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Consumables are items that are used up by the player in the game. They include food, drinks, made using the Cooking skill, as well as potions, made using Herblore.


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Food is a vital part of both the combat and skilling sections of RuneScape (although it is more combat related). It's purpose is to heal player's life points. Some food (such as Rocktails) also boosts a player's maximum life points beyond their normal value.

Following the changes from the Evolution of Combat the amount of healing done by a piece of food is affected by a player's Constitution level.


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Drinks are made using the Cooking skill more diverse and typically more complex to make than food. There are several types of drink. They typically both raise and lower certain statistics. Due to the negative side-effects drinks are typically less expensive than potions which change similar levels.


Main article: Potions

Potions are designed to boost various statistics. They are made using the Herblore skill from a herb and a secondary ingredient. Most potions specifically target individual stats (such as Attack) and provide fairly short term buffs, therefore it is recommended they are drunk just prior to usage.

One important type of potion is the antifire and its more powerful counterpart, the super antifire. They are some of the few items in the game that reduce the amount of damage taken from dragonfire. The highest level potions available (extreme potions and the overload potion) provide significant boosts to combat damage.

In Dungeoneering, potions are available that affect multiple skills and are typically used to perform tasks such as opening doors and defeating obstacles in challenge rooms.

Outside of Dungeoneering it is possible to obtain potion flasks which store up to 10 doses (as opposed to the vial which stores 4). Contrastingly, Barbarian Potions are only stored in doses up to 2.

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