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Demon butler

member badge tiny.pngDemon butler
demon butler.gif
Released 31st May 2006
Race Demon
Members Yes
Achievements Unknown [Edit]
Location Player-Owned House (If hired)
Servants' Guild
Examine Blimey, a Demon Butler!

To hire a Demon butler, head to the Servants' Guild in East Ardougne. There you can hire him for 10.000 coins (7.500 if you have completed Love Story) if your Construction level is 50 or higher.

If asked, he will greet guests, take things to/from the bank, take logs (up to 24 of the same type at a time) to the Lumber Yard and bring back planks, serve tea, and serve Curry and whatever spirit (if any) you have in your Kitchen.

It takes him approximately 5 seconds to take things to/from the bank/Lumber Yard.