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Crafting - The Basics

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With Crafting, you will find yourself able to produce a variety of objects, many of which are sought after and will fetch a good price if you decide to part with them. Crafting is a very flexible skill, and can help you train most other skills - be it an amulet to watch your crops or increase your gem mining, or armour to help you range. With patience, as your Crafting experience increases, you will find that the items you can craft will be more advanced, and have more uses, such as helping you venture into the dark places of RuneScape.


Main article: Pottery Craft


Crafting can be as basic as making a pot, or as complex as making an onyx amulet. Pottery can be used widely in RuneScape and in combination with other skills; for example, you can make pots to hold your flour if you are baking, or plant pots for your first saplings. Pottery can also be used to make urns, which will fill up as you perform other skill tasks; teleport them away and you will gain batches of skill XP!


Main article: Jewellery Craft

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There is a vast amount of jewellery in RuneScape, and many of the items can have Magic cast upon them to increase their power. Whether you choose to make items for decorative purposes, to help your combat statistics or communicate with the gods, jewellery is a vital part of Crafting.


Main article: Spinning


Spinning and weaving also play a vital part in Crafting and completing many of your crafted objects. Not only could you spin wool to string your jewellery, you can also use Crafting to make bow strings to aid Fletching.


Main article: Weaving


Weaving ties in closely with Farming, as most of the items you can weave will help you store your Farming produce, which can be given to farmers as payment to help watch your crops.


Main article: Elemental Battlestaves


If you are more magically inclined or after a nice profit on some staves, then crafting elemental battlestaves may be for you. Through the use of Crafting, you can make orbs, charge them and finally use your Crafting skills to place the orb atop a staff and give it the power of a battlestaff.


Main article: Glass Making

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Whether you are using glassblowing to help your Herblore by making vials, or even making a fishbowl for your new pet, Crafting shows its flexibility with the items that are available to you.


Main article: Leather Craft

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An important part of Crafting is the ability to sew items from different types of leather, which in turn help with your Ranged skill, giving bonuses towards your Ranged stats, which will help you train, or give you the upper hand in a fight.

Extra Features

Main article: Crafting - Extra Features

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Crafting has even more features than listed above, you could craft a helmet from a snail shell, or use your skills to rebuild an ancient temple.

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