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A decade of history recorded as far back as Runescape Classic, 2001.

Chapter One: The Birth of RSD

RSD was solely created as a place for friends to gather, rather then a clan atmosphere back in January-February of 2001. This was created by Dravenstormn, who then made Rem0xing co-leader. Since this group was created during the early stages of RuneScape, no one really knew what to expect. People would join just for a place to meet new people and hang out. As other clans would start having wars, RSD never played part in any wars. Instead it would just quietly grow larger and larger.After about 6 months Dravenstormn and Rem0xing decided to make RSD into a pking/skill based clan. Recruitment was done by invite only, meaning either you needed to be well known(which was rare during the early days) or friends of a leader/member.

When the wilderness was created in early 2002, RSD then started pking together and learned the tricks and trades of the wilderness. RSD often PK'd and usually killing anything in the way. With clans still roaming like the Wanderers,BDK and the Gladiators, RSD never fully received the respect it deserved.

Rem0xing decided to leave RuneScape, this then left a void in RSD. Which was quickly resolved by Dravenstormn appointing a new co-Leader(LivinLarge21). After a few months of the wilderness RSD finally started to deserve the respect it was entitled to.

Chapter Two: The Syndicate

RSD joined an alliance called "The Syndicate" with clans such as 'The','Freedom', 'Gladiatorz' and few other clans. This did nothing but cause turmoil with certain clans within The Syndicate, especially between RSD and the Gladz. RSD would soon leave The Syndicate along with 'The' and 'Freedom'. RSD would then declare war on the Gladiatorz, which was accepted. It was agreed upon to have RSD, The and Freedom vs Gladz and the rest of the Syndicate. The war lasted roughly an hour and was a one sided victory for RSD and company.

After the Gladz war RSD was considered to be one of the top clans in RuneScape (Strength wise). The Wanderers would soon close afterwards. A top ten list was never invented for clans during this time. Being considered the better clan was all about popularity and strength. RSD was then considered #1.

A few months passed with no wars, as they were difficult to get. Then a new clan came in the picture and became one of RSD's nemesis. This clan is known as Exercitum. After numerous flames back and forth between clans, war was declared. The war shortly started, lasting about 3 hours. This was a good war overall, with RSD winning in the end. Shortly, after the Exercitum war, Draventstormn would leave RuneScape. Livinlarge21 would then step up and take leadership of the entire clan while keeping RSD as a premier threat to all clans. Still being fairly new to the whole leadership role and doing it alone, it became too much work. After a few months, LivinLarge21 would close RuneScape Dinasty.

Chapter Three: The Battlefield

Six months had passed and P2P was released. During the 6 month LivinLarge21 had a chance to take a breather from clans and collect his ideas. He would then decide to resurrect the once great power of RSD. The clan quickly grew with top notch players, not just pkers. This clan was constructed on a pking/skill basis. The clan would immediately become a threat to the clan world. RSD would soon make enemies, with the clan that was considered to be #1. This clan was RSMob. Once RSD was fully ready for wars, a war with RSMob would soon be declared. Both RSD and RSMob were well respected clans, both clans would keep the flaming to a minimum. The basic rules of this war were: 1 on 1, war at the altar (level 38). From the start RSMob would not comply with these rules. There strategy was to get all of RuneScape's well known pkers(that was not in RSMob) to pick off RSD members that were waiting at the altar for the War to begin. While the Pkers were fighting RSD members, RSMob would wait at the Pking castle(lvl 13) and wait for RSD members to run past and then take them out while they were on no food. RSMob clearly broke the rules, the war however still continued with RSD vs. RSMob and Pkers. The war was pretty much even throughout, LivinLarge21 was still upset that RSMob pulled what they did and would finally call an end to the war. RSMob would refuse to accept a defeat, even with them clearly cheating. This went on for a few weeks, then it was finally decided upon to call the results a draw. Even though by RSmob not following the rules they lost by default. After this war, RSMob would soon disband. RSD was still considered the #1 clan.

RSD and Exercitum would once again get into it, and war was declared by Exercitum as they wanted to reign supreme at the #1 spot. War was accepted and placed. Exercitum would soon see why RSD was the #1 clan, the war would end an hour later, with a one sided victory for RSD.

