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Credit/Debit Card Information

This template is being phased out. If you have found it, please remove it from the page.
Below are the solutions to the most common problems that players purchasing membership with a Credit or Debit card experience. If you follow all the steps in the solution and are not able to resolve your problem please contact the Billing Team.

Payment Declined

There are two key reasons why a payment will not be collected part way through an ongoing subscription.

  1. Your card has expired. If your card expires the information sent to your bank is incorrect and the payment will fail. You can update your expiry date by following the instructions further down this page.
  2. Your card has been declined by your bank. Your bank doesn't provide us with a reason for this. See further on in this page to find out more information about bank declines and what to do.

Occasionally, your attempt to make a payment will be declined. Don't worry, this is nothing to be concerned about.

When this situation occurs your bank may have reserved funds in advance for making the payment – please note that these could be displayed as ‘processed’ or ‘pending’ on your statement. Don’t worry, we won’t be taking those funds and they will be automatically returned by your card issuer once they are aware that we are not going to collect them. It can take between 5 – 10 working days for your card issuer to return the payment.

To help your payment succeed, please check the following things:

  • Your bank allows payments to the United Kingdom.
  • There is enough money in your account to cover the cost of membership.
  • You may be using a Gift Card. To find out more about Gift Cards click here.
  • You have correctly entered the 16 digit card number correctly, including the 3 digit security CVV from the back of the card.
  • You have correctly entered any address information as it is listed with the bank.
  • You have correctly entered the 'Verified by Visa/MasterCard Secure Code' if your bank requests it.
  • You have selected the correct country your card is registered to when you attempted the payment.

If none of the above points are the cause of your problem we recommend you contact your bank to see if the payment was declined by their security systems. If it wasn't, please Contact us for more help.

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Gift Card doesn't work

We do support a large number of Gift Cards - be careful though, as not all gift cards work online or in all countries. RuneScape is created and run from the United Kingdom, so it is worth checking to see if your card can be used here.

To check, simply search the website of the brand of your card (e.g. Walmart, Vanilla...). Don't be led into thinking all Visa or MasterCard Gift Cards will work, it is the brand that decides where the cards can be used. For example, American Express Gift Cards can only be used in the USA.

Of course, if you've purchased a Gift Card already and you cannot use it on our website, you may still be able to purchase a RuneScape Pre-Paid Card at your local store, so the money wouldn't have been wasted.

If you are having problems and you cannot find if your card is compatible with our systems, Contact us to find out more.

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Updating card details

If you have a replacement Credit/Debit Card you can update the details under the Account Settings section of the RuneScape website, then simply select Start/Extend Subscription.

You will be prompted to enter your RuneScape account login information, then select the link to update the expiry date of the card on your active recurring subscription payment.

If you want to change the card you are using to pay to a completely different one, all you need to do is sign up for a new Credit/Debit Card recurring subscription payment. This will automatically cancel the current recurring payment, replacing it with the new one.

If you want your payments to be collected on a similar date to what you are already used to, add the new recurring subscription payment when you have 4 days of membership left. This will stop the current membership from collecting another payment when it only has 3 days remaining, plus it only moves your rebill date by 1 day.

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Credit Card terms

The full Credit Card agreement can be found here. In plain English, it means:

  • Following your payment, a binding monthly recurring contract will be in place between you and Jagex, starting when we send you confirmation of your payment or if you log into member content (whichever happens first).
  • Unless you cancel your subscription, we will continue to take your payment 3 days before your membership is due to run out – this is what you agreed to when you made the payment.
  • You are free to cancel this agreement at any time, but payments will continue until you cancel.


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Unrecognised payment on your Credit Card statement

Payments for RuneScape will appear on your statement with the following prefix: "info.jagex". This is also true for any payments relating to other games that Jagex produce.

We always recommend you to Contact Us, if you don’t recognise a payment on your statement. We are able to investigate and help.

Below is a list of things that our Billing Support Team will need to know:

  • The first 6 and last 4 digits of the Credit/Debit Card, plus the expiry date (this helps us to search for any payments linked to your card and cancel the recurring subscription payment)
  • Any information you can provide about who made the payment (do you have a RuneScape player in the house who may have used the card?)
  • Have you reported the payments to your bank (do you believe your card details to be stolen, or has somebody misused it? This also helps us to know if the bank has initiated a chargeback procedure to return the payments to you)

We would always advise you to ensure your computer is secure also, just to make sure your card details were not taken this way. You can find out more about securing your computer in the security section.

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Payment Restrictions

We sometimes limit the payment methods an account can use to purchase RuneScape membership. This happens following a payment being reversed by the bill payer.

If your account owes JCoins due to a reversed payment then click here to find out what to do next.

If you do not owe JCoins, but still cannot use all of the available payment methods in your location, please Contact Us for more information.

Can't find what you're looking for?

You can contact us around the clock, for in-depth knowledge and advice from our team of Billing experts.

Simply head on over to Contact Us to get started.

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