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Divine herb patch II

Members iconDivine herb patch II
Divine herb patch II inventory icon
Tradeable No
Equipable No
Stacks No
Quest item No
High alchemy 624 coins
Low alchemy 416 coins
Destroy Destroy
Store price Not sold
Protect on Death No
Examine Place this down to gather herbs (from irit to snapdragon). Others may use your patch, and have a chance to give you herbs in noted form when they do. Gathering requires a minimum Farming level of 44.
Weight 0.5 kg

A divine herb patch II is a divine location made through the Divination skill. They can be placed on the ground and any player (with the required level of at least 44 Farming) can harvest from it. Depending on your Farming level, the following items can be gotten from this patch:

Farming Level Possible Items
44 Clean irit x1
46 Clean irit x1
Clean wergali x1
50 Clean irit x1
Clean wergali x1
Clean avantoe x1
56 Clean irit x1
Clean wergali x1
Clean avantoe x1
Clean kwuarm x1
62 Clean irit x1
Clean wergali x1
Clean avantoe x1
Clean kwuarm x1
Clean snapdragon x1

If other players harvest from a herb patch that you have placed, they have a 40% chance to give you a noted version of each item they harvest.

When placed, a divine herb patch II will last for 5 minutes provided they are not interacted with. From the time they are first clicked on, they will last for roughly 30 seconds. They will disappear either after this duration or if they have not been interacted with for a set amount of time.

When harvesting from the location there is no chance for failure and the XP awarded is 48.5, 52.8, 61.5, 78 or 98.5 Farming XP - the same as its non-divine equivalent.

Divine locations may not be placed anywhere you cannot light a fire. You are also unable to place them in The Grand Exchange. Also, they cannot be picked up again after being placed.

You may only craft one divine location per day, but you may place as many as you like.

To create a divine herb patch II you need level 51 Divination, Gleaming energy x20 and Clean irit x20. This will grant 11.3 Divination XP.

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