage caused by inadequate amounts of safeguard and/or safety procedures put in place, therefore, you should always backup your important data before beginning.

All contents here do not mention of overclocking and other tasks enthusiasts may perform and are suitable for people even with low amounts of technical knowledge.

Other Important Notes

Most of the settings here are generic tweaks that can be tweaked similarly/in a same manner even if you have a laptop of a different brand. The naming convention of similar but non-windows features of other brands might be slightly different.

It's best to use the Table of Contents to Navigate around this Wiki

Unfortunately, this guide will not apply to Apple laptops unless you run Windows on it.

Actions & Tweaks

(Highly Recommended) BIOS Settings

BIOS refer to the Basic Input/Output System and basically it is a graphic user interface you can get access to for adjusting some of your system settings of your laptop's motherboard. What this action aims to do is simply to turn dynamic graphics mode (aka hybrid graphics mode) to fixed (aka Switchable Graphics mode) for performance enhancements. Step 3 does not apply to laptops with only Integrated Graphics.

Tell me about adjusting the BIOS settings

Alienware: Adjusting BIOS Settings

(Highly Recommended) Power Plan Settings

Basically power plans are pre-specified adjustable parameters relating to system performance and power management predominantly. Different power profiles will meet different objectives. The 2 performance based power plans below are recommended plans targeted at different user groups. You're encouraged to read up how both of these power plans and and their objectives. However you may add them all to your current Power Plan Profiles in case you need them.

Toggling between power plans

  1. Taskbar, hit the battery/power icon
  2. More power options
  3. Select the appropriate power plan either "Power Source Optimised" or "High Performance"
  4. Tweaks to these plans (that improve performance and efficiency) are listed in the drop down boxes

Power Source Optimised Plan

High Performance Plan

Other Useful Settings that can be added to both plans above

(Highly Recommended) Use only High Performance Discrete GPU

This only applies if you have a discrete class GPU embedded into your laptop. They're non-Intel based graphics cards by Nvidia or AMD.

Note: It is advised to complete tip 2.1 because it generally brings better graphical performance to the system and that its related to this tip. Though if you're a road warrior always on the move, Hybrid graphics (Dynamic) would be your preferred graphics mode because of better ease of switching between the Intel HD and the AMD GPU.

AMD Radeon HD XXXXM and FirePro M Series Based GPUs

Nvidia GeForce GTXXXM, Quadro K and Quadro NVS Based GPUs

(Highly Recommended) Use DirectX or OpenGL in display mode

Both Direct X and OpenGL will make proper use of graphical hardware as opposed to Safe Mode and Software. As such, you'll notice your gameplay to be a lot smoother in Direct X and OpenGL. Graphical work runs better on top of graphics accelerated modes because it takes the graphical work off the processor which isn't designed to handle graphics.

Processing of the graphical work is done through any of the following types of hardware will be a lot smoother than running graphical work on a CPU alone:

  • Integrated Chipset with graphics rendering capabilities
  • On board graphics
  • Graphics rendering core of a processor (i.e. Gen 2 Core i Processors and above)
  • Discrete/Dedicated Graphics Card

To Tweak Your Display Mode Settings

Best Display Mode for Nvidia GeForce Based GPUs

Best Display Mode for AMD Radeon Based GPUs

Best Display Mode for Intel HD based GPUs

(Highly Recommended) Disable System Throttle software

Performance throttling software is designed to improve thermal management at the expense of system performance. Simply, once the laptop's GPU or CPU reaches a certain pre-set temperature, the software will adjust the system settings to slow the computer and this will reduce the operating temperature.

HP Pavillion/Envy Users - HP Coolsense

Dell Lattitude - Dell Enhanced Settings

Other Notebooks

(Recommended) Update Graphics Drivers

Basically, the graphics drivers tell the computer what the hardware actually is, what it does and how it runs and how are the graphics card features utilised. Without manufacturer/ OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) provided drivers or even up-to-date drivers, your computer wouldn't know what special features the graphics card can actually do and of course, the computer would run it without any performance & feature set enhancements.

Before you begin - you'll need the following:

  • Your laptop's admin user account.
  • Your manufacturer provided graphics/video driver downloadable from the manufacturer's driver support site obtained by specifying your exact laptop model- in case an update fails to reinstall the current version
  • The relevant reference graphics driver from the graphics chip maker (AMD/Nvidia/Intel) - Check release notes for compatibility
  • Plug your laptop to a wall power socket to prevent low battery induced interruptions

Please note that before performing steps listed on this section, download a copy of your laptop manufacturer's custom drivers from their support website just in case the installation fails. This is not a one of its world kind of issue, it happens from time to time but it is completely reversible.

Why should I update the graphics driver?

Updating AMD Radeon HD XXXXM/ HD XXXXG (AMD APU Systems)

Updating AMD Radeon HD XXXXM Based GPUs (Intel CPU Systems)

Updating Nvidia GT XXXM Based GPUs

(Laptops with NO AMD/Nvidia Graphics): Updating Integrated Intel HD Graphics

(Recommended) Check Java Version

What Java version(s) do you have installed on your machine?

How do I check my Java version?

Where can I download & install the latest update to the supported Java Versions?

I am experiencing problems with Java 7, What should I do?

(Recommended) Download Runescape Client by Jagex

Running Runescape on the Client Application developed by Jagex holds the following advantages & disadvantages over the web browser version:

What to choose - Client or Browser?

