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Dominion Tower

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This area is 'Safe' meaning if you die here, you will not lose any items.
However, if you are poisoned outside of the event/area you can still die.

dom tower arena.png
The Dominion Tower

The dusty tower in the middle of the desert has plenty of myths surrounding its existence, but one thing is clear: it was built for the tougher warriors of the world to pit their skills against fearsome monsters. The main world for playing Dominion Tower is W52.


dominion towermap.jpg
Location of the Dominion Tower

There are two ways to get to the tower. Firstly you can walk from Shantay pass or, once you have been to the tower, there is the teleport option on the Dominion Medallion (only useable 3 times per day).

The entrance to the tower is marked with a green dot on the map to the left.


You will need a combat level of at least 160 and have completed any 20 of the following quests:

Another Slice of H.A.M. Members icon
Between a Rock... Members icon
Blood Runs Deep Members icon
Contact! Members icon
The Curse of Arrav Members icon
Demon Slayer
Desert Treasure Members icon
Do No Evil Members icon
Dragon Slayer
Dream Mentor Members icon
Family Crest Members icon
Fight Arena Members icon
The Fremennik Trials Members icon
The Great Brain Robbery Members icon
Haunted Mine Members icon
Holy Grail Members icon
Horror from the Deep Members icon
Legends' Quest Members icon
Lost City Members icon
Love Story Members icon
Missing My Mummy Members icon
Monkey Madness Members icon
Mountain Daughter Members icon
My Arm's Big Adventure Members icon
Nomad's Requiem Members icon
Recipe for Disaster Members icon
Shadow of the Storm Members icon
Spirits of the Elid Members icon
The Temple at Senntisten Members icon
TokTz-Ket-Dill Members icon
Troll Romance Members icon
Troll Stronghold Members icon
Vampyre Slayer
A Void Dance Members icon
The Void Stares Back Members icon
Wanted! Members icon
While Guthix Sleeps Members icon

Points of Interest

Dominion Tower ground floor
yellow circle.png Reward chest pink circle.png Tower face red circle.png Stairs up to next level
purple circle.png Scoreboard black circle.png Entrance orange circle.png Spectator view points
green circle.png Spectator entrance/exit magenta circle.png Chain down to the ground floor blue circle.png Stairs from previous level
white circle.png Fight arena entrance cyan circle.png Fight arena exit

dominion towerfloor.jpg
Dominion Tower fight arena

The Tower Modes

Main article: Dominion Tower Modes

To start fighting in the tower, click on one of the flights of stairs leading up from the ground floor. You will get a choice of which game mode you want to play.

The modes are:


Main article: Dominion Tower Bosses

There are 8 seperate classifications of bosses, Class A - H. Each class contains a selection of former quest bosses of a similar difficult level, with Class H containing the easiest bosses. In each class there are 6 bosses, providing a total of 48 separate encounters. Players must have completed the quest in which a boss is encountered before meeting them in the tower.


To give you more to do, the tower will set you a series of Achievements to work toward. These achievements are tasks such as lasting 8 fights in Endurance mode, or killing 200 bosses.

Completing achievements gains you access to unlockable rewards.


Main article: Dominion Tower Rewards

Fighting monsters in Dominion Tower earns a range of rewards - both tower-specific and general, as well as combat experience. The rewards issued are based on a players Dominion Factor.

Players can also receive journal pagesdom journal page.gif, which reveal the history of the tower, and can be added to a Dominion journaldom journal.gif, obtainable by talking to the Strange face while a journal page is present in your inventory.

Future Updates

In the Behind the Scenes article for February 2012, the boss designed based on votes at RuneFest 2011, Sunfreet was announced as a future release. In addition the following upcoming changes were announced:

Dominion Tower Item Exchange

A feature to convert power-ups for experience was unveiled

Glove Improvements

Players are to be allowed to own multiple pairs of goliath, swift and spellcaster and they will also last longer enabling players to fight more monsters before the gloves run out.

Improved Experience Rates

Jagex also planned to take another look at the XP rates, however stated that "the main reason for fighting in the Tower isn’t XP", but that "the rate [isn't] quite competitive enough".

Prior to these improvments, the top of the tower contained only the following bosses, who respawned quickly:

  • The Inadequacy
  • The Untouchable
  • The Everlasting
  • The Kendal
  • The Draugen
  • Elvarg
  • Koschei the Deathless
  • Jungle Demon
  • Karamel
  • Barrelchest
  • Evil Chicken
  • Bouncer

  • A collection of some of the bosses before the release of Sunfreet.

Development Team

Content Team
Developer: Tim C
Code Review: Alex F, Ana S, Ash B, Chris E, Chris L, James C, John A, Fred G, Rod C, Seb A
Editor: William D
Graphics Team
Characters: Alec V, Damian C, Bajinder S
Environment: Jonathan S, Joe S
Animations: Chris W, Gurpreet K, Wing C
GUI: Tom G, Stuart M, Joe M
Quality Assurance Team
QA: (Project Lead:Thomas H, Stacey N) Andrew P, Dean D, Alasdair M, Jamie B, Scott T, Lewis L, Lewis R, Juliet T, Jon-Paul S, Sarah J, Ryan W, Kayleigh O
Audio Team
Audio: Ian T, Michael M, Adam B

Thank you

A huge thanks for all of your feedback on Dominion Tower at Runefest! There were some great suggestions, and we'll be working to implement the best of these over the coming weeks and months. Be sure to look out for the new, competition-winning boss too!

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