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Dragon claw

member badge tiny.pngDragon claw
dragon claws.gif
Members Yes
Quest item No
Tradeable Yes
Lendable Yes
Equipable Yes
Stacks No
High alchemy 81,000gp
Low alchemy 54,000gp
Destroy Drop
Store price Unknown [Edit]
GE Price GE Details
GE History
Today GE Details
30 Day GE Details
90 Day GE Details
180 Day GE Details
Buy Limit Unknown [Edit]
Protect on Death Unknown [Edit]
Examine A set of fighting claws.
Weight 5.0kg

Dragon claws (often abbreviated as 'D. Claws' 'Claws') are dropped by Tormented Demons after the While Guthix Sleeps quest. Dragon Claws come in both main hand and off-hand variants. As with all Dragon equipment they have a requirement of 60 attack. With 80 dungeoneering they can be upgraded to level 80 stats, becoming Chaotic Claws.


A player wielding some Dragon claws.
Combat Details
Equip: 60 Attack
Slot: weapon slot.jpg
Item level: 60
Item class: Melee
Armour type: Unknown [Edit]
Damage: 576 Unknown [Edit]
Accuracy: 1132
Attack speed: Unknown [Edit]
Armour rating: 0
constitution icon.png prayer icon.png attack icon.png ranged icon.png magic icon.png
0 0 0.8% 0% 0%
Unknown hit bonus [Edit]


  • When first released, the starting price on the Grand Exchange was 150,000 coins but many people were offering much higher prices on the street, thus leading them to skyrocket to it's current price, with some dips and rises.
  • On the 20th of October 2009, Jagex included a sound effect for the dragon claw's special attack.
  • Dragon claws are "worn" instead of wielded.

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