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Daemonheim Achievements

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Daemonheim Achievements
Completing one of the Daemonheim Achievements

The Daemonheim achievement set is a series of tasks grouped into four difficulty ratings that take place all over the Daemonheim area. You'll be looking from the Daemonheim Peninsular into the dungeons themselves.

Completing each difficulty group will offer its own rewards. Completing all four difficulty groups is a completionist cape requirement. There are some achievements that do not contribute to completing a set and these are marked accordingly.

Items with a tick.gif in the 'set' column contribute towards this Achievement Set's reward and the Completionist cape. If the item does not contribute, or there is no reward at all, there will be a cross.gif in the 'set' column. Achievements with a dash.gif in the 'set' column contribute to the Completionist cape, but may not show a completion message.

Easy Achievements

Achievement Quest Requirements Skill / Other Requirements Set
It's Dangerous to go Alone
Complete a dungeon in a team of more than 1.
None None
Kitchen Aid
Feed a team mate some food to heal them.
None None
The Lone Dungeoneer
Complete a dungeon solo.
None None
Change of a Dress
Switch to another bind loadout.
None None
Gorajo Fandango
Use a combat familiar to help fight a boss using their standard attacks.
None None
You're not the Boss of me
Defeat the boss on floor 1 solo.
None None
A Road less Travelled
Pass the guards guarding the Wilderness entrance.
None None
Invisible Ink
Use a ring of kinship on a fire within a dungeon.
None None
Complete a floor solo without dying.
None None
Fashion Victim
Wear a full suit of any tier 1 armour (helm, body, legs, boots, gloves).
None None
Sinking Fast
Complete a sinkhole.
None None
Take it from the top
Reset your current floor progress.
None 2 Dungeoneering
Tales of Old
Complete a Fremennik Saga (abridged or unabridged) after talking to Skaldrun.
None 6 Dungeoneering
Setting Up
Make a full suit of tier 1 armour (helm, body, legs, boots, gloves).
None 7 Smithing
8 Crafting
A Flicker in Darkness
Use a crater to convert a memory of tier 2 or higher to energy.
None 10 Divination
Complete an abandoned floor on any complexity solo.
None 23 Dungeoneering

Medium Achievements

Achievement Quest Requirements Skill / Other Requirements Set
I want it All
Gain the Beast Mode title on a complexity 6 floor solo.
None None
And I want it Now
Complete a complexity 6 floor solo in under 6 minutes.
None None
Totem Pole Position
Hand in a total of 20 items in a single sinkhole.
None None
Up to the Gods
Sacrifice a frost dragon bone on a prayer altar from a dragon you killed yourself in a solo dungeon.
None None
Complete Three's Company with 100%.
None 6 Dungeoneering
30 Attack
30 Magic
30 Ranged
Tactical Retreat
Flee from any boss using a self-made gatestone.
None 32 Magic
Marm's Armoury
Make use of either a coal bag, gem bag, herbicide, bonecrusher or charming imp.
None 34 Dungeoneering
You Got Some Nice Drapes There
Complete a furnished floor solo on any complexity.
None 35 Dungeoneering
Nice to meet you, Wall
Kill Rammernaut without getting charged, or make him stun himself.
None 35 Dungeoneering
Cache Box
Unlock a level 40+ chest.
None 40 Thieving
Drink Me
Boost your Magic level with a self-made tier 2+ potion (from seed).
None 40 Farming
36 Herblore
Spinal Trap
Set a spinebeam trap that you made yourself.
None 43 Fletching
40 Hunter
Port Enter
Create and use a portent of passage V or above to attempt to pass through a skill door.
None 45 Divination

Hard Achievements

Achievement Quest Requirements Skill / Other Requirements Set
Start a floor with 225 of any type of ammo bound to you.
Salt in the Wound None
Wear a ring of kinship with a fully upgraded role e.g. Tank, Medic.
None None
Get Stuffed
Make a bouldabass & edicap potato from the raw ingredients and eat it in a boss fight
None 69 Cooking
The Wanderer
Imbue a catalytic wand on a runecrafting altar.
None 50 Runecrafting
Kill a 'rum'-pumped crab.
A Clockwork Syringe 50 Dungeoneering
Lawful Crafting
Craft some law runes while inside a dungeon.
None 54 Runecrafting
Hoof Rot
Have Bal'lak the Pummeller walk onto his own rifts in a solo dungeon.
None 65 Dungeoneering
Healing Factor
Use the Rapid Renewal prayer for 1 minute within a dungeon.
None 65 Dungeoneering
65 Prayer
Thanks for the Memories
Harvest memories from a tier 8 (or higher) spring.
None 70 Divination
Occult Classic
Complete an occult floor solo on any complexity.
None 71 Dungeoneering
A Prayer Opportunity
Build a prayer altar in the starting room and fill up your prayer points from it.
None 75 Construction
Epic Epic
Complete all Sagas with 100%. EVEN AFTER PREVIOUSLY COMPLETING!
None 75 Strength
71 Dungeoneering
30 Magic
30 Ranged
55 Agility
55 Thieving
60 Attack