TRWF would then soon declare war on RSD. This clan mainly consisted of lvl 50 - 90's. I am not sure what the thinking was behind this,but RSD accepted the war none the less. The war would last 5 minutes, with RSD of course coming out on top. I do want to mention that TRWF clearly knowing they would be defeated, still attended the war valiantly. A few months of pretty much dominating the wilderness, a new clan emerged to simply fight RSD. This clan was called Malicious Intent lead by Sue Me and Adx1. This clan was simply made up of all the top pkers in the game. With around 50+ members MI would declare war on RSD. The war would soon take place at the lvl 38 altar. With RSD having 3/1 in numbers. MI's tactics were to stay around the level 13 castle and pick off any RSD they saw running past. This was one of the longest wars to date, lasting 6+ hours, due to MI being too stubborn and coming back and back. All but a few of MI refused to come to the altar where the actual war was taking place, they knew if they did they would be slaughtered within seconds. RSD would continue to maintain its family oriented atmosphere making it one of the premiere clans in RS History.

Chapter Four: Closure

Now came the birth of Damage Incorporated (pking based), which was created by a former RSD member X BigaBoys X. Jagex would now release a new version of the game called 'RS2'. During this release RSD would remain on what is now called 'RSC' and Damage Inc. would go straight to RS2. A month after RS2 was released LivinLarge21 would then decide to make RSD an RS2 only clan. This decision caused a lot of members to be removed from the clan, as they did not want to go to RS2. LivinLarge21 knew this was the best choice since RS2 was going to be the future of RuneScape. Still being new to RS2, RSD would attempt to pk, to only meet up with DI, they were far more advanced on the new pking system then RSD. After a few months of sorting out RS2 and practicing. RSD would then have a good feel with the operations of RS2.

Damage, Inc. would then declare war on RSD, they wanted the number #1 spot. Which was accepted. It was agreed upon to leave recruitment open until 1 week before the war. The time leading up to the war was controversial. Both clans didn't agree with what the other clan was doing. Some of the issues brought forth were true and some were false. Most of the speculations came from the other clan and outsiders. The war would take place at Greaters, which is now a multi attack zone. An estimate of the numbers that showed up for each clan: RSD (150/243) - DI(100/163). RSD would march out to the battle field where DI would be waiting, the war was a total blood bath. Lasting approximately 15-30minutes. DI would quickly find there way to Lumbridge while RSD stood victorious at the Greaters. No one believed RSD could defeat DI, but as the war record shows, RSD was far more experience.

A dark cloud would then hover over RSD and the clan community, as LivinLarge21 would then decide to close down RSD and leave RuneScape.

Chapter Five: The New Era

10 Months has passed since RSD roamed the RuneScape world, LivinLarge21 would then come back to RuneScape and re-open RSD. A new era has now begun...

When RSD was reopened, LivinLarge21 asked for assistance from Icedrop and Doe Slayer to assist him in running RSD. As LivinLarge21 knew he would not have the time to dedicate to RSD as he once did. RSD opened and vowed to take a slow approach to the clan world, instead of rushing into a world they were not familiar with anymore(as the clan atmosphere, had severely changed). RSD started out with 50 Members, old and some new. Continued to slowly build up into an elite clan. This took sometime, but eventually RSD was becoming more and more recognized.

Every time the newly built RSD would enter the wilderness, there were clans who doubled our numbers waiting to take RSD down. Not just for a clean fight, but to try to crush RSD and get in their heads, so they would crumble. This lasted for month, with RSD still keeping their heads up and not letting these clans demoralize them. RSD eventually overcame the clans trying to destroy their confidence. (Were these clans purposely doing this to have RSD close, because deep down they were scared of RSD?)

RSD would eventually be declared war upon by Clan Anarchy. This war was accepted as it was a pretty even match "on paper." But as the war result, it was a blow out, with RSD claiming victory(300+ opts remaining), putting their "Official" War Record to (8-0-0).

Few months have pasts with RSD getting stronger and stronger, getting more and more recognition. But there was still something holding RSD back, in which they could not reach their full potential. RSD would win and lose on a daily basis during what is perceived now as "PK Run-ins", against clans such as Damage Inc., Dark Slayers, Sacred Templar, etc. These clans were considered the top clans in the game, but RSD could not get over the hump to defeat these clans on a daily basis. As in today's clan world, numbers are very important, which RSD lacked compared to the mentioned clans.

