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Crystal tree

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Crystal trees are a rare and unusual species of tree found in specific locations around Gielinor. The crystal formations that grow around them can only be cut with at least level 94 Woodcutting, and can only be chopped when a tree is "active". Only one tree will be active at a time, remaining that way for a set time before another tree becomes active.

If you find an inactive crystal tree, right-click the tree to look at it - it will lean in the direction of the currently active tree. Cutting crystal formations yields no resources, but you will get 434.5 Woodcutting XP for a successful cut. You may also receive a crystal geode which can contain gems, a crystal triskelion fragment, or a crystal seed if you have completed the Roving Elves quest.


Crystal trees grow in seven locations around Gielinor.


  • Using certain items on a crystal tree will produce hidden messages...
  • The locations of the crystal trees form a rough diamond shape, with the "missing" eighth part of the diamond located within Prifddinas. The diamond is the symbol of Seren, who is connected to the crystals used by elves.
  • When examined it points to the selected crystal tree. When you examine the correct tree it states, "This tree points to the heavens."

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