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New information on demons was introduced by Mahjarrat Memories and Fate of the Gods.

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Demons are a race of bipedal monsters that are typically red or black and slightly resemble humans, a resemblance which is distorted by their hooves, wings, fangs, and tails. They differ from other races by the ashes that they drop on death, as opposed to bones. Demons are also generally weak to magical attacks.

Demons have their origins in a set of planes known as Infernum or the Infernal Dimensions, a fiery realm considered uninhabitable by human standards. Demons come to the plane of Gielinor through a variety of ways, but perhaps the largest influx was during the God Wars, where they were summoned and enlisted into the armies of Zamorak. In the present day, demons can be found in many dungeons across RuneScape.

Known demons

Demons are a widely varied race, composed of a large number of different species. However, many demons can be categorized by the type of ashes they drop- Impious, Accursed, and Infernal ashes. Most other demons can only be encountered during quests or inside of Daemonheim.

impious ashes.gif Impious demons

Imps - Imps are the lowest class of demons. They are small in stature with tiny wings and horns, and are a crimson red in hue. As they are typically weak fighters, they were only used as pickpockets and skirmishers in the God Wars. Due to the low risk of harm from from them, they are often summoned by wizards to do menial tasks and can be caught using the Hunter skill and used to bank items. Imps are mischievous in personality and often cause trouble for their summoners and can be found all over the surface of RuneScape.

Icefiends - Icefiends are smaller, icy demons usually found at the top of Ice Mountain in Member's worlds and within the Frozen floors of Daemonheim. They use fairly weak melee and magic attacks.

Pyrefiends - Pyrefiends are small, fiery demons that attack with fast magic-based melee attacks. They require level 30 Slayer to kill and live in the Fremennik Slayer Dungeon.

Related demons

Snow imps - Snow imps are denizens of the Land of Snow. They closely resemble normal imps, but are blue and less evil (though they retain a healthy love of practical jokes).

Waterfiends - Waterfiends are powerful demons comprised of a column of water. They attack with ranged and magical attacks. They drop water runes upon death and are found in the Ancient Cavern.

accursed ashes.gif Accursed demons

Lesser demons - Lesser demons are the weaker of the Accursed demons. Their defining physical features are their height, hooves, and lack of wings. Though they are only of middling power, Lesser demons can pose a threat to low leveled or unprepared adventurers. They can be found in a variety of dungeons, including the Crandor and Karamja Dungeon.

Greater demons - Greater demons are the stronger Accursed demons, as well as the strongest demons available to Free to Play players. They can be distinguished from Lesser Demons mainly by the large wings on their backs. Greater demons aren't a threat to powerful adventurers, but weaker ones should beware them. They can be found in Brimhaven Dungeon and the Wilderness.

Related demons

Hellhounds- Whether hellhounds are truly demons is debatable, as they drop bones instead of ashes. However, their appearance is most similar to Accursed demons with their red hue, red eyes, and horns. They are fairly powerful melee fighters and can be found in a variety of dungeons and the Wilderness.

infernal ashes.gif Infernal demons

Black demons - Black demons are the strongest of the regular demons. They can be identified by their jet black color and large size. Black demons are very dangerous to anyone who isn't prepared to fight them.

Nechryaels - Nechryaels are powerful humanoid demons found in the Slayer Tower. They require 80 Slayer to kill. Nechryaels use melee attacks, but the death spawn they summon use magic-based melee.

Abyssal demons- Abyssal demons are strong, insectoid demons that can be found in the Abyss, the Slayer Tower, and Kuradal's Dungeon. They require 85 Slayer before they can be damaged, and attack with melee attacks. These demons have the ability to teleport and do so often during fights in an attempt to confuse their opponents.

Related demons

Death spawn- Death spawn are small familiars summoned by Nechryael to aid them in combat. They are small, flying demons that attack with magical melee attacks.

quest point cape.gif Quest demons

Delrith- Delrith is an ancient demon who terrorized Varrock in the past. It resembles a Lesser demon. Delrith is fought during the Demon Slayer quest. It can only be killed with Silverlight and attacks with melee and is a boss in the Dominion Tower.

Othinian, Holthion, and Doomion- These three demons were summoned by Kardia to protect the shadow of Iban, one of the elements used to both create and destroy him. They must be fought during the Underground Pass quest while the player is searching for a way to kill Iban.

Agrith Naar- Agrith Naar is a powerful demon who served in Zamorak's army during the God Wars. He was banished from Runescape by Guthix, but is encountered during Shadow of the Storm. He resembles a greater demon but has a beard can only be killed by Silverlight and attacks with magic and melee.

