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Slayer Tasks Team

The goal of the slayer tasks team is to create a database of monster information and tactics exclusively for people training the slayer skill for every slayer task.

What I would like to see for every monster is; who assigns them, options available to the slayer (locations, types ie bloodvields/mutated bloodvields), pictures of each type of the monster, general information about each type, weaknesses, suggested equipment/inventory, drop tables, approx slayer and combat xp per hour, and any other tips/tricks advised.

This is an example of what I would like each page to look like.

If you would like to join the Slayer Tasks Team please sign up here and claim the page you wish to work on from the to do list. Please use this Template:SlayerTasks template for all slayer task guides. For more templates go to Community - Team - Slayer Tasks Project - Templates

Name Currently Working on Completed Pages Request Pages
S a m A M Banshees, Templates, Slayer Tasks Community Pages None Any
(Your name here) (The page you are going to start working on now) (Pages you have finished) (Page you would like to work on next)

To Do list

Only do monsters that have multiple locations or types that can be slayed. For example Aberrant spectres in the slayer tower and smokey well, or Ankou under the barbarian village and in the wild volcano.

If you run in to a page that is already in use by another community change the link to on this page and Slayer - Masters to:

[[Monster Task|Monsters]]
For example: Dwarves
Aberrant spectres Dagannoths Ice giants Pyrefiends Wolves
Ankou Dark beasts Ice warrior Red dragons Warped terrorbirds
Abyssal demons Desert lizards Ice strykewyrms Rock slugs zombies
Aquanites Desert strykewyrms Infernal mages Scorpions
Bats Dogs Iron dragons Sea snakes
Basilisks Dust devils Jellies Shades
Bears Dwarves Jungle horrors Shadow warriors
Birds Earth warriors Jungle strykewyrms Skeletal Wyverns
Black demons Elves Kalphites Skeletons
Black dragons Fever spiders Killerwatts Spiders
Bloodvelds Fire giants Kurasks Spiritual mages
Blue dragons Flesh crawlers Lesser demons Spiritual warriors
Brine rats Gargoyles Living rock creatures Steel dragons
Bronze dragons Ghosts Minotaurs Suqahs
Catablepons Ghouls Mithril dragons Terror dogs
Cave bugs Goblins Mogres Trolls
Cave crawlers Goraks Molanisks Turoth
Cave horrors Greater demons Monkeys TzHaar volcanic creatures
Cave slimea Green dragons Moss giants Vampyres
Cockatrices Harpy bug swarms Mutated jadinkos Vyrewatch
Cows Hellhounds Mutated zygomites Wall beasts
Crawling hands Hill giants Nechryael Warped tortoises
Crocodiles Hobgoblins Ogres Waterfiends
Cyclopes Icefiends Otherworldly beings Werewolves

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