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Draynor Manor and Village

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Draynor Manor and Village
Draynor Manor and Village
Draynor Village, a rather spooky place...
Area Misthalin
Quest required No

Draynor Village is a charming little town, if rather odd. The citizens are...eccentric. This is no surprise, however, as the town has long been dominated by the dark and menacing shape of Draynor Manor. Draynor Manor, unlike Draynor Village, has little to cheer a traveller, and less to recommend it as a nice place to sleep. Unwary campers in Draynor Manor's grounds might just wake to find a pair of neat holes in their neck where their skin was once unblemished.

The manor's haunted rooms are filled with ghosts and creaking floorboards. Chairs come to life and follow adventurers about the house; trees and vines lash out at people as they walk past; there are hidden passages behind bookshelves; a possibly mad scientist conducts his experiments on the top floor.


draynor location.jpg
Location of Draynor Village

Draynor lies between the capitals of Asgarnia and Misthalin; Falador is north-west of the village and Varrock to the north-east. Because of this, traffic through the town can be quite busy.

Immediately west of Draynor Village is Port Sarim, home of pirates and sailors, while east lies the peaceful town of Lumbridge.

Travelling north from Draynor Manor are the Barbarian Village and Edgeville, a popular gathering point for forays into the Wilderness.

If you are in search of some of the most famous mages in RuneScape, walking a short way south from Draynor Village will lead you to the long bridge across the sea to the Wizards' Tower.

Points of Interest

draynor features1b.jpg
Draynor's points of interest

The Draynor region, like its population, has a weird variety to offer. In less unusual terms, though, there are a number of farms nearby, some nice woods for chopping down trees, and a few Farming patches for members scattered about, including one in the shadows behind Draynor Manor solely for the purposes of growing nightshade.

Diango, the legendary toyseller himself, offers what may be the most desirable merchandise in the whole of RuneScape: horses and dragon plates. The wise adventurer knows to look to Diango for visions of what the gods intend for their world (or, perhaps, to understand the gods' sense of humour). Joining him in the market is a Town Crier, who is more than happy to explain the Rules of Conduct and the role of Player Moderators.

There is also the wine merchant Fortunato whose nose for a good drop is almost beyond compare. Ned, an old sailor who has retired to the village, makes rope and other similar items in his house on the east side of the town. Aggie the Witch, who lives north of the market, has retired from the usual tricks of the witching trade, like turning people into toads, and now mostly makes dyes in a variety of colours.

To the east of the town, quite heavily guarded, is a jail looked over by a watch tower. The jail has been abandoned and out of a business for a while although it's back in business after the leader of a gang called the Skulls has been captured and turned in.


Diango the Toyseller The Wise Old Man
Diango is something of a legend in RuneScape, as his salespersonship is only surpassed by how excited adventurers become when they hear about his wares. Unlike Ali Morrisane, he need not sell his merchandise across the world: those who want it will, inevitably, come to him.
Wise Old Man
The Wise Old Man was once a great hero of RuneScape, and there are few creatures that he has not slain. In his old age, though, he finds less satisfaction in his fame, and has taken a keen interest in wealth and extremely rare items.
Diango, and his jaunty feathered hat, are always in the Draynor Village Market. The Wise Old Man can be found in his house opposite the recently burgled bank.
Miss Schism Morgan
Miss Schism
Miss Schism is a lady with the community of Draynor Village foremost in her mind. It is with the purest intentions that she gossips so freely. What other towns can boast such a goodly-natured woman?
Morgan is exactly what you might expect of a villager afraid of the vampyre in Draynor Manor: he'd like to do something about it, but he is too terrified of the evil Count Draynor to do anything about it himself.
Miss Schism sits outside the Wise Old Man's house, keeping a dutiful watch on him through his window. Morgan can be found in his house, west of the wheat field.
Count Draynor Veronica
Count Draynor
This particularly malicious vampyre has held sway over Draynor Village for quite some time. Though Count Draynor has never actually been seen wandering outside his crypt, the number of young maidens snatched from their homes in the village is a testament to his lust for blood.
Veronica is engaged to Ernest, which may be quite foolish given Ernest's desire to help Professor Oddenstein with his experiments. She is a dedicated girl, though, and isn't likely to let the Professor's mishaps get in the way of her wedding.
Veronica stands about at the gates to Draynor Manor.
Ernest Professor Oddenstein
Ernest is a well-meaning chap, but not very bright. Despite the fact that he should know better, he is eager to help Professor Oddenstein, and this is very probably why he is a chicken. Poor, silly Ernest.
Professor Oddenstein
The Professor is a strange person, and his latest experiments with his Pouletmorph Machine have had some unfortunate side effects. He has been successful with another experiment, though, and has opened a portal into a dimension filled with strange electrical creatures.
Ernest can be found pecking at anything small in Professor Oddenstein's laboratory on the top floor of Draynor Manor. Professor Oddenstein is usually tinkering with his machines in his laboratory on the top floor of Draynor Manor.
Martin the Master Gardener Ava
Martin the Master Gardener
Members will recognise that Martin is an extremely experienced gardener, and dedicated to growing the finest vegetables and raising the most succulent pigs. He has banded together with other passionate farmers to form the Groups of Advanced Gardeners (GAG) in order to pool their talents.
Professor Oddenstein occasionally 'wears out' his assistants, and when Ernest's problems are sorted out, he's due for a new one. Ava is a remarkably intelligent assistant, and will likely create greater wonders than Oddenstein once she earns a lab of her own.
Martin can be found in the Draynor Village Market. Ava can be found in her bedroom in Draynor Manor after Ernest has been returned to normal.
Leela Relomia
Spy work can be a risky business, especially in the desert kingdoms, so it must be some relief to Leela that she's been posted to the relatively calm village. Sure, there are some weird locals, and it's a bit colder than she'd like, but with the Emir's son being in trouble, she couldn't possibly leave her post.
Sliske's emissary is a shadowy figure from the shadow realm. She's the first follower of Sliske, having witnessed his power, and believes that he is indeed a god, so thus wants to build his religion. She is not strictly speaking a ghost, and does not require an amulet of ghostspeak to talk to.
Leela paces about north of the jail. Relomia can be found in Draynor market.


