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Crafting FAQ

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Where can I get a brown apron from so that I may enter the Crafting Guild?

A brown apron may be purchased from the Varrock Clothes Store. But is no longer needed to gain entry into guild.

Are there any members only gems?

Yes, dragonstone, onyx, opal, jade and red topaz are all members only.

How do I shear a sheep?

Simply use some shears with a sheep and you will shear it. Sometimes the sheep will struggle and get away, but be persistent and you will eventually be able to shear the sheep. Shears can be bought in most general stores.

Where can I find sheep to shear, so I can get some wool?

There is a sheep paddock in Lumbridge, you should find plenty of sheep to shear in there.

Why do I get the message that I need permission to climb the ladder in the room with the spinning wheel in Seers' Village?

This ladder is part of One Small Favour. Progress through the quest and you will have access to go up the ladder.

How do I get to Entrana and where can I buy a glassblowing pipe?

To get to Entrana you will need to catch the boat from Port Sarim. Please note that you will not be able to take any weapons or armour along.

The glassblowing pipe can be found on Entrana, by following the decking off the boat to the west. If you look in the second house on the left as you enter Entrana, you will see the pipe.

Glassblowing pipes are also found in Hemenster.

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