RSD was then declared upon by The RuneScape War hungers Federation(TRWF). This was accepted. This war was a hard fought battle between both clans, but in the end RSD won(130+ opts remaining). It was not that great of a fight on RSD's part, but in the end pulled out the victory(9-0-0).

RSD continued to show great stride in reaching their full potential in the Wilderness, eventually becoming the #3 clan in the game, but still could not get over the hump. A drastic change made by LivinLarge21 and co-Leaders, was then made to turn the once PK/Skill clan into a pure PK clan, this would cause a major power shift in the Clan world, as RSD would stop PKing for the meantime while getting everything and everyone prepared for the new beginning of a pure PK clan. Could this be the change this clan needs to reach their full potential?

Chapter Six: A New Beginning

As part of RSD's transformation to a fully PKing based clan, every member was made to reapply, and members were told that during December 2006 there would be a quiet month for RSD where we would recuperate and prepare for our return in January 2007. No official trips were made and there was much anticipation in RSD for our return. Our numbers has been depleted and being a clan who liked to focus on all forms of PKing ranging from Mage Bank to free to play RSD decided given our lower number count we would focus on mage bank for the first part of 2007.

RSD's first return to the wilderness was largely successful. RSD were able to pull large numbers to mage bank and RSD experienced some enjoyable fights against the likes of DI. However, a growing trend of 'No Honour' PKers were becoming more and more prominent at the Mage Bank, replacing the older Mage bankers from the heydays of 2004-6. Combined with updates such as the release of Saradomin Brews and the changing economy, the Mage Bank PKing community had completely changed and did not suit RSD members who were increasingly becoming dissatisfied with the focus on PKing in this area.

It was at this point in early spring of 2007 that RSD decided to make a return to F2P and P2P multi-pking. The Mage Bank 'Honor' scene was fast dying, and the RSD leadership realized this. At this point, RSD were down to the region of 55 members and many were claiming RSD were near death and that there was no return for RSD. But with a strong set of ranked members and a core of members who would give up at nothing to help RSD improve, RSD were confident our return would be successful. Livinlarge21 was still leader of RSD, combined with Co Leaders Icedrop and Mr 800 RSD set forward with a new direction.

To get back into the F2P scene, RSD's small but active member base sought to PK regularly in F2P and managed to arrange fights at least weekly in a bid to break back into the popular clan scene. An important fight for RSD was against Clan Europe where RSD managed to win without a single casualty when Lord Weasley put in a notable tanking effort. Combined with efforts such as a 40 person turnout against DI at castle wars, it was evident no matter what the event, RSD members would be there for each other. RSD continued to win a large percentage of fights both planned and unplanned leading up to summer, many times outnumbered, but never out gunned. Combined with regular capped fights to keep members busy, of which RSD virtually always won, times were good for RSD.

RSD's first major defeat was in a run in against EOS. This allowed RSD to realize the importance of using snipers in fights, with snipers guiding EOS to victory. This acted as a turning point for RSD, and in future points we were sure to organize an effective snipe unit, usually headed up by Icedrop or Mr 800. RSD's snipe unit was soon respected as one of the most effective in the clan world, and over the following months continued to aid RSD's performance and give RSD an edge over our opponents.

By the summer, RSD were at a point where in F2P we were regarded as top 10 material and were competing with the likes of Echoes of Silence and Rune Raiders for claims for rank 5 in the clan world. Lord Weasley and F1r3o had been appointed as warlords of RSD, and were in control of organizing and took a lead role on the battlefield. A rivalry ensued between RSD and Rune Raiders in which neither side could appear to agree on a time and day for the fight. However, RSD were confident we could defeat RR on their favored day of a Sunday. RSD massed to fight Rune Raiders but RR rushed to set up a mini war with EH, avoiding the potential fight with RSD.

Alongside RSD's F2P rise, RSD were continuing to focus and pay attention to our P2P affairs. While Mage Bank was not our focus, RSD members continued to make our presence known there occasionally. With portals seemingly dead, RSD set our sights on the P2P Rune Rocks scene, which was just about the most active area of P2P multi wilderness in the second half of 2007. While the likes of DI and AG were battling it out at Mage Bank, RSD had a great deal of fun and success in the art of rune rocks PKing, something we became very successful at. RSD managed to find teams most times we went PKing at Rune Rocks, fighting the likes of CorR, Kor, TSC and OT. Rune Rocks provided clans with a very tactical based form of P2P multi-pking, involving intense, fast paced battles in the multi areas, and charges to control primary hilltop areas in multi and the rune rocks area itself. By the end of the wilderness, RSD had asserted itself as the most dominant and active clan at the Rune Rocks in P2P. RSD's versatility extended further, with RSD pulling the same numbers they would to F2P to events such as a Fight Pits war against Rune Raiders, and a P2P mini war against 3vo.

