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Crafting - Extra Features

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Training hints and tips

Training Crafting in Dungeoneering

Main article: Dungeoneering/Crafting

It is possible to train all of your skills while dungeoneering, and Crafting is no exception. You can craft ranged gear from the hides of bovimastyx, and make mage gear from textiles found in farming patches. You can also gain Crafting experience by completing crafting skill doors.

Fritz, the Entrana Glassblower Members icon

Fritz the Glassblower

The island of Entrana is a peaceful place well suited to the determined glassblowing enthusiast. While it may seem obvious to those in the know, Entrana's position in the seas results in fairly large quantities of seaweed washing up on the north-west shore, there is a sandpit Sandpit in the township and Fritz is more than willing to offer visitors his spare glassblowing pipe (located in his house to the west of the furnace Furnace). On top of this, because Fritz is a busy man, he will offer to buy your molten glass from you for 20 coins a piece.

Dorgeshuun lightorbs Members icon

Dorgesh-Kaan, the hidden city of the cave goblins, is lit by hundreds of magical lamps, but every so often these lamps need to be repaired. To repair the orb, start by making a dorgeshuun lightorb, then add some cave goblin wire (which you can get from the wire machine in the south-west of the city - you will need a Thieving level of 44 to snatch the wire from its rapidly spinning wheel).

Once you have a complete light orb, look around for a broken lamp in one of the goblins' houses and use the complete orb to repair it. You'll receive 1000 Firemaking experience for your trouble (although you will need 52 Firemaking to repair the lamp). If you are particularly zealous in your repairs and manage to fix 100 lamps, you will receive an extra reward of a further 5000 Firemaking experience!

It is worth noting that Dorgeshuun light orbs are tradeable, so even if you cannot make them, you may still be able to fit them to a broken lamp.

Of Yaks and Arctic Pine Members icon


The yak may be an unpleasant animal with a marginally less pleasant smell, but the cunning Fremennik of Neitiznot have developed their society to embrace the yak (however unpleasant it may be), and those who have helped resolve the problems of The Fremennik Isles will learn many of the belligerent yak's fabulous uses.

When slain, yaks will drop yak-hide and hair, both of which are useful: hides can be cured by Thakkrad Sigmundson (in the Burgher's hall) for 5 coins; hair can be spun into rope.

arctic pine.gif

The humble arctic pine, native to Neitiznot, is also fantastically useful. This hardy tree is noted for the graceful way in which it sways with the cold winds of the Fremennik Isles, though the sensible Fremennik of Neitiznot are more interested in the durability of its grain, and the round shields that they construct with it.

To make anything from arctic pine logs, you must take them to one of the stumps in Neitiznot, marked with this symbol: Stump

Yak-hide armour

Yak-hide armour is simple enough to craft from cured yak-hides, requiring only a needle and some thread. One piece of yak-hide is sufficient for the legs, while two pieces are needed for the body. Crafting either piece of armour will net you 32 Crafting experience.

Please note that the damage and life bonus values will be divided by 10 (and rounded down) when using the Legacy combat system.

details title.png statistics title.png bonuses title.png
item title.png level title.png class title.png armour title.png accuracy title.png damage title.png prayer icon.png constitution icon.png strength icon.png magic icon.png ranged icon.png
Yak-hide armour (top) Members icon 20 Melee 87 0 0 0 0 0 0 0
Yak-hide armour (top) inventory icon
Yak-hide armour (legs) Members icon 20 Melee 83 0 0 0 0 0 0 0
Yak-hide armour (legs) inventory icon

Fremennik round shields

To make a Fremennik round shield, take two arctic pine logs to one of the stumps, along with a bronze nail, some rope and a hammer. Using the logs on the stump will bring up the option to make either a round shield or split logs. Crafting a Fremennik round shield will earn 34 Crafting experience.

Please note that the damage and life bonus values will be divided by 10 (and rounded down) when using the Legacy combat system.

details title.png statistics title.png bonuses title.png
item title.png level title.png class title.png armour title.png accuracy title.png damage title.png prayer icon.png constitution icon.png strength icon.png magic icon.png ranged icon.png
Fremennik round shield Members icon 25 Melee 76 0 0 0 0 0 0 0
Fremennik round shield inventory icon

Obsidian pillars Members icon

An obsidian pillar inventory icon

The TzHaar have a method whereby they craft pillars of raw obsidian to support weak points in their cave systems. During the TokTz-Ket-Dill quest, you will be taught the method for this. Crafting obsidian pillars requires a Crafting level of 43, a hammer, a chisel and a block of obsidian. You will receive 20 Crafting experience for each pillar you craft.