Where can I download & install the Runescape Client?

(Recommended) Software/Driver updates

Usually includes bug/vulnerability fixing, addition of features and stability improvements provided by software developers or hardware manufacturers. It is recommended that you update your software once in a while, probably once in 2 months at least.

Updating with HP Support Assistant

Updating with Windows Update

(Recommended) Battery Care

  • Your battery capacity reduces due to chemical degradation as the number of charge cycles passed increases.
  • Batteries have rated number of charge cycles before their performance degrades severely.

If your laptop's plugged to a power cord and you're on a stationary position (i.e. working on a desk), remove the battery because you can use the power cord as the power source - once the charge reaches 100%. Overcharging causes the Li-ion batteries to lose charge faster & battery damage as time passes.

Tell me about removing batteries

Tell me about battery maintenance by "Power cycling"

When should I use the battery?

(Recommended) Vent Cleaning

The main avenue for heat dissipation of the heat generated by the CPU and GPU is the vent usually situated at the side and bottom of the laptop. The problem is that dust and lint will gradually accumulate on the vent, causing blockages and poorer heat dissipation.

What are the tell-tale signs?

Tell me about cleaning the vent

(Optional) "Passive Cooling Pads"

Some of you may have heard of these pads without cooling fans. Honestly, it really isn't worth that money you pay for. For USB cooling pads, they may not have fans position under the heating spots of your laptop. So this also reduces the effectiveness of the cooling.

How do I get one free?

(Optional) Current Surge Protection

In countries with large land masses or those that experience occasional thunderstorms, you may risk getting your electronic devices damaged/fried in the long term due to surge in electrical currents from power sockets.

Tell me about surge protectors

(Optional) BIOS Updates

BIOS refers to the Binary Input Output System. basically it is a graphic user interface you can get access to for adjusting some of your system settings of your laptop's motherboard. BIOS updates usually include computer performance improvements, improved thermal management (fan speed updates), controller updates, etc... A BIOS update is irreversible once it starts, make sure the computer wouldn’t shut down and is plugged to a steady power supply.

Tell me about updating the BIOS

Updating the BIOS

(Optional) Hard Drive Defragment

Note: Never perform this tweak on a Solid State Drive (SSD), it will wear out the SSD faster than it should and there are no performance benefits.

Fragmentation only occurs on Windows file systems like FAT32, FAT16 and NTFS due to the way they are designed to work. Fragmentation will leave an increasingly heavy footprint on the computer system's resources because a single file could be segregated over various sectors at different sections of a Hard Disk Drive and this deteriorates file access speeds over time.

The effect of the fragmentation is of course, lower access speeds and slower loading of files - be it while browsing the web, loading your office documents or even games.

How can I defrag my computer?

Using Windows Built-in Disk Defragger

Using Auslogic's disk Defrag

Using iObit Smart Defrag 2

System Monitoring Utilities

Here are some temperature monitoring tools. You can actually monitor operating temperatures before and after performing the optimisation tips! These utilities are verified to be official publishers by Microsoft Windows' built-in user account control.

  1. CPUID HW Monitor (monitors CPU, GPU, RAM and the Motherboard), downloadable at CPUID HW Monitor download
  2. GPU-Z (Reads detailed GPU temp/performance), downloadable at GPU-Z download
  3. Real-Temp (Simple tool for checking CPU temp), downloadable at Real-Temp download

Older Graphics Drivers

Before using the following direct download links to the ODM's site, please ensure you have read the instructions provided at Update Graphics Drivers before proceeding. Links provided here are for drivers that are digitally signed by AMD/Nvidia and are distributed as official stable releases.

Links to betas/leaked betas are not available on this Wiki. Beta drivers may come with stability issues, use them at your own discretion if you desire.

Old drivers are listed here to assist you in troubleshooting stability issues you may experience while installing drivers of newer versions. This happens from time to time. So here they are:

Older AMD Mobility Radeon HD XXXXM Drivers

Older Nvidia GeForce GTXXXM Drivers


This article is made possible by:

Name Reason
Dooogy0 Main content contributor to most of the information and images
Original laptop discussion & Optimisation guide creator of the Laptop Setup Guide thread, (currently renamed as "Maximise Laptop Performance).
Laptop Wiki overseer and main editor of this Wiki. Also an "admin" of the thread providing tips and support.
Natbatter Content contributor, discussion thread laptop champion, providing tips and support to others. Also contributes to driver stability testing and relevant driver information and troubleshooting utilities, general advice and information.
Dibi01 Wiki co-admin, Content Contributor - Further updates on the Java tip.
Fivekills Content Contributor - Started Java 32-bit (client) edition tip and some info on compatibility.
Applemack Content Contributor - Started defragmentation tip and the nice explanation.
Johndudde Content Contributor - Additions to the throttle software tip - Dell laptops
Kwc9sc Cleaning up some mess and linking our discussion thread to the article.
Lucien KoA Initial feedback provider when this wiki was just only a discussion thread at Tech Support.
JAGEX support employees - Mod Cuppa, Mod Dibs, Mod Los, Mod Mozza and Mod Tyran. "Sparked" the idea of a wiki creation and giving us the green light to do so.
Mod Michelle & Tech Team For the creation of templates to allow hyperlinks for references for this wiki.

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