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Deadliest Catch (Quest) - Spoilers

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Quest Details
Deadliest Catch
deadliest catch.jpg
20,000 leagues out of your league
Table of Contents
  1. Quest Details
  2. Quest Spoilers
    1. Walkthrough
    2. Rewards
    3. Synopsis

In the taverns of Hemenster, and on the ships of the north seas, Thalassus is talked about in hushed tones. Some whispers claim that the leviathan is as big as a longship, others swear that it could swallow the Lunar Isles. But there is one, universal truth they all accept: Thalassus leaves no soul behind to vouch for one story or another.

One fisher aims to put an end to all that. Forget the tales of fishers being digested alive in a belly full of fish: this fisher believes there's fame to be gained! All he needs is a crew, a map and a method of killing the beast.

To Start: Speak to Jones in the western area of the Fishing Guild
Members Only? Yes.
Difficulty: Master Length: Short
Combat: None
Completion of Deadliest Catch is required for the following quests, miniquests, tasks or minigames:
  • None
Quest Spoilers
Warning: Spoilers below
This section reveals the rewards and storyline for Deadliest Catch (Quest) - Spoilers. Although the items are hidden within a spoiler tag, it is advised that you do not proceed further down the page.


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