Chronozon- This blood demon can be distinguished from Greater Demons by his red horns and is fought during the Family Crest quest. He attacks using melee and can only be defeated after having all four elemental blast spells casted on him.

Ice demons - These powerful demons are instantly recognizable by their blue bodies and ice covered appearance. They are fought in both the Temple at Senntisten and Ritual of the Mahjarrat quests. The Ritual of the Mahjarrat demons have the ability to fire a spray of icicles that can block player movement.

Nezikchened- This massive black demon is responsible for the curse laid on the Kharazi Jungle and is fought during the Legends' Quest. This demon uses powerful melee and magic attacks and is able to drain his enemies of their prayer points.

Jungle demon- This green demon fights with magic and melee. Aside from its hue, it resembles a Greater or Black demon. This demon is fought in the Monkey Madness quest.

Other demons

Tormented demons - Summoned by Lucien, tormented demons are bound by magic that burns and heals them simultaneously, causing endless pain. They are protected by a shield that can only be weakened with the power of Darklight, and will adapt their defences to repel different forms of attack.

Zakl'n Gritch, Balfrug Kreeyath, and Tstanon Karlak- These three demons are the lieutenants of K'ril Tsutsaroth, the general of the Zamorakian forces of the God Wars Dungeon. Each uses a different combat style: Zakl'n, the small red demon, uses ranged attacks, Balfrug, the black demon, uses magic attacks, and Tstanon, the large red demon, uses melee. They are each dangerous and capable fighters.

K'ril Tsutsaroth- K'ril is a powerful demon and the general of the Zamorakian forces in the God Wars Dungeon. He is a massive red demon that wields twin swords. K'ril uses magical and melee attacks, and is capable of poisoning his enemies. He also has a special melee attack that not only hits through prayers, but also drains some prayer points. He is the most powerful demon that exists outside of Daemonheim.

Demon butler- Alathazdrar the demon butler has been a servant to the lords of the demon world, but recently came to RuneScape for a hiatus from the hellfire he's used to. He can be found at the Servant's Guild in East Ardougne

Dungeoneering Kal'Gerion demons

The Kal'Gerions are an army of demons summoned into Daemonheim by Bilrach and led by Kal'Ger the Warmonger. The main ranks of the army are normal demons that look exactly like the demons of the surface. More interesting are the Kal'Gerion Generals, listed below. The strengths of these generals varies widely depending on the abilities of the warriors who challenge them.

To'Kash the Bloodchiller- This blue general has the power to manipulate and freeze the moisture in the air, freezing his enemies solid. The only way to escape this frozen imprisonment is with the help of another adventurer. In addition to his freezing attack, To'Kash has regular magic and melee attacks.

Har'Lakk the Riftsplitter- Har'Lakk is a green demon that uses magical and melee attacks. His magic attacks drain the Prayer points of his enemies if they use prayers to try to block it. He can also summon portals that have a negative effect over a small area. His flame portals simply deal damage, his miasmic (purple) portals poison enemies for increasing amounts of damage, and his black portal drains his challenger's stats. Those who want to kill Har'Lakk should do their best to avoid his portals and the edge of Har'Lakk's room, as he can easily cover challengers with portals there.

Bal'lak the Pummeller- Bal'lak is a massive green-brown demon that wields large twin warhammers. He uses magic attacks that can hit multiple people as well as melee attacks that can combo together and disable protection prayers. His defences rise slowly as the fight progresses, but that can be reversed by teleporting from the room or luring Bal'lak to one of the poisonous pools inside the room.

Yk'Lagor the Thunderous- Yk'Lagor, a purple and yellow demon, is a powerful fighter who uses magical and melee attacks. When first encountered, Yk'Lagor is surrounded by mages who must be killed before he can be challenged. Once the real fight begins, Yk'Lagor will attack both with his normal attacks and with a pair several special attacks. His first attack is preceded by Yk'Lagor saying "This is...", followed by him releasing an earthquake while saying "TRUE POWER!", causing massive damage if not avoided behind a pillar. His second attack is signaled when he says "Come closer," after which Yk'Lagor will pull you towards him, stun you, and heal himself for ~15% of his life points per person he catches in the attack.

Kal'Ger the Warmonger- Kal'Ger is a massive crimson demon who is the leader of the Kal'Gerions. He can use all three styles of combat and hits heavily with each of them. If his attacks are protected against too much, he can become enraged and use a powerful attack. He can also pull players who use melee into the lava in the center of his room. Armor can be worn to greatly reduce his attack accuracy.


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