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Distractions & Diversions

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Ancient Effigy Balthazar Beauregard's Big Top Bonanza Big Chinchompa Champions' Challenge
Knowledge is power. The greatest show in town! Help Nyriki Tapio put a plutonial chinchompa to sleep. Fight champions in an arena beneath the Champions’ Guild.

Court Cases Demon Raids Evil Tree Familiarisation
Make a case for a number of RuneScape's characters Fields of bones and rivers of blood and brimstone. The root of all evil. Go rogue in the spirit plane to gather piles of raw shards.

Fish Flingers Goblin Raids God Statues Penguin Hide and Seek
See if you can catch one 'THIS BIG'! Fight back the goblin raiders. Construct statues in the image of your favoured god's champion. Keep an eye out for dastardly penguin spies

The Pit Phoenix Lair Sinkholes Shattered Heart
Put the thing in the other thing. Fun with a fiery bird. Raid the dungeons that were hidden by Bilrach. Between a rock and a hard place.

Shooting Star Tears of Guthix Treasure Trails Troll Invasion
Make a wish. Raise your weakest skill by catching godly tears. Found a clue scroll? Follow the trail! Hold back the troll horde.

Wilderness Warbands
Maintain the balance by stealing supplies in the Wilderness.

Retired Events

Chase the Monkey
The monkeys have taken inspiration from the penguins and have gone walkabout.

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