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How do I buy a house?

To buy a house, you will need to visit any of the Estate Agents, found in their offices in north-east Varrock, central Falador and East Ardougne. You can also buy a house from the Construction master in Taverley. He stands close to the POH portal, by the construction site.

Where is my house?

The location of your house depends largely on your Construction level. To start with, your house will be in Rimmington. As your Construction level rises you can ask the Estate Agent to move your house for a fee. For maps of the exact locations, please see the NPCs page.

Can I die in my house?

Yes. If you die in your house, through poison or being attacked by monsters while in challenge mode, etc., you will respawn outside your house portal and retain all of your items.

How do I change to building mode?

To change to building mode, you can select it from the 'House options' found under your controls tab. Aside from this, when you enter your house portal, select 'Go to your house (building mode)'.

How do I build items?

To build items, you must first build or enter a room in building mode. In building mode there are ghostly white hotspots. If you right-click and select 'Build' you can select what you would like to build on that hotspot if you have the required Construction level, tools and materials.

How do I get materials?

To start with, you will need planks and nails. You can get logs converted into planks from the Sawmill Operator, found east of Varrock near the Lumber Yard. The Sawmill Operator will also sell useful items such as cloth and nails.

When your Construction level advances, you will be able to use marble blocks, magic stones and gold leaf, sold by the Stonemason in Keldagrim.

How many rooms can I build?

There is a limit of thirty-two rooms, but these can be built up to two stories high, or even underground! The number of rooms you can build depends on your Construction level:

Construction level Number of rooms
1 Construction 20
38 Construction 21
44 Construction 22
50 Construction 23
56 Construction 24
62 Construction 25
68 Construction 26
74 Construction 27
80 Construction 28
86 Construction 29
92 Construction 30
96 Construction 31
99 Construction 32

What is challenge mode?

Challenge mode activates any monsters and traps in your oubliette/dungeon (if you have one). People in your house can then try to navigate a dungeon - if you have built one - and get to your Treasure Room.

What happens if I drop items in my house?

You cannot drop items in building mode. If you drop items in normal mode, they will be on the ground and will disappear after a certain amount of time as usual. If you wish to change into building mode and have items on the ground they will be destroyed. You will be prompted if this happens, but make sure you mean to drop items if you do.

How do I go to a friend's house?

You can go to a friend's house by going to their house portal location and clicking 'Go to friend's house'. Enter the character's name and, if they are in their house and not in building mode, you will be allowed in. Some people choose to block entry, please see the page on House Controls for more information on portal control.

Can I use my house as a bank?

No, houses cannot be used as banks. You can, however, store a number of items in your Costume Room.

Can I have more than one house?

No, it is not possible to have more than one house.

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