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Construction Servants

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The Servants' Guild

servants guild location.jpg
Location of the Servants' Guild

The Servants' Guild can be found in East Ardougne, just north of the central market. Here, you can speak with the master servant, who will outline what servants can do for you.

There are six servants, each providing different services for you. If you want a better servant, you will need a higher Construction level. The services that servants can provide range from basic cooking, right up to visiting the bank and bringing you items to help you build, or even going to the sawmill to convert logs into planks!

You will need to pay an initial cost to hire a servant and, when they request wages, you will need to pay them to continue their service. You can dismiss your servant at any time.

If you have visitors to your house, you can have your servant greet them as they arrive. The servant can also be used in the dining room to make a meal for each person at the table.

The food that is prepared is based on the level of the servant you have hired, and the available furniture in your kitchen.

To make best use of your servant, right-clicking on them will provide a 'Fetch-from-bank' option. You can use this to make them run to the bank and collect any supplies you might need for Construction. If they've recently fetched any items for you, the first option in the list will be to repeat the order.

The Servants

Please note: In order to hire a servant, you will need two bedrooms with beds, the second being for your servant.

Servant Construction level required Cost Services provided
20 Construction coins.gif 500 (375*)
  • Serves shrimp
  • Takes up to 6 items to and from bank
  • Welcomes visitors to house
royal guard.gif
Royal guard
20 Construction coins.gif500 (375*)
  • Serves shrimp
  • Takes up to 6 items to and from bank
  • Welcomes visitors to house
25 Construction coins.gif1000 (750*)
  • Serves stew and cups of tea
  • Takes up to 10 items to bank and from bank faster than Rick
  • Welcomes visitors to house
cook (poh).png
30 Construction coins.gif3000 (2250*)
  • Serves pineapple pizzas
  • Takes up to 16 items to and from bank faster than the Maid
  • Takes wood to sawmill and gets planks
  • Welcomes visitors to house
40 Construction coins.gif5000 (3750*)
  • Serves chocolate cake
  • Takes items up to 20 to and from bank faster than the Cook
  • Takes wood to sawmill and gets planks faster than the Cook
  • Welcomes visitors to house
demon butler.gif
Demon butler
50 Construction coins.gif10000 (7500*)
  • Serves curry
  • Takes up to 26 items to and from bank faster than the Butler
  • Takes wood to sawmill and gets planks faster than the Butler
  • Welcomes visitors to house

* The cost to hire a servant is reduced by 1/4 if you have completed Love Story.

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