After many weeks in which RSD continued to set up other fights and continue PKing in F2P and P2P Multi, RR finally accepted a fight proposal from RSD. RSD, despite having a smaller member list than much of our competitors over the summer, overcame the odds to beat RR in this pre-arranged run-in in convincing style. From here it was clear that RSD was just below the standard of the top clans and the rivalry with Rune Raiders died down.

RSD continued our gradual improvements and week by week turnouts were increasing and qualities of performances were improving. RSD decided that our next step was to improve to the next level where we could beat Eternal Honour, Violent Resolution and Damage Inc. RSD's performances were improving in every aspect with regards to leadership, organization, the build-up of an effective snipe unit, and RSD's near tactical perfection when fighting within the tree to tree boundaries. RSD proceeded to beat Eternal Honour and Damage Inc in respectfully fought battles, continuing our climb. RSD were defeated by VR in an arranged run-in, at the 3-4 hour mark, RSD were at the point of victory and a minority of 10-20 VR members were returning in 1 item until RSD logged in frustration and further VR logged in as time went on. Noting this disrespectful tactic, RSD chose not to fight VR again. VR claimed this as cowardice but this was not the case, for RSD were destined to fight much stronger clans with further success.

At this point in time, it was approaching November 2007 and RSD were regarded as a strong, renewed force in the F2P scene. RSD has systematically worked out way up the hierarchy of F2P clans, beating many clans along the way. November was a month which saw RSD step up and take things to the next level once again. Now capable of pulling in excess of 200 wilderness options set our sights at Corruption and Divine Forces who were considered to be the clans to beat in F2P. First of all RSD went for Corruption. In a full out battle on November 17th, RSD begin with 240 options to Corruptions 290, and after an 8 hour fight, RSD stood victorious with 200 options remaining. After such a performance, RSD's next step was to aim at defeating the clan regarded as being top of the F2P ladder at the time, Divine Forces.

RSD's first fight with Divine Forces came early in December. It was a time capped fight and RSD began the fight outnumbered as usual. RSD put in a notable performance and at the end of the cap RSD had not dropped numbers. At this point, despite DF cries of dominance, RSD knew that we were at a level we would compete with DF. There was a lot of build-up and talk over the Christmas period as to who was the superior clan in F2P run-in's out of RSD and DF. Both sides were confident, but unfortunately a full-out run in was never possible in the wilderness, with the capped fight turning out to be the last major fight between two top clans in the wilderness.

It was finally arranged for RSD and DF to fight in the new Multi Bounty Hunter in F2P with south boundaries shortly after the New Year in 2008. The fight was highly anticipated, with a lot of talk from either side who were equally confident of victory. As the clans lined up, RSD had 270 options to DF's 330. Both sides knew with an increase in lengths of fights it was going to be a long, exciting fight and it certainly didn't disappoint. Despite being outnumbered at the start of the fight, RSD managed to perform on par with DF for the first few hours of the fight. After much fighting, RSD got to the point where we began to feel we were taking control of our fight at about the four hour mark. RSD continued to stay in control of the fight for the duration apart from a short spell at the 8 or 9 hour mark where DF looked to be getting back into it. From the 10 hour mark onwards however, there was no way RSD were going to lose having put such heart and dedication into the fight. After 14 hours, DF finally gave in and RSD were victorious with 180 options remaining, a fantastic achievement. From 55 members and a point of despair in early spring, RSD had rose and defeated DF in one of the most famous fights the clan world has seen.

During January 2008, RSD gradually felt the increasing strain that the loss of the wilderness had put upon its members. Many were disillusioned with the future of the game. RSD, being a clan who utilized all forms of PKing ranging from Rune Rocks to Mage Bank to Portals to F2P, were suddenly faced with a situation where there was just a simplified form of F2P and P2P on a very limited amount of worlds. Despite this, RSD still continued and managed to compete at a top level. RSD and DF's rivalry continued, and traveled to P2P BH and Clan Wars, where both shared wins in BH and RSD took a convincing clan wars victory over DF in P2P and DF won a closely contested F2P fight. RSD also continued rivalries with other clans, defeating TT, VR and Corruption in F2P BH fights and taking on the likes of ROT and DI in P2P BH. But more and more RSD members were leaving not just the clan scene but RuneScape entirely, with the updates hitting RSD very hard in comparison with a lot of other clans. Due to this, RSD had slipped and clans such as EOS and CL had gained victories over RSD by the time Multi-Wilderness was removed.

