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Many crafters enjoy making fine jewellery. Such items can then have spells cast upon them, which in turn can help with a further skill, making Crafting a valuable skill to have.


The most basic piece of jewellery to craft is the clay ring, but it can still prove useful for those just starting out. To make one, simply use some soft clay with a ring mould, then fire it in a pottery oven. Clay rings can also be blessed (Father Aereck in Lumbridge will be more than happy to do this for you). Once blessed, it will become a ring of devotion, which increases your defences slightly.

Jewellery Crafting Level Required Mould Location Crafting Experience Gained
Clay ring
4 Crafting Crafting stores
Crafting Guild


gold crafting.jpg
Jewellery Crafting interface

Gold bars (obtained by smelting) are used to make the more traditional forms of jewellery, such as rings, bracelets, necklaces and amulets.

When it comes to actually making items from gold, all you need to do is take a gold bar to a furnace (which you can find by looking for this symbol Furnace on your minimap) while you have a mould of the type of item you want to make stored in your inventory. Use the gold bar on the furnace and a menu will appear containing images of the items you can make: select the one you want and work will begin.

Jewellery Crafting Level Required Mould Location Crafting Experience Gained
goldring.gif Gold ring 5 Crafting Crafting stores
Crafting Guild
goldneck.gif Gold necklace 6 Crafting Crafting stores
Crafting Guild
goldbrace.gif Gold bracelet 7 Crafting Crafting stores
Crafting Guild
goldammy.gif Gold amulet 8 Crafting Crafting stores
Crafting Guild


silver crafting.jpg
Silver Crafting interface

Silver can be used to craft a selection of items. While the options are significantly less than what is possible with gold, silver items can be made and strung to help a character with Prayer.

When it comes to actually making items from silver, all you need to do is take a silver bar to a furnace (which you can find by looking for the furnace symbol on your minimap) while you have a mould of the type of item you want to make stored in your inventory, use the silver bar on the furnace and a menu will appear containing images of the items you can make: select the one you want and work will begin.

For making a symbol, you will need to acquire either a Holy mould (available from all good Crafting stores), or an Unholy mould (gained from the Spirit of Scorpius upon completion of Observatory Quest), a silver bar and a ball of wool.

When you have these three items in your inventory (mould, bar and wool) simply use the silver bar on a furnace and choose the holy symbols option, choose which symbol you wish to make (if you have both moulds on you) and an unstrung symbol appear in your inventory in place of the silver.

Item Crafting Level Required Required Quest Completion Mould Location Crafting Experience Gained
Unstrung holy symbol
16 Crafting None Crafting stores
Crafting Guild
Unstrung unholy symbol (m)
17 Crafting Observatory Quest Obtained from the Spirit of Scorpius upon completing the Observatory Quest 50
Silver sickle (m)
18 Crafting The Nature Spirit Crafting stores 50
Lightning conductor (m)
20 Crafting Creature of Fenkenstrain Obtained from Dr Fenkenstrain during Creature of Fenkenstrain 50
23 Crafting None Crafting stores, Crafting Guild 52.5


For adding string to unstrung symbols or amulets, you will receive 4 Crafting experience. To make strung amulets or symbols, simply use a ball of wool with the unstrung item. Balls of wool can be obtained from shearing sheep and spinning the wool.

ballwool.gif + unstholy.gif = holysym.gif

Apart from wool, it should be noted that to string an amulet of nature, you will not use wool/string, but magic string. To make this string, you must first obtain magic roots (from digging up a magic tree through use of the Farming skill) and then spin the roots in the same method used for string.


There comes a stage where your Crafting level will enable you to cut and use gems on your normal items. This will not only increase the value of the item, but the item's potential. Magic can be used upon such items and they can become items of power, used for a variety of skills and even transportation methods.

To cut a gem, simply use a chisel on it. Be aware, however, that there is a chance that the gem will shatter when you do so, but this risk dimishes with a higher Crafting level. You may also store large varieties of gem in a gem bag, bought from the rewards trader of Daemonheim.

Semi-precious Gemstones (Members Only)

On Karamja there lies a hidden mine and only those who have completed the Shilo Village quest are able to journey there. You can also obtain these gems from panning at the Digsite and pickpockets H.A.M. members.

