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Controls interface

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This article is about the controls interface that allows you to customise your camera and your keybinds. For the controls of the game, see Controls.

Settings icon

The controls interface is part of the Settings management interface, accessed by pressing 'Esc' on your keyboard, or by pressing the settings icon on the ribbon. followed by 'Controls'. This interface allows you to view and manage your keyboard shortcuts which will open various interfaces or allow you to take other actions in the game such as activating combat abilities.

It cannot be removed from the Settings interface and therefore cannot be moved or otherwise manipulated.

The table below lists the keybinds that you can manage, and settings that you can change through this interface.

Shortcuts with red backgrounds cannot be customised.
Shortcuts with purple backgrounds can be customised. They have no key assigned to them until you choose to assign one.
Shortcuts with green backgrounds can be customised. They have keys assigned to them by default, but these can be changed.

Camera Controls

Key Description Key Description
Up arrow Move camera up (primary) W Move camera up (secondary)
Down arrow Move camera down (primary) S Move camera down (secondary)
Left arrow Move camera left (primary) A Move camera left (secondary)
Right arrow Move camera right (primary) D Move camera right (secondary)
Page Up Zoom in Page Down Zoom out
Value Options
Keyboard Sensitivity Horizontal 0 - 100%
Vertical 0 - 100%
Mouse Sensitivity Horizontal 0 - 100%
Vertical 0 - 100%
Lock Zoom Ticked (stops you from being able to zoom in or out) Unticked
Camera Type Classic (how the camera worked in RS2) RS3 (allows new camera technology to be used) *

* Although not currently used, this option allows more advanced use of the camera, such as a camera that will follow you and zoom in when you stop moving.

Action Bar

Key Description Key Description
1 Action Bar slot 1 2 Action Bar slot 2
3 Action Bar slot 3 4 Action Bar slot 4
5 Action Bar slot 5 6 Action Bar slot 6
7 Action Bar slot 7 8 Action Bar slot 8
9 Action Bar slot 9 0 Action Bar slot 10
- Action Bar slot 11 = Action Bar slot 12
Shift + Q Previous Action Bar Shift + E Next Action Bar
Shift + 1 Action Bar 1 Shift + 2 Action Bar 2
Shift + 3 Action Bar 3 Shift + 4 Action Bar 4
Shift + 5 Action Bar 5 * Sheathe/unsheathe weapon
Z Quick Inventory slot 1 X Quick Inventory slot 2
Quick heal Quick Prayer
Familiar action Auto-retaliate

Windows and Navigation

Key Description Key Description
F1 The Hero management interface F2 The Gear management interface
F3 The Adventures management interface F4 The Powers management interface
F5 The Social management interface F6 The Extras management interface
F7 The RS3 Helper interface Esc The Options Menu
L Lock interface customisation R Toggle run
M Open World Map T Open Home Teleport
H Skills J Active Task
B Backpack N Worn Equipment
P Prayer Abilities U Magic Abilities
I Melee Abilities O Ranged Abilities
K Defence Abilities Emotes
Friends Friends Chat
Clan All Chat
Private Chat Friends Chat
Clan Chat Guest Clan Chat

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