The removal of Multi-Wilderness caused further complications for RSD. More members were leaving the game, and others simply went inactive. The focus of the clan world was now on clan wars and RSD were very experienced in this field, and struggled to pick up victories. Half way through February, Livinlarge21 announced that he was to step down from Leader and hand the clan down. With Mr 800 in a position of inactivity, it was left to Icedrop to take control. With Mr 800 in a position of inactivity, it was left to Icedrop to take control. A further loss was Lord Weasley, who announced retirement from the game. RSD was down to one active leader, and had been hit hard by changes to RuneScape and the clan world. RSD was left with a depleted member list, dropping to a member count in the 70's with a low amount of future applicants. Change would be needed, and RSD would need to adapt in order to bounce back?

Chapter Seven: New Leadership, New Clan World

RSD needed to adapt to the changing clan world and with Livinlarge21 and Mr 800 on the sidelines, Icedrop needed to make changes to RSD to adapt to the ever changing clan world. F1r3o and Godstruewill were announced as Co Leaders and Doe Slayer returned from retirement for a brief period to give a helping hand. A complete ranks reshuffle went underway, ranging from assignment of new PK leaders to the re-introduction of the Event Coordinator rank. Changes were made elsewhere too, with the Future Applicant system turned into a Trial Member system to reflect a changing clan world. Changes turned a negative atmosphere into one of hope, and desire to bring RSD back success.

It was announced RSD's focus of improvement was to be clan wars. This was to be done by setting up regular fights and training events to get RSD members up to speed to the Clan War Arena, an unfamiliar concept. At first things were not easy, and a lot of fine tuning was necessary in order to develop our tactics in varying F2P styles of fight and P2P fights. However, as time went by, RSD began to turn defeats into victories. Enthusiasm was increasing and with that turnout. As RSD got fights more regularly and the average member improved, RSD, by March/April were finding they were winning the majority of capped fights. RSD at this point are considered to be one of the strongest clans man for man in the clan scene. Fighting regularly gave our members experience, paired with top callers of the time including F1r3o, Vaggerbond and King Smiffy, RSD were a formidable force when the numbers were even remotely even.

With such quality, RSD had begun to attract new members with like-minded desires to achieve and be part of a strong community. On top of this, a fairly large number of retired members were coming back to the game. There was soon confirmation run-ins would be returning which was promising and exciting for RSD. In the meantime, RSD continued our focus on improving the quality of our clan wars performances. We managed to get our whole member list to get Fist of Guthix gear and complete the quest in P2P which allowed you to have infinite run for both P2P and F2P fights for a short amount of time. Such efforts always gave RSD a strong edge, and during this era we had a matched options war record of 31 wins to just 5 losses.

One chance we had to exhibit our capabilities was the CWPL (Clan Wars Premier League) run by Runescape Community. This was a clan wars league consisting of a full out and matched option fight against various other clans. The first challenge for many clans in a while, it saw turnouts jump, including RSD's. For our first fight against Adelais RSD managed to pull 77 people, compared to just pulling in the 50�s a couple of months ago. The momentum carried us through the tournament and RSD won our division. There was a second CWPL league which RSD won, finishing well above the likes of Damage Inc.

The first step to the reintroduction of Wilderness style fighting were CwA improvements. New arenas were released and there was now an option for CwA run-in's. Despite our improved turnouts, other top clans such as DF and Corruption still had fair member counts over us and in returning fights this often meant fighting outnumbered. To combat this, RSD begun to develop an attribute that took utilization of our numbers to the next level. We begun carefully calculating how many of each combat style we had in our pile for every fight ensuring we had a good amount of blasters and hybrids. This meant in situations where we were outnumbered by as much as 20 people, RSD were still killing our opponent as quickly as they were killing us. With the imminent return of a Wilderness PvP system, our ability to perform using all three styles would prove to be beneficial going into the future.