Dyeing capes

It is possible to change the colour of certain capes you possess by applying various dyes to them. First, you will need to visit the witch Aggie in Draynor Village, who will be able to supply you with some basic dyes when you bring her the ingredients and a small fee of 5 coins.

Dye Ingredients Required
Blue dye inventory icon
2 woad leaves
Red dye inventory icon
3 redberries
Yellow dye inventory icon
2 onions

It is most likely you will need to mix them together to get the results you want. Below is a list of all the possible colours you can use to dye capes.

Desired dye colour First
base colour
base colour
Crafting XP gained by dying cape
Blue dye inventory icon
Blue dye inventory icon None 2.5
Red dye inventory icon
Red dye inventory icon None 2.5
Yellow dye inventory icon
Yellow dye inventory icon None 2.5
Green dye inventory icon
Blue dye inventory icon Yellow dye inventory icon 2.5
Orange dye inventory icon
Red dye inventory icon Yellow dye inventory icon 2.5
Purple dye inventory icon
Blue dye inventory icon Red dye inventory icon 2.5

Pink dye inventory icon After completion of The Hand in the Sand quest, you can buy pink dye from Betty in Port Sarim for 20 coins each.

Black mushroom ink inventory icon During The Golem quest you will learn how to make black mushroom ink, which can be used to dye some items of clothing black.

Origami balloons Members icon

These can be crafted for 35 experience each, after the Enlightened Journey quest. To craft an Origami balloon, use a Ball of Wool with a sheet of Papyrus, then use the Balloon structure with a candle. Balloons may be dyed for 10 Crafting experience. Lighting a balloon gives 20 Firemaking experience.

Silver bolts

silver bolt.gif
silver bolt mould.gif

Though not in common usage in RuneScape, occasionally adventurers carry silver bolts with them for use with their crossbows. The silver bolt is a curious creation: unlike other metals silver is too soft to reliably smith into such a delicate object, and so it must be crafted using a mould.

You must have a Crafting level of at least 21 to make silver bolts. To make ten silver bolts, you will simply need a bolt mould (available from the Crafting stores in Al Kharid and Rimmington), some feathers and a silver bar. Use the silver bar on a furnace while the bolt mould is in your inventory, then click on 'Make Silver Crossbow Bolts'. Obviously, if you have more than one silver bar in your inventory, you can right-click the option to use more of your bars. Each bolt you craft will garner you 5 experience points.

Once you have these bolts in your inventory, you can fletch feathers onto them in the same way as you might for any other crossbow bolt. Note that silver bolts cannot be tipped, nor can they be enchanted.

Snelms Members icon

myre snelm.gif

Those who have dared enter the darkness of Morytania to complete Priest in Peril will be able to fashion helmets out of snail shells.


This can be done by anyone with a Crafting level of 15, simply by using a chisel on the shells dropped on death by the various snails of Mort Myre Swamp. The crafter obtains both tradeable headgear - which provides partial protection against the attacks of Giant Snails in Temple Trekking - and 32.5 Crafting experience for their trouble. The colour and design of the helmet obtained will depend on the colour and type of the shell used to make it. Note that Giant Snail shells cannot be crafted in this way.

Limestone Members icon

For those brave souls who have completed the Shades of Mort'ton quest, there is the option of fashioning limestone bricks from limestone.

limestone 1.gif

To do this, simply obtain some limestone by mining it from either the quarry near Paterdomus (the temple on the River Salve; follow the western path towards Varrock from this temple, but take the first northern turning instead of going to Varrock and you should find it), or from Tirannwn's mine (located south-east of the south gate to Prifddinas). You can then use a chisel on a piece of limestone to make a limestone brick, which will earn you 6 Crafting experience points.

It is then possible to use the limestone bricks in order to help rebuild the Temple of Mort'ton, which will earn you another 5 Crafting experience points for every brick you lay.