Gem Crafting Level Required to Cut Crafting Experience Gained
uncut opal.gif
Uncut opal
1 Crafting 15
3.8 if crushed
uncut jade.gif
Uncut jade
13 Crafting 20
5 if crushed
uncut red topaz.gif
Uncut red topaz
16 Crafting 25
6.3 if crushed
All of these gems can be made into tips for crossbow bolts. For further information, see Fletching - Making Bolts.

Magic Gemstones

Gem Crafting Level Required to Cut Crafting Experience Gained
uncut sapphire.gif
Uncut sapphire
20 Crafting 50
uncut emerald.gif
Uncut emerald
27 Crafting 67.5
uncut ruby.gif
Uncut ruby
34 Crafting 85
uncut diamond.gif
Uncut diamond
43 Crafting 107.5
uncut dragonstone.gif
Uncut dragonstone (m)
55 Crafting 137.5
uncut onyx.gif
Uncut onyx (m)
67 Crafting 167.5

Gem-encrusted Jewellery

The process of making gem-encrusted jewellery is relatively simple, but it can be difficult to get exactly right, and so it takes the steady hand of a master craftsperson.

Take a gold bar, a mould of the appropriate type, and a cut gem of the appropriate type to a furnace, use the gold bar on the furnace and select the type of jewellery you want to make.

Item Crafting Level Required Crafting Experience Gained
Sapphire ring
20 Crafting 40
Sapphire necklace
22 Crafting 55
Sapphire bracelet
23 Crafting 60
saph unstrung2.gif
Sapphire amulet (unstrung)
24 Crafting 65
Emerald ring
27 Crafting 55
Emerald necklace
29 Crafting 60
Emerald bracelet
30 Crafting 65
emerald unstrung2.gif
Emerald amulet (unstrung)*
31 Crafting 70
Ruby ring
34 Crafting 70
Ruby necklace
40 Crafting 75
Ruby bracelet
42 Crafting 80
Diamond ring
43 Crafting 85
ruby unstrung2.gif
Ruby amulet (unstrung)
50 Crafting 85
Dragonstone ring
55 Crafting 100
Diamond necklace
56 Crafting 90
Diamond bracelet
58 Crafting 95
Onyx ring (m)
67 Crafting 115
dia unstrung2.gif
Diamond amulet (unstrung)
70 Crafting 100
Dragon necklace (m)
72 Crafting 105
Dragon bracelet (m)
74 Crafting 110
dragonstone amulet (unstrung).gif
Dragonstone amulet (unstrung) (m)
80 Crafting 150
Onyx necklace (m)
82 Crafting 120
Onyx bracelet (m)
84 Crafting 125
onyx unstrung.gif
Onyx amulet (m)
90 Crafting 165

* If you string an emerald amulet with a magic string and enchant it, it is possible to make an amulet of nature.

Please refer to the Skilling Spells section of the manual for more details on how to enchant your gem-encrusted jewellery.

Other Jewellery

If you have played The Fishing Trawler you may have obtained a shark tooth. You can use 5 shark teeth with a thread to make a shark's tooth necklace.

Item Crafting Level Required Crafting Experience Gained
shark tooth necklace.gif
Shark's tooth necklace
91 Crafting 170

Please note that the damage and life bonus values will be divided by 10 (and rounded down) when using the Legacy combat system.

details title.png statistics title.png bonuses title.png
item title.png level title.png class title.png armour title.png accuracy title.png damage title.png prayer icon.png constitution icon.png strength icon.png magic icon.png ranged icon.png
Shark's tooth necklace member badge tiny.png 0 Combat icon 0 0 0 0 0 0% 0% 0%
shark tooth necklace.gif
The above stats were listed prior to the Legacy combat update and may be incorrect. Please update them using Template:EquipmentRow. Please leave this template in place if you do not have the correct stats so that other users are able to track items that need updating.
Effect: The heal over time effect given when a baron shark is eaten works for an additional 5 seconds.
Eating a shark has a chance to heal an additional 20 life points.
5% additional Fishing experience boost when fishing for sharks.

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