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Dragon refers a range of equipment and creatures which were brought into existence by the Dragonkin, a race of highly powerful and dangerous creatures that have been enslaved to guard the Stone of Jas.

NPCs and monsters

Chromatic dragons

Main article: Chromatic dragons

There are 5 different forms of the chromatic dragon of which 4 have been seen in game. Like all dragons, the fully grown chromatic dragons are covered in a form of hide, which for chromatic dragons is in the form of a tough and spell-resistant leather, with each form dropping the respective type of hide. In addition there are also Baby dragons, as well as 'Brutal' and 'King/Queen' variants.

The Black dragon, and the King/Queen black dragon all have the possiblity to drop the draconic visage, which is used to create the Dragonfire shield, which is a level 70 shield that provides partial protection against dragonfire and ice breath attacks.

Green Blue Red Black
green dragon.gif blue dragon.gif red dragon.gif black dragon.gif

Metallic dragons

Main article: Metallic dragons

There has also been 4 types of metallic dragon seen in game so far. Like all dragons, the fully grown metallic dragons are covered in a form of hide, which for metallic dragons is in the form of a metallic skin, which the player receives as metal bars. There are currently no adamant or rune variants of these dragons.

The Metallic dragons also all have the possibility to drop the Draconic visage, except for the bronze dragon, which is an item used to create the Dragonfire shield, a level 70 shield that provides partial protection against dragonfire and ice breath attacks.

Bronze Iron Steel Mithril
bronze dragon.gif iron dragon.gif steel dragon.gif mithril dragon.gif

Frost dragons

Main article: Frost dragon

The frost dragon variant, which appears to originate from Daemonheim (but is also accessible outside on RuneScape via a Resource Dungeon at 85 Dungeoneering), does not conform to either the metallic or chromatic types. It also does not drop a form of hide. Finally rather than Dragon bones or Babydragon bones, it's principle drop is Frost dragon bones which provides increased Prayer experience when converted.

frost dragon.gif


Crafting Items

Green Blue Red Black Royal
Green dragonhide
Green dragon leather
Blue dragonhide
Blue dragon leather
Red dragonhide
Red dragon leather
Black dragonhide
Black dragon leather
Royal dragonhide
Royal dragon leather
green dragon vambraces.gif
Green d'hide vambraces
green dragon chaps.gif
Green d'hide chaps
blue dragon vambraces.gif
Blue d'hide vambraces
blue dragon chaps.gif
Blue d'hide chaps
red dragon vambraces.gif
Red d'hide vambraces
red dragon chaps.gif
Red d'hide chaps
black dragon vambraces.gif
Black d'hide vambraces
black dragon chaps.gif
Black d'hide chaps
royal dhide vambraces.gif
Royal d'hide vambraces
royal dhide chaps.gif
Royal d'hide chaps
green dragon body.gif
Green d'hide body
green dhide coif.gif
Green d'hide coif
blue dragon body.gif
Blue d'hide body
blue dhide coif.gif
Blue d'hide coif
red dragon body.gif
Red d'hide body
red dhide coif.gif
Red d'hide coif
black dragon body.gif
Black d'hide body
black dhide coif.gif
Black d'hide coif
royal dhide body.gif
Royal d'hide body
royal dhide coif.gif
Royal d'hide coif

Ruined dragon armour

Ruined dragon armour are pieces of dragon armour dropped by Tormented demons, that have been broken. Using a blast fusion hammer and the Dragon Forge in the Ancient Caverns players can repair the Dragon platebody by using one of each of the three pieces.

Ruined Dragon Armour
ruined dragon armour slice.gif
Ruined dragon armour slice
ruined dragon armour lump.gif
Ruined dragon armour lump
ruined dragon armour shard.gif
Ruined dragon armour shard

Dragon equipment

Dragon Armour Dragon Weapons
dragon full helm.gif
Dragon full helm
dragon med helm1.gif
Dragon med helm
dragon plate1.gif
Dragon platebody
icon dragon armour.gif
Dragon chainbody
dragon longsword1a.gif
Dragon longsword
dragon battleaxe.gif
Dragon battleaxe
dragon spear.gif
Dragon spear
dragon dagger.gif
Dragon dagger
dragon platelegs.gif
Dragon platelegs
dragon plateskirt.gif
Dragon plateskirt
dragon boots.gif
Dragon boots
dragon gauntlets.gif
Dragon gauntlets
dragon mace.gif
Dragon mace
dragon halberd.gif
Dragon halberd
dragon scimitar1b.gif
Dragon scimitar
dragon axe.gif
Dragon hatchet
dragon axe1.gif
Dragon pickaxe
dragon square.gif
Dragon sq shield
dragon kiteshield (sp).gif
Dragon kiteshield
dragon defender.gif
Dragon defender
dragon 2handed1a.gif
Dragon 2h sword
dragon arrow.gif
Dragon arrow
dragon dart.gif
Dragon dart
dragon claws.gif
Dragon claws

Bones and other items

Bones Source
Frost dragon bones Dropped from Frost dragons
Dragon bones Dropped mainly from Blue dragons, Green dragons, Red dragons. Black dragons, Brutal green dragons, the King black dragon, Bronze dragons. Iron dragons, Steel dragons, Mithril dragons
Babydragon bones Dropped from Baby blue dragons, Baby red dragons and Baby black dragons,

Herblore Items Source
Blue dragon scale Found near Blue dragons
Dragon scale dust Ground from blue dragon scale