In October 2008, PvP worlds were introduced to Runescape. Wilderness based fights were back both in F2P and P2P. This was very promising news for RSD, who historically thrive off of the diversity PvP worlds have to offer. Immediately we recognized the need to get back into the swing of things. We began regular PK trips in both F2P and P2P in order to get ourselves back up to speed. This update had a positive effect on the clan world, which began to grow again. In order to compete, RSD knew we'd need to make changes. First of all, we had to grow in numbers, something so important in PvP. Secondly, we needed to bring back the levels of dedication we saw in 2007 in order to win the longer fights. This would be the theme we would pursue going into 2009, looking to constantly improve and move forward as a clan.

Chapter Eight: Consistency, Re-growth

RSD had been steadily attracting applications during the late half of 2008 and early part of 2009. Our turnouts were improving and we were firmly cementing our position as a top 10 clan in both F2P and P2P. In March, Jagex announced that they were launching the Jagex Cup, a knockout based cup in CwA between any clan who wanted to enter. This was a success for Jagex, with all top clans deciding to enter. With many of these able to pull the CwA maximum of 100 people, RSD had to once again step up our efforts.

Our first fight in the Jagex Cup was against THE clan. We welcomed the challenge of fighting one of the oldest clans around in the first round, when we could easily have been matched with an opponent who could pull only half our numbers. At the time, THE had capability to pull very large numbers, with a big retired member list so RSD took the fight very seriously. Our sign ups looked very strong and our turnout did not disappoint. We pulled 94 people to their 77 and managed to win the fight comfortably. The next round we were up against RHK, Runescape Hungarian Knights. We pulled a solid 85 people, but were surprised to see RHK turned up with a turnout 100 people strong. Used to fighting outnumbered, RSD turned round the deficit using our levels, organisation and experience to progress to the next round.

In the third round we were drawn against EoS. Due to previous conflict and disagreements between the two clans, both sides were eager to win this fight. It was agreed to be fought using all styles in the turrets arena. RSD members showed real enthusiasm for this one, and we easily pulled the 100 limit, with over 110 people in Teamspeak, many older retired members turning up for the occasion. EoS also pulled 100 people so the numbers started level. RSD's performance was superb, even despite a shaky start, and was enough to defeat EoS.

Our difficult draws continued, and we were put up against Divine Forces, who at the time were considered one of the top warring clans. Unfortunately, in a closely contested battle RSD were knocked out of the Jagex Cup by DF, who in turn went on to lose to The Titans, the eventual winners of the cup. But defeat was not the main issue, what mattered was that RSD were back to pulling big numbers and competing at the very top level once more.

Next on the horizon for RSD were further leadership changes. It became apparent around spring time that our two co leaders, F1r3o and Godstruewill would have to retire. In order to replace them, Icedrop asked every member of the clan to nominate potential future leaders. Based on the responses and a discussion between Icedrop and former leaders (Legends) of RSD, the apprentice rank was created. This was a rank intended to lead towards the Co Leader rank. Bowhunter65, Kingarmato, Talk To Me70 and Vaggerbond were all promoted to apprentice. The shape of our PK Leader team was also changing. Some of our best callers including King Smiffy and Giant Trunks retired from the rank, leaving spaces to be filled in the PK Leader team.

This was a crucial point in RSD's history that could have gone either way. Losing much of the PK leader team and both Co Leaders in the space of a matter of a couple of months may have severely harmed other clans, but RSD was not going to let it hurt us. The new apprentices gelled to the new rank and responsibilities very quickly. PK Leaders such as Godsmoke, Joyhova110, Red Badger7 and Blklbl123 soon stepped it up to fill the gaps left by former fall in leaders who had moved on. RSD knew that 2009 had to be about consistency, and we wanted to continue the rest of the year without looking back, and achieve the turnouts we got to the Jagex Cup in PvP Wilderness. And for the rest of the year we proved that was possible and never lost momentum.

Our turnouts improved as well as our performances throughout summer and into the autumn/fall. Where many other clans had difficulty, RSD managed to keep up recruitment and actively seeked fights in order to improve. Our turnouts grew and most importantly, RSD were able to maintain high numbers during fights. The individual efforts of every clan member were beginning to pay off. RSD managed to notch up wins against multiple clans including Corruption, Titans, DF and EoS as the year progressed. Late summer Icedrop promoted Bowhunter65, Kingarmato and Talk To Me70 to the Co Leader rank, the structure of the clan reverted to its usual format once more.

