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Blog written by Mod Ash on 13th May 2013
Mod Ash talks about content poll 4, and gives a bit more detail about plans to add a private area to Old School RuneScape where you can replay old quest bosses.

Questions for Content Poll #4

Table of Contents
Although our game engine guys have rallied round to bring out the extra worlds with F2P-style restrictions on schedule, they've still got the promised routefinding update and the themed world list in their queue, along with gazillions of other things, so it's probably not a good idea to shovel any more work at them just now. Fortunately, the Feedback & Suggestions forum has no shortage of requests that Mod Nexus & I can do by ourselves. Having focused heavily on combat-related features in the the last content poll, this one's got a bit more for the skillers.

Here's the current list of questions. Let us know if anything's unclear, and we'll get a final version launched later this week.

  • Long chat messages will wrap themselves to fit in the chatbox rather than vanishing off the edge.
  • A right-click 'Kick' option will be added to chat-channel messages.
  • A message will be transmitted to your chat-channel when a 'Kick' request is sent.
  • Your Miscellania coffers will be protected by your Bank PIN.
  • When you put items in a compost bin, the game will automatically keep adding them, one by one, until you run out of that item or the bin becomes full. This will work at the same speed as the existing feature that automatically fills all your buckets with compost from a bin.
  • Pineapples and watermelons will have 'Use' as their left-click option, not 'Eat', since you can't eat them whole anyway.
  • Tool leprechauns will stand nearer their farming patches instead of wandering so far away.
  • If you use farming produce on a tool leprechaun, he will convert it to banknote form.
  • After you teleport with the ectophial, you will automatically go to refill it from the Ectofuntus.
  • The Bones to Peaches and Bones to Bananas spells will work on more types of bone, up to and including "big bones".
  • Team capes will be F2P items so they can be used on the worlds that have F2P-style restrictions.
  • Canoes will be F2P features so they can be used on the worlds that have F2P-style restrictions.
  • Dunstan will be willing to let you take multiple copies of the law talisman. This would be helpful if you want to make your talisman (or tiara) stay in the same slot in your bank.
  • The animation used when you mine a normal rock will be replaced with an older version. This won't apply to ore seams that are built into walls. (N.B. The older mining animation will be installed only if this question gets 75% support.)
  • Magic carpets will allow you to take a ride without emptying your right hand. The right-click option on the carpet merchants will skip straight to the choice of destinations with minimal dialogue.
  • You will be able to cross the bridge in The Hollows between the swamp boat and the old Myreque hideout with a single click after having repaired it.
  • Ava will let you get replacement devices from her without having to click through so much dialogue.

We still don't have tools for editing 2007-format interfaces or maps, so we're once again unable to offer updates such as a bank search button or bank tabs. We're very much aware that these are popular ideas, though, and I'm optimistic that we'll eventually get the tools required to develop them.

New Content

In a recent devblog, we wrote about the possibility of developing new content for Old School RuneScape. After all, there's not very much high-level player-vs-monster content at the moment, and we'd like to offer some. While we do have a near-complete version of the God Wars Dungeon in our archives, it would come with all manner of balancing issues even if we had the devtools required to integrate it into OSRS, which we unfortunately don't. Instead, we've been looking at things we can do within the existing Old School game features, so as to keep things old-school, and we pitched a rough outline for a private cave where you'd revisit boss monsters of quests that you'd completed.

We'd like to flesh out this idea a bit more now, and maybe offer it in a future content poll to see if it can get the required 75% support.


Just outside Yanille, not far from the bank, stands a traveling mystic. He has the power to read your memories, and to send you into a trance during which you you will re-live past encounters. He can use this to recreate boss encounters from various quests that you have completed. In return for the entertainment of watching you fight your memories, he will reward you with a variety of useful items.

In your trance, you would find yourself in a cave (which would be a copy of the King Black Dragon's lair) with the chosen monster. This would be a safe area; if you died in your trance, the mystic would end the encounter and allow you to wake up without losing items.


The mystic will offer to re-create boss monsters from quests that you have completed. Provisionally, the following monsters would be on the list:

Other Modes

In addition to recreating these monsters one by one, the mystic would offer more interesting trances to players who had unlocked all the monsters on the list:

  • Endurance: Each monster is spawned in turn. The mystic challenges you to defeat them all, one at a time, without leaving. You accrue rewards based on how far you get.
  • Rumble: Monsters from the list are spawned to attack you simultaneously. The mystic challenges you to defeat as many as you can. You accrue rewards based on how many you kill.

Cut-down versions of these modes could be offered if you hadn't completed enough quests to access the full list of monsters.


The mystic awards you points based on your performance in the cave. He will exchange these points for reward items. The available items are consumable commodities such as flax, essence, herblore secondaries and swamp tar; the item list would focus on existing items that do not give much XP when you gather them yourself. In the interests of keeping the game old-school, we're not expecting to add new combat equipment or new gameplay mechanics.

What now?

We'll be running informal surveys in future to gauge the level of interest in this sort of update, and we'll also be on the look-out for more detailed suggestions. Based on the results, we may put it to a poll, or else we might try writing different versions of the design based on your feedback.

Mod Ash
Content Developer

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