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Construction - The Basics Construction NPCs Garden Parlour
Learn the basics and start building your very own house. Find out the key people who can help you build. Plant some flowers and make your portal area look nice. Take a break and relax in your parlour.

Kitchen Dining Room Workshop Bedroom
Use your Construction to help your Cooking. Have a meal served for you and your friends here. Use Crafting, Smithing and Construction in here. Take a rest or make a room for your servant to sleep in.

Skill Hall Games Room Combat Room Costume Room
Present your achievements for all to see. Take some time out and have some fun! Go one on one with a friend in a variety of combat games. Store various clothing here.

Quest Hall Menagerie Study Chapel
Show off your quest achievements for all to see. Expand your garden with a pet-filled menagerie. Study and learn ways to sell magic, or control the elements. Show faith to your chosen god and help your prayer skill too.

Portal Chamber Formal Garden Throne Room Oubliette
Power up some portals and travel the world with ease. Improve the gardens appearance with a variety of formal items. Sit on your throne, control your house and all in it. Create a fiendish room and cage to trap your friends in!

Dungeon Rooms Treasure Room Construction Servants Construction - Extra Features
Can you build the ultimate dungeon? If anyone survives your dungeon, choose what they face... Why work so hard? Have a servant bring you items! Additional information.

Construction FAQ Construction Milestones
Frequently Asked Questions about Construction. The Big Milestones of Training Construction.

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All you need to know, and more, about the game world. How to get started and how to develop your character. Need help with your account? Perhaps the game won't run for you? Help can be found here.
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