Illuminating god books

illuminated godbook.gif

It is possible to illuminate completed god books, giving you an amount of Prayer and Crafting XP once per book type. Once you have completed One Piercing Note, you can take any completed god book to the book-making room, in the south of the Abbey. No tools are needed. By using the god book on the book-making table, you must complete the following actions in order:

  • Copy text
  • Embellish initial capitals
  • Add colour
  • Add gold leaf

Completing the illumination in the wrong order will ruin the copy of the book. Each action costs 200 prayer points, and you will ruin your copy of the book if you attempt an action without 200 available prayer points. If you successfully perform all of the copying actions in order, you will turn it into an illuminated god book, and you will be granted with the following rewards:

  • 10,000 Prayer XP
  • 10,000 Crafting XP

You may gain one batch of XP for each of the six god books that can be illuminated. Further copies of one book type do not grant XP. The original book is unaffected by the copying, and you may make as many copies as you like. Illuminated god books are untradeable.

Necromancer kit Members icon

necromancer kit.gif

With 10 fine cloth, a necromancer kit and 85 Crafting, you can convert one piece of your Dagon'hai set into the equivalent necromancer set version for 250 Crafting XP.

Original Item Upgraded Item
dagon hai hat.gif
Dagon'hai hat
>> necromancer hood.gif
Necromancer hood
dagon hai robe bottom.gif
Dagon'hai robe bottom
>> necromancer robe bottom.gif
Necromancer robe bottom
dagon hai robe top.gif
Dagon'hai robe top
>> necromancer robe top.gif
Necromancer robe top

Polypore Dungeon Members icon

poly merchant.gif

The creatures in the Polypore Dungeon drop flakes which can be used in combination with the cosmetic garments sold by the merchant in the dungeon to make magical armour.

Item Crafting Level Required Items needed
fungal visor.gif
Fungal visor
3 Crafting mycelium visor.gif
Mycelium visor x1
fungal flake.gif
Fungal flake x300
Needle x1
Thread x1
fungal leggings.gif
Fungal leggings
12 Crafting mycelium leggings.gif
Mycelium leggings x1
fungal flake.gif
Fungal flake x1000
Needle x1
Thread x1
fungal poncho.gif
Fungal poncho
21 Crafting mycelium poncho.gif
Mycelium poncho x1
fungal flake.gif
Fungal flake x2500
Needle x1
Thread x1
grifolic visor.gif
Grifolic visor
65 Crafting mycelium visor.gif
Mycelium visor x1
grifolic flake.gif
Grifolic flake x400
Needle x1
Thread x1
grifolic leggings.gif
Grifolic leggings
72 Crafting mycelium leggings.gif
Mycelium leggings x1
grifolic flake.gif
Grifolic flake x1200
Needle x1
Thread x1
grifolic poncho.gif
Grifolic poncho
78 Crafting mycelium poncho.gif
Mycelium poncho x1
grifolic flake.gif
Grifolic flake x3500
Needle x1
Thread x1
ganodermic visor.gif
Ganodermic visor
86 Crafting mycelium visor.gif
Mycelium visor x1
ganodermic flake.gif
Ganodermic flake x500
Needle x1
Thread x1
ganodermic leggings.gif
Ganodermic leggings
92 Crafting mycelium leggings.gif
Mycelium leggings x1
ganodermic flake.gif
Ganodermic flake x1500
Needle x1
Thread x1
ganodermic poncho.gif
Ganodermic poncho
98 Crafting mycelium poncho.gif
Mycelium poncho x1
ganodermic flake.gif
Ganodermic flake x5000
Needle x1
Thread x1

Dragonbone upgrade kit Members icon

dragonbone upgrade kit.gif

A reward from the Queen Black Dragon, a Dragonbone upgrade kit will allow you to graphically update several items. You must use one kit per item that you wish to upgrade. You can remove the kit and retrieve the old style item by right clicking the item and choosing "Split". Upgraded items are not tradeable.

