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DevBlog:Old School RuneScape Week 1

Blog written by Mod Pips on 25th February 2013
Mod Pips takes a look at the first week of Old School RuneScape.
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Hi everyone,

With the poll still open until the end of the week, we'll be using this time to concentrate on fixing up any remaining issues with the service. Here are the main things we're going to be working in the next week or so:

  • Work on a standalone downloadable client for OSRS
  • Revert grimy herbs to unidentified herbs, pending a player poll to decide their fate.
  • Fix and reinstate Construction & PoH
  • Fix and reinstate the Slug Menace quest
  • Fix and reinstate Barbarian Assault
  • Fix other bugs & issues

Remember you can report bugs found in OSRS by emailing

With the poll having well exceeded 250,000 votes, we're going to have (at least) a small development team continuing to work on Old School RuneScape. We'll be setting up polls to let the community decide what changes happen inside Old School RuneScape. To prepare for this, we've got two topics we'd love your feedback on:

  1. Firstly, how would you like the community polls to work? For instance, what degree of consensus should be required?
  2. Secondly, what content changes would you like to see shortlisted for the first polls?

We've created a new forum specifically for discussion of changes to the Old School game, so head over to the Old School Feedback forum to get involved. We've also created a new Old School Advice forum for players to request help and share tips with the community.

Remember the poll is still open, and it's outcome will have a big impact on the degree of on-going development support we can offer, as well as the cost to you. So make sure you've voted and spread the word!


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