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This article is about the spell. For the music track, see Dream (Music).
Members iconDream
Dream spell icon
Description unknown [Edit]
Magic Level 79
XP 82 Magic
Spellbook Lunar Spellbook
Runes Astral rune icon × 2
Body rune icon × 5
Cosmic rune icon × 1
Element Unknown [Edit]
Base damage Unknown [Edit]

Dream is a lunar spell that causes the caster to fall asleep making the rate of their life points to replenish at 5 times the normal rate. The spell stacks with other things like the Rapid Heal, Rapid Renewal and the Regen bracelet.

The spell requires level 79 Magic, completion of Lunar Diplomacy and Dream Mentor to use.

If the caster tries to use this spell while at full life points, the player will receive a message in their chat box saying "You have no need to cast this spell since your life points are already full.".

A player casting dream
A player casting dream

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