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Defence Defence refers to the chance you have of being hit. A higher Defence level makes you a tougher warrior, giving you the ability to last longer against any foe.

A large part of Defence is the ability to wear improved armour. Having more resilient armour, combined with a good Defence level, will minimise the chances of being hit. As with Attack, there is a variety of choices depending on your Defence level.

To train Defence, you will need to select 'Attack' from the Combat Settings interface. You can also select 'Balanced' to train all Melee styles (Attack, Strength & Defence) at once.


Level Content
3 Combat Ability: Anticipation
8 Combat Ability: Bash
15 Combat Ability: Revenge
20 Steel Armour
24 Combat Ability: Provoke
25 Black Armour
29 Combat Ability: Immortality
30 Mithril Armour
34 Combat Ability: Freedom
37 Combat Ability: Reflect
40 Adamant Armour
48 Combat Ability: Resonance
50 Rune Armour
50 Granite Armour
Also requires 50 Strength
52 Combat Ability: Rejuvenate
55 Combat Ability: Debilitate
60 Dragon Armour
67 Combat Ability: Preparation
70 Barrows armour
70 Robes of Subjugation
Also requires: 75 Magic
70 Bandos Armour
70 Armadyl Armour
75 Spirit shields
Quest requirement: Summer's End
80 Virtus Armour
80 Chaotic Shields
Also requires 80 Dungeoneering
80 Pernix Armour
80 Torva Armour
Also requires 80 Constitution and 80 Strength
81 Combat Ability: Barricade
99 Skill mastery

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