The following quests can be started in Draynor:

Around the Area

Goblin ( Level 16 | Weak to weak to water.gif ) Dark wizard ( Level 32, 50, 54 | Weak to weak to bolts.gif )
Goblins are common creatures in Geilinor, and a bickering lot they are, too. If they could ever organise themselves properly and stop fighting each other, it is possible that they could threaten large towns, rather than just very young adventurers.
dark wizard.png
The stone circle south of the city is widely known to be a place of great evil, where Zamorak's realm comes close to Gielinor. It is no surprise, then, that these black-robed wizards choose to spend much of their time preparing for demons and darkness to rise over the city. They are Magic users, so Ranged attacks work well against them.
Most of the local goblins can be found east of Draynor Village. The dark wizards can be found south-west of Draynor Village.
Ghost ( Level 36 | Weak to weak to thrown.gif ) Market Guard ( Level 60 | Weak to weak to air.gif )
Ghosts might be an eerie sight anywhere else, but within Draynor Manor, where the chairs follow you about the house and every floorboard creaks menacingly, ghosts are to be expected. They can be dangerous, but magic is quite effective against enemies that have no bodies.
draynor market guard.gif
The Draynor Village Market is often full to capacity, and combined with the recent bank robbery, the town has thought it wise to employ market guards. They will not attack anyone who abides by the law, but if your fingers happen to stray into someone else's pockets, they will be forced to attack.
Ghosts can be most widely found on the first floor of Draynor Manor. Quite unsurprisingly, the market guards can be found in Draynor Village Market.
Skeleton ( Level 46 | Weak to weak to earth.gif ) Witch ( Level 44 | Weak to weak to bolts.gif )
Skeletons may look harmless and weak, but their lack of muscle is more than made up for by the potent magic that holds them together. If you are a new adventurer, it might be best to avoid the skeleton in the closet at Draynor Manor. If you must deal with it, however, the skeleton's bones will give way under a barrage of crushing attacks.
Unlike Aggie, who has moved to town, witches are not generally friendly types and are more than likely to use their foul magic to try to kill careless adventurers. They also make potions, normally used to poison food.
The skeleton can be found in the closet on the ground floor of Draynor Manor. The witch can be found in the north-west room of the ground floor of Draynor Manor.
Jail guard ( Level 44 | Weak to weak to fire.gif ) Black Knight ( Level 44 | Weak to weak to water.gif )
draynor jail guard.gif
Note: Jail guards are aggressive, so if you wander past, and they think they can kill you, they will attack.

The guards are employed by the authorities of the village to keep an eye on Khnum are quite dedicated, certain that, though their work may be dull, the payment more than makes up for it. They are also quite well trained. Their armour isn't fantastic, and, like all melee fighters, they are weak against Magic.
black knight.png
Black Knights are not usually found away from their fortress or Taverley Dungeon, but a solitary Black Knight wanders the woods south of Draynor Village. Like the dark wizards north of him, the reason for his presence is unclear.
The jail guards never stray far from the jail. The Black Knight can be found south of Draynor Village.
Shady stranger ( Level 80 | Weak to weak to fire.gif ) Suspicious outsider ( Level 80 | Weak to weak to fire.gif )

The shady strangers, as their name might suggest, act very shady. They claim to be staying at the village on business but...

Like with the shady strangers, these suspicious outsiders claim to be in Draynor for business purposes but...
The shady strangers can be found all over the village, particularly near the market. The suspicious outsiders can be found all over the village.
Market guard ( Level 38 | Weak to weak to air.gif )
The Draynor Village Market is often full to capacity, and combined with the recent bank robbery, the town has thought it wise to employ market guards. They will not attack anyone who abides by the law, but if your fingers happen to stray into someone else's pockets, they will be forced to attack.
Quite unsurprisingly, the market guards can be found in Draynor Village Market.


  • Aggie's house features two spawn points; one for cheese, and another for tomato.
  • The rat-infested shack next to Morgan's house has two log spawn points.
  • If you have a pet fish, you can feed it with the fish food on the first floor of Draynor Manor.
  • If you creep around behind Count Draynor's coffin, you will find a bronze medium helm spawn point.
  • Once members have finished Ernest the Chicken, the entrance to the Killerwatt Plane will open in Professor Oddenstein's laboratory.
  • Draynor is an ideal place to practice lower level pottery, with a pottery wheel in the north of the village and a clay mining spot to the south-east of Draynor Manor.
  • In an effort to protect itself, the bank has hired two guards. While one of them stands by the doors, the other has hidden himself nearby. Leaf him alone, he's not in the mood for chatting!

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