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Dragontooth Island

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Members iconDragontooth Island
Dragontooth Island
The statue of Saradomin
Area Eastern Ocean
Quest required No


You can get there by speaking to the Ghost captain in Port Phasmatys. He will take you to the island via a rowing boat. You will need a ghostspeak amulet to speak to the captain.

Points of Interest

Dragontooth Island
Dragontooth Island

There is little to do on this island, except cut down the bountiful growth of evergreen trees, or harvest the energy from the radiant colony. There is also a statue to Saradomin near the rowing boat.

For those who have completed One of a Kind, you will be able to enter the Dragontooth Island Resource Dungeon on the south east tip of the island.


There are no quests to start on Dragontooth island. It is, however, featured in the One of a Kind, Ghosts Ahoy and Rocking Out quests.


There is no one to be found on the island, save the Ghost captain who brings you there.


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