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Coordinate Clues

Dangerous Area
This is a 'Dangerous' area of RuneScape. If you die in this location, you will lose your items

This article is about Coordinate Clues, for the full Treasure Trails guide, please click Treasure Trails. CLUES ARE A DANGEROUS ACTIVITY AND ALWAYS HAVE A POSSIBILITY OF DEATH!

Coordinate Clues When completing Treasure Trails, you might come across a "coordinate clue". These clues contain a set of coordinates, much like real longitude and latitude geographic systems. To complete these clues, you must have the following in your inventory:

  • Sextant
  • Chart
  • Watch
  • Spade

The Sextant can be obtained from Murphy in Port Khazard, the Chart from the Observatory, and Watch from the Clock Tower just south of the Ardougne Zoo

Note:The Chart and Watch may be added to the toolbelt, but the Spade and Sextant must be carried in inventory.

When doing a Hard Clue Scroll, digging on the coordinate will result in a Saradomin wizard to appear. Saradomin Wizards are poisonous, and use a mixture of Melee and Magic. If your clue leads you to the Wilderness, you will encounter a much weaker Zamorak wizard who only uses Magic. You must defeat the Saradomin Wizard or Zamorak Wizard, and dig on the same spot again to recieve either a clue scroll box, or a casket!

Note that the use of a Meerkats familiar and their scrolls will allow you to avoid wizard confrontations in most situations.

Other Treasure Trails Information

For more information regarding Treasure Trails:


00°00'N 00°00'E 00°00'N 00°00'E

01°24'N 08°05'W

00°00'N 07°13'W

04°41'N 03°09'W

06°31'N 01°46'W

08°33'N 01°39'W

11°05'N 00°45'W

00°05'S 01°13'E

04°03'S 03°11'E

04°05'S 04°24'E

05°20'S 04°28'E

01°35'S 07°28'E

00°18'S 09°28'E

05°50'S 10°05'E

08°26'S 10°28'E

07°43'S 12°26'E

04°00'S 12°46'E

03°35'S 13°35'E

00°13'S 13°58'E

01°18'S 14°15'E

06°11'S 15°07'E

08°05'S 15°56'E

04°16'S 16°16'E

00°31'S 17°43'E

06°00'S 21°48'E

03°45'S 22°45'E

00°20'S 23°15'E

09°33'N 02°15'E

22°30'N 03°01'E

02°50'N 06°20'E

01°26'N 08°01'E

17°50'N 08°30'E

14°54'N 09°13'E

16°20'N 12°45'E

04°13'N 12°45'E

15°48'N 13°52'E

11°41'N 14°58'E

07°33'N 15°00'E

20°33'N 15°48'E

18°22'N 16°33'E

25°03'N 17°05'E

09°48'N 17°39'E

21°24'N 17°54'E

20°07'N 18°33'E

24°58'N 18°43'E

16°43'N 19°13'E

22°35'N 19°18'E

12°48'N 20°20'E

18°50'N 20°26'E

13°46'N 21°01'E

20°05'N 21°52'E

24°56'N 22°28'E

02°48'N 22°30'E

16°07'N 22°45'E

05°43'N 23°05'E

25°03'N 23°24'E

00°30'N 24°16'E

19°43'N 25°07'E

18°03'N 25°16'E

24°24'N 26°24'E

22°45'N 26°33'E

16°35'N 27°01'E

19°00'N 27°13'E

02°46'N 29°11'E

07°05'N 30°56'E

05°37'N 31°15'E

08°03'N 31°16'E

11°03'N 31°20'E

00°00'N 00°00'E

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