Original Item Upgraded Item
dragon full helm.gif
Dragon full helm
>> dragonbone full helm.gif
Dragonbone full helm
dragon plate1.gif
Dragon platebody
>> dragonbone platebody.gif
Dragonbone platebody
Culinaromancer's gloves 9
>> dragonbone gloves.gif
Dragonbone gloves
dragon boots.gif
Dragon boots
>> dragonbone boots.gif
Dragonbone boots
dragon platelegs.gif
Dragon platelegs
>> dragonbone platelegs.gif
Dragonbone platelegs
dragon plateskirt.gif
Dragon plateskirt
>> dragonbone plateskirt.gif
Dragonbone plateskirt
infinity hat.gif
Infinity hat
>> dragonbone mage hat.gif
Dragonbone mage hat
infinity robetop.gif
Infinity top
>> dragonbone mage top.gif
Dragonbone mage top
infinity robebottom.gif
Infinity bottoms
>> dragonbone mage bottoms.gif
Dragonbone mage bottoms
infinity gloves.gif
Infinity gloves
>> dragonbone mage gloves.gif
Dragonbone mage gloves
infinity boots.gif
Infinity boots
>> dragonbone mage boots.gif
Dragonbone mage boots

Anti-dragon shield (mole) Members icon

anti-dragon shield (mole).gif

The anti-dragon shield (mole) is a piece of equipment that enhances the natural abilities of the anti-dragon shield to enable it to block damage from the giant mole, and turn this into a damage over time effect (DoT). The DoT can be removed by eating numbing roots, leaving the Mole Hole, or through any other regular method of clearing such damage.

antidragon shield.gif
clingy mole.gif

To make the shield you will need a Crafting level of 45. There are two components to the shield: the anti-dragon shield and a clingy mole. Clingy moles are drops from the giant mole herself. To craft them into the shield you will need to use the mole on the shield. There is no XP reward for doing so.

Crafting boosts

Crafting potion inventory icon
A dose of crafting potion will temporarily raise your level by 3. The doses do not stack.
Crafting cape inventory icon
The Crafting cape, Crafting cape (t) or Crafting master cape can be used to temporarily increase your skill level by 1. To do this, equip one of the capes, right-click it and choose Boost.
Stew inventory icon
An orange Spicy stew, amongst other things, has a random chance to increase your Smithing, Crafting, Fletching, Runecrafting, Cooking, Construction and Firemaking levels by up to 6 levels (or decrease it by the same).

Using the Summoning skill, you'll find that there are a few familiars that might be useful for training your Crafting capabilities. Of particular note are the beasts of burden, who can carry items for you. In addition to whatever else they can do for you, these familiars will increase the amount of time you can train before having to head to a bank.

Useful items

A strung rabbit foot Members icon will increase your chance of receiving a bird's nest when Woodcutting. To make one, you will first need a rabbit foot, obtained by successfully catching a rabbit (see the Rabbit Snaring page for information on how to do this). This can then be strung with a ball of wool at level 37 Crafting to make the strung rabbit foot.
craftsman's monocle.gif
Those who have completed the Thieves' Guild caper called From Tiny Acorns..., which becomes available after completing the Buyers and Cellars quest, may steal a finely made craftsman's monocle from the hapless Urist in Varrock.

As well as lending the wearer an air of eccentric style, the monocle is useful to those crafting clockwork items on their POH workbench, allowing such items to be made 2 levels earlier than usual.
dwarven axe.gif
The Dwarven Army Axe allows you to gain lapis lazuli from Mining, and knots from Woodcutting. These non-stacking, non-tradable items can be cut or carved respectively with a chisel (your Dwarven Army Axe will act as a chisel if needed) into refined versions of the same item. You can then combine these items to make a non-stackable, non-tradable decoration that can be sold at a merchant. You can also wear this as a brooch which will give +1 to strength. Note that lapis lazuli only form near copper and tin ores, and that the knots can only be cut from regular trees.

As well as allowing you the ability to gain items to improve your Crafting abilities through Mining and Woodcutting, the Dwarven Army Axe can be used in Combat, as a tinderbox, a needle and a chisel.

Boosting experience gain

huge fallen star (crafting).gif
The small, medium, large and huge fallen stars Members icon can boost your XP gain depending on your level. To activate your bonus XP, you must click the star. Once the bonus XP has been added to your bonus XP pool, the star is removed from your inventory.

Players in a clan with a citadel will find that contributing to their clan's resource pool will earn bonus XP that can be used on the surface world.

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