Elite Achievements

Achievement Quest Requirements Skill / Other Requirements Set
Pass the Port
Create and use a portent of restoration IX or higher.
None 86 Divination
80 Constitution
Any fin is Possible
Cook 1 of each type of fish
None 90 Cooking
In the Darkness Bind Them
Wear 4 bound items
None 90 Dungeoneering
Top Hat
Create a promethium full helm from scratch
None 95 Smithing
Gulega-d to Rest
Kill the warped gulega, but avoid his 1 lifepoint attack in a solo dungeon.
None 95 Dungeoneering
Craft and wield a spiritbloom orb
None 98 Crafting
90 Magic
90 Defence


Difficulty Reward Provider Location
Easy Drangund the Dungeoneering tutor Daemonheim Peninsula
Medium Marmaros
Hard Talsar
Elite Thok

For completing a difficulty set you will receive an item reward and you'll also receive an experience lamp (or several lamps). These rewards increase in usefulness alongside the difficulty of the achievement set. The achievement set specific item will also increase in usefulness, including not only new abilities, but the abilities of all lower difficulty sets.

Rewards are obtained from different NPCs throughout the area. These are detailed in the table to the right.

Please note that the damage and life bonus values will be divided by 10 (and rounded down) when using the Legacy combat system.

details title.png statistics title.png bonuses title.png
item title.png level title.png class title.png armour title.png accuracy title.png damage title.png prayer icon.png constitution icon.png strength icon.png magic icon.png ranged icon.png
Daemonheim aura 1 Members icon 0 None 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0
Daemonheim aura 1 inventory icon
Reward Details:
  • When worn: One consequence free death per day whilst in Daemonheim.

  • At all times: Access to a heim crab weapon cosmetic override.
    Ability to choose at the start of a dungeon which boss you encounter once per day (only bosses appropriate for the theme of floor and ones that you have the level to encounter).
    Choose a secondary ring role in another class with 25% its normal effect.

  • Also: Experience lamp - 2,000 experience in the skill of your choice above level 23.
Daemonheim aura 2 Members icon 0 None 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0
Daemonheim aura 2 inventory icon
Reward Details:
  • When worn: The aura will act like Ava's Accumulator and the bonecrusher, while inside Daemonheim.
    Access to an extended portion of the resource dungeon on the Daemonheim Peninsula.

  • At all times: Ability to bind one potion in a new slot.
    A supply of law and cosmic runes available from the smuggler for free in every dungeon.
    The effect of a secondary ring role is boosted to 50%.

  • Also: 2,000 Dungeoneering tokens
    Experience lamp - 8,000 experience in the skill of your choice above level 41.
Daemonheim aura 3 Members icon 0 None 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0
Daemonheim aura 3 inventory icon
Reward Details:
  • When worn: The Backhand ability will now unleash your inner Thok.
    Access to an extended portion of the resource dungeon in the Dwarven Mine.

  • At all times: The effect of a secondary ring role is boosted to 75%.
    Access to 2 more bind pool slots.
    Reduced cost for recharging items.
    10% increase in rewards from Sinkholes.

  • Also: 38,000 Dungeoneering tokens.
    Experience lamp - 20,000 experience in the skill of your choice above level 74.
Daemonheim aura 4 Members icon 0 None 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0
Daemonheim aura 4 inventory icon
Reward Details:
  • When activated: Burying bones in Daemonheim will recover 20 prayer points, unless it is a dragon bone which restores 40.

  • When worn: A second gatestone and teleport spell.
    Access to an extended portion of the resource dungeon in the Brimhaven dungeon.

  • At all times: The effect of a secondary ring role is boosted to 100%.
    10% discount from the smuggler.
    Access to Daemonheim hard mode.

  • Also: Experience lamp - 60,000 experience in the skill of your choice above level 98.
    3 experience lamps - 50,000 experience in the skill of your choice above level 90.

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