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Cooking FAQ

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Are there any items that prevent you from burning food so often?

Yes. After completing the The Family Crest quest you will get the option to obtain a pair of Cooking Gauntlets as part of the quest reward. While wearing these gauntlets you will burn fewer lobsters, swordfish, tuna, monkfish, sharks, cavefish and rocktails.

I am a non-member, is it possible to make chocolate dust?

If you have a chocolate bar in your inventory, you can use a knife on the bar to make chocolate dust.

What's so special about the Lumbridge Cooking range?

Using the Lumbridge Cooking range will reduce your chances of burning food, compared with using other ranges within RuneScape.

What is the chef's hat for?

Aside from enabling you to enter the Cooking Guild once you have level 32 Cooking, the chef's hat just looks good.

The Chef's hat may be obtained by killing imps.

How do you make mature ale?

While brewing, there is a small chance that you will create a mature ale, which will have an increased potency when compared to normal ales. It is entirely random whether your ale matures. Adding "The stuff" (bought from Honest Jimmy using rewards from Trouble Brewing) will increase the likelihood of the brew maturing.

Will my skill level affect my chances of successfully Cooking food?

As you gain experience in your Cooking skill you will not only have the opportunity to cook new foods, but the risk of burning the food you can already cook will decrease.

Will I gain experience if the food I am Cooking is burnt?

You will NOT gain any experience in Cooking unless you successfully cook food.

What is the 'Cook X' option?

The 'Cook X' option is a way of cooking multiple foods of the same type at one time. This can save you time, such as when you are cooking multiple pies for Romily. To use this option right-click the food and select the 'Cook X' option.

How do you recommend I increase my cooking skill?

Try trading cooked food with other players for raw/uncooked food to gain the experience for Cooking the food. Remember, when Cooking large quantities, locate the closest range to a bank to save time travelling back and forth.

The fastest way to train cooking is Wine. If you don't feel like spending that much money, try buying uncooked Curry. It gives 280xp per cook! With Urns this proves a great way to level up your cooking.

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