P2P has always been an important part of RSD and our members confirmed RSD had not lost our abilities there amidst all the changes to the clan world. RSD were establishing ourselves as one of the most active P2P clans in the EST time zone, often clearing all PvP and Bounty Hunter worlds of clans and teams. But when it came to big fights, our turnouts kept increasing and we kept a strong record. We began by pulling just shy of 90 people in an interesting fight located at Fight Pits Cave against Brutality, defeating them comfortably. Our turnout increased again in a fight against RDK, ending with around 100 people. Then in a fight against FoF later in 2009, RSD pulled our biggest P2P turnout in the history of the clan, peaking at 113 people. RSD were not afraid to hit clans either. Most notably, RSD managed to notch up weekday wins against big P2P clans like Damage Inc before their closure. But it was not all about numbers, in a Runescape Community run tournament, RSD won the 30 vs. 30 P2P category and were runners up in the full out section. Over a year since the release of PvP worlds, RSD's turnouts and experience in P2P continues to grow.

Towards the end of 2009, the clan world was affected by two things. Firstly, an unusually large number of clans closed, including Eternal Honour, Shadow Elves and Damage Inc. Other clans such as Divine Forces and Echoes of Silence drastically lost power in the clan world. To further complicate matters, a large number of big clans got involved in a crashing war, where they would crash each other fights. RSD did not get involved in this which meant the fights we did get were enjoyable. Due to clans closing and others crashing each other it made getting fights difficult. This could have harmed our momentum we had gathered, but RSD persevered. We managed to find fights against other clans with a similar stance such as Titans, and our turnouts and performances continued to improve.

RSD are now regularly pulling 100+ to PK trips and fights against other clans. Our activity continues to increase and we can pull big numbers even at short notice. RSD have firmly cemented themselves as one of the top clans of Runescape once more. A rare breed of clan, we offer a great community as well as activity and strength in both F2P and P2P. Going into 2010, RSD seeks to continue to improve and keep doing what we do best.

Chapter Nine: Ultimate Glory

Throughout the remainder of 2009, and all the way through the Spring of 2010 there was little change in the clan world or within RSD. The crash war eventually phased out and the top 5 clans were duking it out weekly to see who was more deserving then one another, rankings often changed but one thing remained, RSD continued to be stable and in the top, something which has been a long desired goal of the clan. The only real change was the entrance of the p2p clan, Reign of Terror, making their move into trying to compete with the top f2p clans. This change really had no affect on the placement of RSD and if anything it gave us yet anohter clan to partake in fights again which only benefited the clan.

By the start of Summer 2010, there was a small leadership change with 2 co leaders retiring and being replaced with Godsmoke and Bclayj2. Both being respected ranked members prior the continuation of what RSD is, stands for, and aims to achieve continued to be the same. Other rank change as well with great prospects being brought into the picture such as Ajaaj7 and Str Inferno joining the PK Leader Team to continue to solidify our dominance. Everything was set for the event of the summer, the 2010 Jagex Clan Cup, the prize to have the clans name engraved on plaques throughout the game of RuneScape to show the entire RS populace of what RSD is and is capable of. There were any heated battles along the way, such as Reign of Terror, The Titans, and the finale against Corruption in the Full Out F2P CWA section of the Clan Cup. Through and through our opponents came up with unique tactics, antics, and drama to try and tear us away from the prize we were seeking. All of which RSD over came and maxing out the pulls for every fight ontop of being prepared for everything any clan could throw at us. As RSD has over come obsticles in the past and most importantly have continued to show our stability as a clan, and that we will always be a threat so no one understimates the clan.

Months passed by, RSD continuing to show their ability and pride of being at the top and being a role model for clans of all types. The future never looking so bright for the prospiring clan, looking only at the future and what it may bring. However the biggest change the clan will have seen was stirring, come October the first full leadership change had happened since Livinlarge passed along the clan to Icedrop. The change brought about a rank system change, to the current Leadership + Officer which consists of Godsmoke, Bclayj2, and Bowhunter65 as the 3 way leadership with Mattalphonse being the Officer. This change up with the pressing issue of another crash war between Violent Resolution, Reign of Terror, Divine Forces and Echo of Silence.. the future will be interesting. Such changes all happening at once... Lets See what the future brings for the clan...


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