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Corporeal Beast

member badge tiny.pngCorporeal Beast
Corporal Beast.png
A vision of supernatural horror.
Caves north of the ruined farms in the Wilderness
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not immune to leech.png
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immune to poison.png
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75 75 75 75 75
Combat level: 210
Attack style: Melee/Magic
Max hit: 4500+ (Magic) 2000+ (Melee)
Hit points: 100,000
Combat XP: Unknown [Edit]
Constitution XP: Unknown [Edit]
Weakness: No weakness
Attack speed:
Unknown [Edit]
Always drops: None
Notable drops: Divine sigil, Elysian sigil, Arcane sigil, Spectral sigil, Holy elixir
Other drops: (See table below)

The Corporeal Beast is a huge monster located underneath the Wilderness. It is first met by players in the Spirit of Summer quest, where the beast is initially in a weaker form. Once you have completed the Summer's End quest, the beast is able to be fought in it's strongest form, being level 785 combat. This combat level makes the beast one of the strongest attackable monsters in game, which is extremely hard to take down even as part of a group.

The beast has the unique ability to prevent people who die in the same room as it from having a gravestone when they die, their items will instantly drop to the floor and will remain there for up to three minutes before being shown to other players in the room. In addition to this, it is impossible to keep a familiar in the same room as the beast for too long, as he will promptly devour their soul and use it to regenerate Life Points. If this happens, any items it will have been carrying are dropped.

The Corporeal Beast uses a broad range of powerful attacks including magic and melee, as well as a number of attacks that cannot be protected against using prayer. It's weakness, however, is to magic and stab attacks which makes the Zamorakian spear a popular weapon choice. It should also be noted that any damage dealt to the beast, with a weapon that is not a spear, will incur a 50% damage loss. The Corporeal Beast's dark core frequently leaps from its body to steal some of other players life to feed itself.

For quick traveling to the beast's lair, a charged Games necklace can be used.



Image Name Quantity Price Drop Rate
spirit shield.gif
Spirit shield 1 GE Details drop-table-uncommon.gif
holy elixir.gif
Holy elixir 1 GE Details drop-table-rare.gif
spectral sigil.gif
Spectral sigil 1 GE Details drop-table-very-rare.gif
arcane sigil.gif
Arcane sigil 1 GE Details drop-table-very-rare.gif
elysian sigil.gif
Elysian sigil 1 GE Details drop-table-very-rare.gif
divine sigil.gif
Divine sigil 1 GE Details drop-table-very-rare.gif


No Charm gold charm1.gif insect charm1.gif crimson charm1.gif blue charm1.gif
3-4% 21-23% 11-13% 20-23% 40-43%
13 Charms are dropped at onceall Charms 13 Crimson

Weapons and Armour

Image Name Quantity Price Drop Rate
cannonball sprite.gif
Cannonball 2000 GE Details drop-table-common.gif
adamant arrows.gif
Adamant arrow 750 GE Details drop-table-common.gif
runite bolts fin.gif
Runite bolts 250 GE Details drop-table-common.gif
onyx bolts (e).gif
Onyx bolts (e) 175 GE Details drop-table-common.gif
mystic robe top.gif
Mystic robe top (blue) 1 GE Details drop-table-common.gif
Mystic robe bottom (blue) 1 GE Details drop-table-common.gif
regen bracelet.gif
Regen bracelet 1 GE Details drop-table-common.gif
mystic fire staff.gif
Mystic fire staff 1 GE Details drop-table-uncommon.gif
mystic earth staff.gif
Mystic earth staff 1 GE Details drop-table-uncommon.gif
mystic air staff.gif
Mystic air staff 1 GE Details drop-table-uncommon.gif
mystic water staff.gif
Mystic water staff 1 GE Details drop-table-uncommon.gif

Runes (and essence)

Image Name Quantity Price Drop Rate
pure ess.gif
Pure essence 2500 GE Details drop-table-common.gif
Cosmic rune 500 GE Details drop-table-common.gif
Death rune 300 GE Details drop-table-common.gif
Law rune 250 GE Details drop-table-common.gif
Soul rune 250 GE Details drop-table-common.gif

Gems and Coins

Image Name Quantity Price Drop Rate
Coins 250-50,000 N/A drop-table-common.gif
uncut sapphire.gif
Uncut sapphire 1-6 GE Details drop-table-common.gif
uncut emerald.gif
Uncut emerald 1-6 GE Details drop-table-common.gif
uncut ruby.gif
Uncut ruby 1-3 GE Details drop-table-uncommon.gif
uncut diamond.gif
Uncut diamond 1-3 GE Details drop-table-uncommon.gif

Wood, Ores and Bars

Image Name Quantity Price Drop Rate
mahogany logs.gif
Mahogany logs 150 GE Details drop-table-common.gif
magic logs2.gif
Magic Logs 75 GE Details drop-table-common.gif
teak plank.gif
Teak plank 100 GE Details drop-table-common.gif
adamantite ore 1.gif
Adamantite ore 125 GE Details drop-table-common.gif
runite ore 1.gif
Runite ore 20 GE Details drop-table-common.gif
adamantite bar.gif
Adamant bar 35 GE Details drop-table-common.gif


Image Name Quantity Price Drop Rate
potato tunasweetcorn.gif
Tuna potato 30 GE Details drop-table-common.gif
Green dragonhide 100 GE Details drop-table-common.gif
Raw shark 70 GE Details drop-table-common.gif
White berries 12 GE Details drop-table-common.gif
desert goat horn.gif
Desert goat horn 120 GE Details drop-table-common.gif
watermelon seed 1.png
Watermelon seed 24 GE Details drop-table-common.gif
ranarr seed.gif
Ranarr seed 10-15 GE Details drop-table-uncommon.gif
Antipoison++ (4) 40 GE Details drop-table-uncommon.gif
nature talisman.gif
Nature talisman 1-2 GE Details drop-table-uncommon.gif
clue scroll.gif
Clue scroll (hard) 1 N/A drop-table-rare.gif
clue scroll.gif
Clue scroll (elite) 1 N/A drop-table-rare.gif
crystal key.gif
Crystal key 1 GE Details drop-table-very-rare.gif


  • After the Ring of wealth update, there was a glitch where the Corporeal beast had a 100% sigil drop rate in certain situations. This was fixed later.

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